Season 1 Episode 3

Our Mrs. Reynolds

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2002 on FOX

Episode Recap

There's a horse drawn wagon crossing a stream. On board, Mal is dressed as a woman and Jayne as her husband. A group of thieves attempt to hijack the wagon. Mal, Jayne and Zoe - who is hiding in back - pull their weapons and resolve the issue with some gunplay. Later, the townsfolk throw a little party for the Serenity crew. There's a lot of dancing and drinking and revelry. A young woman places a circle of flowers on Mal's head and hands him something to drink. Then she pulls him to his feet to dance with her. The next day, the villagers pay Mal what they have and the ship takes off, leaving the planet and its people behind…except not all the people. One of the villagers, the girl from the night before, has stowed away. When Mal questions her, she reveals that she is his wife. The wife thing comes as a bit of a surprise to Mal. The others gather around the cargo bay, having a great deal of fun at Mal's expense while he insists that he can't be married. Book, thanks to Simon's encyclopedia, informs him that it appears he very much is. The flowers, drink, and dancing from the night before are some sort of local marriage ceremony. When Mal asks about divorce, the young woman bursts into tears and runs off. Mal chases after her and explains that he can't be married to her. But when they get to their next destination, he'll try and get her settled there, find her a job, etc. The woman, Saffron, seems to agree but then sets about demonstrating her fine, wifely qualities and races off to cook Mal's dinner. Mal, a touch freaked out by his new bride, tries to hide out in Inara's shuttle but she's rather testy on the entire subject and kicks him out. When Mal steps outside, he finds Jayne standing there, a large, imposing weapon in hand. Turns out Jayne wants to trade his beloved possession, "Vera," to Mal for Saffron. Mal turns him down and reminds Jayne that this is a human being and not made to be bought or sold. Mal runs into Saffron afterward and she tells him that she'd rather work on a ranch than be wed to "the large one." Mal starts to open up to Saffron about his past before catching himself. He mentions how unusual that is. Somewhere in space, there are men capturing photos of Serenity and talking about readying nets. When Mal returns to his room, Saffron is waiting for him in bed, naked. She tells him that even if he leaves her at the next stop, she'd still like to have one night with him. She kisses him and Mal responds. Then, suddenly, he pulls away and passes out, touching his lips as he falls. Saffron smiles and whispers, "Night, dear." Saffron heads to the cockpit where Wash sits alone, having had an earlier argument with Zoe about Saffron. She closes the doors and tries her seduction techniques on him. But Wash simply remarks how very much in love with his wife he is and Saffron knocks him out. Saffron fiddles with some wires on the ship's console and then welds the cockpit doors shut. She heads for the empty shuttle and runs into Inara. She tries to use her wiles on Inara but then the ship's alarm sounds and Inara reveals that she is on to Saffron. Saffron and Inara grapple for a moment before Saffron escapes. She heads to the empty shuttle and takes off, leaving Serenity behind. Inara runs to Mal's room and finds him unconscious. She reaches down and kisses him and then calls for help. As she turns back to Mal, she starts to feel a bit woozy. She touches her fingers to her lips and then realizes what happened just before she passes out. Mal wakes up and the others fill him in on what transpired. Inara lies and claims that she only fell. They manage to get the cockpit doors open and begin work to try and restore the ship's functions, which Saffron managed to disable. Inara reveals that Saffron had Companion training and Mal leaps on that comment. No one can fault him if he was seduced by a professional. Wash and Kaylee manage to get some of the ship's systems back online and they figure out that they're heading for a giant electromagnetic net in the sky. Book, demonstrating unforeseen criminal knowledge, talks about ship thieves and the methods they use to kill everyone on board. Mall tells Wash and Kaylee to keep trying to restore the navigation system while he works out Plan B. Plan B seems to involve Jayne and Jayne's gun, Vera. Mal shows Jayne a picture of the net and instructs him to shoot the breakers. They wrap Vera in a space suit and open the ship's doors. Jayne aims and fires and disables the net. Serenity sails through unharmed. Later, on another planet, Saffron has changed her look but not her ways. Mal bursts into her room and confronts her. She tries to play him again but he won't bite. He simply asks her what her real name is and then knocks her out cold before she can answer. His reasoning: she would have lied anyway. Back on the ship, Mal pays Inara a visit. He speaks of her gracefulness and how odd he finds it that she would trip and fall. He drifts closer and coaxes her into admitting that she didn't fall. Then just as their faces are mere inches apart, he remarks, "I knew you let her kiss you," and strides away, leaving a stunned Inara behind.