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  • This show was great! Where do I sign up?

    Everyone I told about this show was looking forward to watching it - but it didn\'t stay on long enough for them all to see it. It was highly underadvertised and everyone I did tell about it hadn\'t heard of it. The concept is funny and for a reality show, its pretty good. Please, please, bring this show back!
  • 2 people take a day off from thier real jobs and try to get fired from new jobs.they have to get fired by 3:00PM.whoever gets fired closest to 3:00PM without going over wins $25,000

    great show! it fixes my day. my favorite episode is when a guy works at the BBQ and a girl works at a copying place. this show will make it to the top if you like it or not. this is more reality than that non- reality show survivor or the baclor/baclorette
  • Who hasn't ever wanted to get a little sweet revenge on tyranical employment managers and over zealous co-workers. If you have ever wanted to speak your mind and act crazy at work, this show is for you. You will have a good laugh.

    Who hasn't ever wanted to get a little sweet revenge on tyranical employment managers and over zealous co-workers. If you have ever wanted to speak your mind and act crazy at work, this show is for you. You will have a good laugh while watching two people try thier best to get on their managers nerves. The rules stipulate that the person fired closest to 3:00pm wins $25,000. If they both should go over the 3:00pm mark then whoever gets fired first wins.

  • My husband and I laughed the entire hour. Thank you and please bring it back.

    This is an extremely funny reality show. Fire Me, Please is a program that my husband and I would look forward to watching every week. The contestants seem to be natural comedians and do such a great job at acting stupid. We need more shows like this to make us laugh for an entire hour.
  • Idea is funny to some but the show is poorly executed.

    I stumbled across "Fire Me ... Please!" one night while surfing around the channels. To be honest, I only really like the idea on a guilty-pleasure level. That is to say, I would never really be "proud" of a show like this and tell all my friends about it - it's too goofy and its appeal is too narrow for most people. Even still, I think it's funny, since I tend to like watching reactions of unsuspecting people who are having a joke played on them (if you do too, watch Da Ali G Show).

    The problem is in the execution - it's really quite poorly done and right now, it's enough to turn me off watching it. A weak, never-ending laugh track, cheap-looking titles - *ugh* - that Comic Sans MS font that's used EVERYWHERE and looks like some grade school project. It's terrible. The pacing is awful and you really get a feeling that they've taken otherwise workable material and done very little with it.

    Re-tool it and I'd make it a guilty pleasure again, but until then I'll pass.
  • Fire Me, Please is hilarious good clean fun!

    Fire Me, Please is one of the funniest shows I've ever seen! There's not much more I can say about it except that the woman in the copy shop in episode 2 was the funniest one yet! I loved it when she kept saying "copy, copy, copy!". I've never laughed so hard in my entire life! The women so far have definitely been funnier than the men. The two women in the thir episode had me laughing for their whole half hour! Too bad the winner isn't the person who makes the audienice laugh more! It's also quite cool that each episode has TWO episodes! haha. I don't really care for the host that much and there are definitely better shows out there but Fire Me, Please is quite entertaining and I'm glad I decided to watch it.
  • It's good for a laugh.

    I saw this show on my Tivo guide this evening and thought the premise was good enough for a watch. It was definitely worthwhile. I had a few moments where I was laughing out loud. Tonight's episode featured a woman trying to get fired from a clothing store. The scene where she kept moving pieces of clothing only to have her boss follow her around and passive-aggressively put them all back in place was priceless.

    That said, I'm not too sure about this show's long-term power. The basic idea is funny, but I think it will get repetitive very quickly. The very nature of the show (get fired by 3:00 pm) means that we won't be able to identify with any of the participants as the series unfolds.

    I'll keep it on my list in hopes that the producers will think up enough twists and turns to keep it interesting.
  • Not quite good enough...

    From first glance you'd think this show is just another reality show. And by all means, it is. This show is not for people who hate reality shows. The thing about this show is that it's almost difficult to watch. The editing job on this show is terrible. It feels as though you're watching a taped together reel of clips randomly placed all over. Find a new person to edit the show and I will watch.
  • I think this show is just decent

    I mean this show could be better but could be worse. It is funny watching people get fired. Especially how the employers don\'t have a clue. Sometimes thought it makes the time drag on. It has potential but is losing audience. And from previews, it looked just decent. Since it is reality there is no script which is good. But on the way that Employers have no clue, it is completely easy to pick up on what they are doing and learn that they are getting fired. $25,000 is alot of money though. The winners are very lucky. And the employers after they find out is sorta funny. Its just a decent show.
  • Oh my god, do they even know?

    When you see a show like this with your eyes actually being open, it's hard not to laugh at the small things in this show. Not only is the whole set-up a whole big cliche with butter on top, both lens flares and typeface "comic sans" is being used at the same time just as the narrating guy stolen from the ninetees walks along with the camera against the really high tech van they made in the budget. This show is not reality, nor plain entertainment, but that sense of pseudo-humour got me keep looking anyway.
  • We laughed so much! An Awesome show!

    My husband and I love this show! We don't agree on many shows together but this is one he loves along with me. Please give it more time as I spread the word about it to others. The best things about the show is how they just dont care what they have to do to get fired. Humming, smashing pretzels, flirting. It kind of reminds me also of Candid Camera. Not many shows today make you laugh, It's not like a reality show to me but more like entertainment. I already told others about it who said they don't like reality shows and I told them "no it's not like that" It is just a fun show! Please give it more time because we really do LOVE it.
  • A poor shot at a reality show. Is it the concept, or the laugh tracks that's bringing it down?

    After watching one episode of Fire Me, Please you may find it a little amusing, but after seeing it again you may not want to watch it for a long time.

    The same concept is repeated twice per episode, and it simply makes you want to shut it off. The concept itself it fairly good, for the over-used reality show theme, but I don't feel it is a good enough concept for an hour-long show. It would be much better at half an hour.

    The laugh tracks are something else, though. The repetitive laughs will drive you up the wall. Who ever heard of a laugh track in a reality show anyways?

    I would only recommend this show if there was nothing else on to watch. If there was something more interesting, I would put this show out of my head, I wouldn't even tape it. It is a shot at a funny reality show, that didn't quite make a bang.
  • A funny premise, but best suited for a 30 minute program.

    Watching people act like idiots on television in order to win fabulous prizes is nothing new. This is another one of those shows, but in this case, two people are competing against each other to see who can get intentionally fired the closest to 3pm without going over. The idea is great - however, the novelty gets old rather quickly.

    Think Candid Camera, complete with a laugh track, where there is only 1 joke: a guy (or girl) is acting stupid on the job and attempts to get fired during their first day. Antics start out small (so you don't get fired too early), and gradually increase as 3pm approaches. Good for a few laughs, but I can't help but feel these "real people" shown are actually actors.

    TiVo it, and fast forward through the slow parts.
  • Funny Stuff

    Hey all! You have got to watch this show it is hilarious. Last week I was cracking up so much. I can\'t believe no one thought of this before. I swear I\'ve worked with some people who should have though!Everybody watch because the ratings fell this last week and I don't want to lose it!
  • It\'s not as easy as it might look. I\'ve seen people seemingly trying to get fired from jobs for years! These people have just a few hours to make it happen!

    Yeah, yeah, no one likes the reality shows anymore, but everyone\'s still watching (see my blog \"The Reality Is...\" This show is finding it\'s rhythm and once producers give the audience some respect and stop trying to manipulate us with uncoordinated reaction shots, it would help. Or at least stop making it so obvious that these reactions (and even comments) are not what went along with the actual action.
    Just two episodes in, four people putting in a day\'s work to get fired, by 3:00 p.m. (two people at two different places of employment, vying with each other to be dismissed closest to 3 pm without going past). The \'winner\' gets $25,000! It just can\'t be easy to be that bad. Some of these \'employees\' (the ones trying to be fired)act outright nuts - laying on the floor of a copy store, crying \"boring\"; crushing pretzels into the floor and calling out \"copy, copy, copy\" for each copy produced (there were 100-copies), among other obnoxious behaviors. This is like being on stage, in front of a live audience AND interacting with them as part of the show. Up against the copy store nut job is a teddy bear looking guy working in a barbecue restaurant, spending lots of time moaning in the bathroom. I have to give it to the manager of that place, when, as he and the new guy are pulling meat apart into a pan, he discovers the new hire didn\'t wash his hands, and orders him to go wash. Then, as the new hire walks away, this manager reaches over and pulls out the meat the guy has been touching and tosses it away. Hey! THIS is a place I\'d like to patronize (if I ate meat). After all the sneaky peeky cameras catching nasty restaurant behavior, catching this on hidden camera is simply amazing.
    A common theme so far seems to be the coffee shop atmosphere and with this being a place nearly everyone knows in daily life, it\'s probably the most popular to watch. Exclusive boutiques are fine (the backstabbing, cattiness is rivaled only in high school locker rooms), but coffee shops are unisex and every person\'s comfortable ground. We all seem to know a coffee shop manager and imagining someone we know putting up with a looney toon like this show sets up in a job, now that\'s entertainment!
    The thing is, so many people are currently employed in these positions, acting pretty much like the \'contestants\' are on this show and they\'ve been there for years. They\'re the ones reading the newspaper instead of taking my order. They\'re sampling the baked goods instead of making my coffee, chatting with each other instead of hearing me ask for \'lite cream cheese\' and they are the ones who put the \"next register\" sign up after I\'ve waited in line for 20 minutes and it\'s finally my turn!
    Hey, for a reality show, this one isn\'t as bad as some and has plenty of room to get better. It\'ll never the \"The Apprentice\", but then, we don\'t need another one. In this show, winning is losing and hearing \"you\'re fired\" could equal one of the most significant paydays in your life.
  • An American import from Britain, tweaked for the American audiance, still funny.

    Reality TV gone twisted, start a job and try to get fired before 3pm and win $25,000, now in the British one, they got about £40 (that's about $70, i.e. the combined wages for that day which made it funnier and ironic in a sadistic way).

    Now it is a great show, I must admit, the stupidity people can get up to to TRY and get fired is funny, winding people up, it's something you just wish you could do at your job and not get the consequences.

    When the potential candidiates go away you hear the backstabbing gossip about the candidate which makes it funny, it's filmed good and the candidiates are funny...

    Brings some fun if you watch it, but it is NOT compulsive watching, just something to watch when you're bored and nothing else on... It's great but not fantastic!