Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 2002 on FOX

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  • A deeper look at man's faith

    This episode makes you wonder about a great many things. Everyone knows Jayne is not saint. He is the closest thing to a hard-core criminal on the Serenity. To a town of mudders he is a futeristic Robin Hood. In a heist gone wrong Jayne dumps his loot so he can raid another day. The loot accidently falls into a town of mudders, who are essentially slaves. He becomes the greatest folk hero they ever know. So when the crew and Jayne come to this planet for a job, they all recieve a massive shock. The show goes really in depth about man's faith. The preacher and River have a talk about the bible and how it doesn't need to make since it just needs to give you faith. This in turn is played out by the adventures that Jayne experiences on the planet surface below. When Jayne's partner in his failed robbery attempt comes by the first ever Jayne day celebration and exposes Jayne for who he really is, the town doesn't believe him at all. Even when Jayne himself admits it is all a lie, the town still believes in him, or his fabricated ideals. A interesting point brought up by one of the mudders was that when it came to a few things, essentially anything involving the hero Jayne, the mudders stood as one and could do as they pleased. So the whole episode boiled down to how faith gives people strength to get by.
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