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  • Season 2
    • War of the Worlds (IV)
      The platoon responds to a fire alarm in a hotel, but has to face a mad shooter instead. The guy is setting taps and shoots on bystanders. When trying to solve the situation, one of the members gets shot.
    • War of the Worlds (III)
      The charges against Nugget get enlarged when Pru and Wendy meet with the platoon to discuss the sexual harassment claim. Greta feels pressured and thinks about quitting her job. Repo and Mary spend some stressful time together.
    • War of the Worlds (II) - Fools Paradise
      Grievous, Seldom, and Tex go to Cairns as witness in an arson squad inquest. Their hopes on the tropical vacations aren't fulfilled. Tex' picture gets published in a calendar and get the attentions of the fire commissioner. When difficult times come up, Repo calls TNT for help to deal with the matter. Nugget gets charged by the Equal Opportunities Commission. Grievous life changes dramatically in Crains.moreless
    • War of the Worlds (I) - Who's Afraid of Greta Garbo?
      Delores' birthday party gets in the focus of the officials. Then Grievous' cousin Great joins the platoon, but she's a real daredevil. She gets sent to a strange ship along with Nugget and Repo. There they find out that, a lot of people got lost there.
    • Vendetta (V)
      Vendetta (V)
      Episode 9
      Seldom thinks about stopping his vendetta, so jean steps in and takes up the violent vendetta. Seldom is charged with mutiny and brought to trial. TNT gets transferred to another station and Spit breaks up with Sophie.
    • Vendetta (IV)
      Vendetta (IV)
      Episode 8
      The firefighters try to help a boy who is victim of abuse. Seldom crashes Jimmy's daughter's wedding receptions. Spit spends some time with Sophie at Delores' Father's Day party. Seldom tells Repo everything about his vendetta, but things heats up when Seldom's daughter gets missing.
    • Vendetta (III)
      Vendetta (III)
      Episode 7
      TNT informs the platoon about an upcoming union order to strike. When a fire gets out of control, most of the members question their safety. Seldom is charged with mutiny, after several incidents. Meanwhile Quentin and Sophie spend a day together.
    • Vendetta (II)
      Vendetta (II)
      Episode 6
      Seldom is charged with assault and attempted murder, because of his fight with Jimmy Runyon, but the case is thrown out by the judge. Seldom gets convinced to testify against Jimmy in another case. Seldom tracks down Jean Diamond, who has become an alcoholic. The platoon plays a joke on Diamond, to make him a better team player.moreless
    • Vendetta (I)
      Vendetta (I)
      Episode 5
      Seldom takes over the command of East End's station and Spit thinks it's a good thing, considering they have a similar background. Grievous learns that he is he father of a son, born to a lesbian couple. During safety inspection Seldom runs into his old enemy Jimmy Runyon.
    • The Big Bang
      The Big Bang
      Episode 4
      Tex makes a final decision about her pregnancy, after she and Seldom got trapped in a burning building. Repo rescues them single handed and proves himself to the platoon, but Spit thinks that this isn't proper leading behavior.
    • The Responsibility
      The arson squad works to charge Repo on the death of his man. Tex' live gets troubled, since she finds out, she's pregnant and she should be the cover girl of a publicity campaign again. Mary and Tex also face a difficult task on their job, while Delores cooks for Spit and Detective Lucas. Detective Lucas tries to find out more about Repo during their meal.moreless
    • The Accident
      The Accident
      Episode 2
      On his first mission as commander one of Repo's men dies. This causes an investigation by the arson squad and worse, the platoon looses confidence in him.
    • Down The Barrel
      Down The Barrel
      Episode 1
      Repo's dad died and now he barely survives a huge apartment fire, so Repo decides to make major changes. Grievous is upset by a newspaper article, because they title Tex a hero, because he rescued a baby in a fire.
  • Season 1