Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2002 on FOX

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  • Better the devil you know...that won't gnaw on your innards...

    'Bushwhacked' begins so light-heartedly, I should have known something was amiss. Even as the crew were salvaging what was left on the abandoned ship, it never crossed my mind that it was the big Rs that may have been the cause of the disappearing passengers. I guess Jayne's hilarious, but cruel joke on Simon lulled my spider-sense.

    The opening sequence was a real treat. I love when shows take the time to just allow everyone to take a breather. It actually said a lot about everyone's situation; it was interesting to see Inara and Simon, both coming from a civilised background, looking down on the rest of the crew having fun, who were all enjoying a game with no set of 'civilised rules' to speak of. Simon still has some way to go before accepting anyone onboard in any kind of friend capacity, even Kaylee.

    The plot takes a few interesting turns too – just as the crew escape one threat (the brutality of the uncivilised Reavers) they're met in even bigger force by an altogether different kind of menace (the no rule breaking, incredibly civilised Alliance). The dialogue was just SO good during those hilarious interrogation scenes. It was perfectly set up to give us more insight into each crew member's personality. Wash and Zoe, Ying and Yang, stole the show, as Zoe met each question stoically, while Wash dished all the gossip on his 'warrior woman'. Very funny.

    LMFAO at the extras searching the kitchen for River and Simon. 'Oh, they're not under that chair, I better check under the napkin. Oh, not under that napkin, let's search under the one next to it. Hmm, still no sign of them, maybe they're under the condiments.'

    The plot twist that we weren't actually going to see any reavers, but witness a human transforming into one, was classic Whedon. I thought the makeup looked a bit silly, but the story is played with such conviction, there's no doubting how dangerous this guy really is. All in all, it's a solid episode. It does well to explore River's psychic ability without giving away the farm and the show continues to flesh out these characters with incredible ease.