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  • incredible

    what can one say, that hasn't been said already? unique and amazing show, idiotic decision to take it down so fast, just look at the crap they're shooting nowadays
  • WOW unique great writing, characters, acting and cast the lot

    i dont like westerns but only one man on the planet thought you know what i will make a space western

    what a legend this show dont just work its freaking amazing . if you know about the show and if you ent what you been doing it almost didnt happen thanks to joshs success with the likes of buffy the big wigs couldnt say no to him and i for one am glad he force it down there throats . what you need to do now josh is forget the bank balance and making superhero movies and restart this amazing creation that you thought so hard to make happen none the the cast are massive hollywood stars so if the cast wanted it could possibly come back but i sadly cant see it happening
  • A lesson in morality, cut short by X_REDACTED_X

    We can keep the Zombies and Aliens on the air (admittedly some good shows) but I knew on seeing it that this show would be cancelled. At the time I suspected it was too good a story for a show with Government and "Big Business" as the bad guys, to be allowed to continue by the people with money and the power to decide which programming you are fed.

    Malcolm Reynolds was a hell of a role model. A freakin' Hero. He admitted to being "the bad guy" in terms of breaking the law to keep from starving, but always stood up for the innocent/downtrodden... The kind of guy that would let you live if you promised never to shoot at him again, but drop you in a second if you did try it.

    The show wrapped good storytelling around characters with diverse backgrounds and points of view, in a not-too-far-fetched setting that was at once provocative and familiar.

    Violence and sex abound in almost any show called "popular" by people who are saying it to make it true, but I have happily played the Firefly DVD for my kids to show examples of morality and the decisions that make one a good or a bad person.

    (although I hate myself a little bit for paying for a DVD that profits the people who decided to cancel it)

    Edit: by "allowed to continue" I mean for the story to progress and keep us seeing new scenarios and examples of an entirely possible future where those in power seek and attain more power and are jealous of their dominion over *everybody*. This isn't the noble and mostly honest "Federation" portrayed in Star Trek. (which got how many seasons and spinoffs?)

  • Good but massively overrated

    A good show, with some quite intelligent writing, solid acting etc, But this is probably the most overrated TV series of the modern era.

    Firefly brings together a unique blend of great characters, relationships, action, comedy, geek, and romance. It's quite literally a show for anyone. If you haven't see it, you must and if you have seen it you should be recommending it to anyone looking for a great TV series to watch. The only way Netflicks will pick up the series is if Firefly's audience can grow from it's original size. So if you want more firefly and serenity, watch the shows on netflicks, torrent them, hell liking them on facebook even helps because Netflicks considers all of it. So fellow Brown coats keep hope and keep watching eh.
  • Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid!!

    Stupid Stupid Stupid people for pulling this off the air. It's exiting and funny, well written fantasy, awesome characters. Thankfully they've gone through the trouble and money to end it with a brilliant movie. I agree with Dodge_hickey; watch the series first and finish with the movie as a final episode.

    The movie shows that it knew where it was headed all along and it would've wrapped it up in an action-packed series with more cool standalone episodes and more depth then it had the chance to get to now. So sad...
  • Definetely worth a look for the strong characters and writing.

    When I first heard about Firefly many years back I didn't give it much thought, not many people talked about it. Since then people have were coming up to me about this show with the label "Greatest show ever!". I checked it out, I went in with some expectations but not many. I was taken by how brilliant the writing was, even the smallest but of dialogue made you listen closely. The characters are strong, not many shows with such a short life span could cover so much. Joss Whedon had something wonderful and original which sadly was before it's time.

    I ALSO WARN YOU, watch Firefly all the way through before you watch Serenity.
  • The Western in Space.

    This series has the potential to become the next Star Trek. It has some great storylines, some unanswered questions, humor and human conflict.

    I sincerely hope that Netflix picks up the ball and runs with it.

  • What's the big deal!!!???

    That was my question about this series... Cancelled after a couple of episodes and has a fan based that, after 10 years, still asking for more... Hmmm... saw the first 10 episodes, BOY I GET IT NOW!!!! What a show... Can't get myself to watch the last epidodes knowing that's it... To all involved... Thanks!!!
  • Shiny, in every way possible

    To say it short; Best tv-series in the verse. It really got it all; an interesting storyline, amazing characters, great visuals and of corse the humor mixed in with the drama and action.

    A really must-see!
  • The Best Scifi show since Start Track was years ago.

    Awesome cast, great chemistry, thrilling adventures, people writing the scripts are geniuses. Cannot believe, it was cancelled. Someone up there made a bad decision, based on targeting a wrong market group. I am 41 and I want new episodes. I love this show. This show brings thrill, necessary, yet not over-border violence, clever plots, various ideas of how humans organize their societies, and values. I hope this show comes back, and fast.
  • Show of the decade axed in it's infancy.

    The only network dumber than SyFy....

    Is Fox.

  • River <3

    Summer Glue is amazing on here. Joss is really good at picking the best. I loved the sister/brotherly love between River and Simmon. Simmon is so overprotective of her and that makes them the best to be on a crew of savage theives, hah. Some warmth on the ship is always good. The fact the Shepard Book being a part of the enemy guys in the Alience. Fire fly should never have been cancled, because the story line is great. I own the movie and can say this for sure. Fire fly and Serenity were one of the best combonations of TV show and Movies!
  • Nice Classic!!

    It sure has everything a TV show needs these days.

    Surely this was a motivation for next shows, nice job!!!
  • Shiny!

    I can easily say that when it comes down to this show, it has always and will always hold a special place in my heart. It goes to show anyone out there that has ever come across this series whether it be a full blown self appointed 'Browncoat', a person merely just getting into it or an avid fan of 10 years, Firefly will remain a classic in the eyes of many. I can't even begin to say that this show should come back, because frankly put, it really should. If any show out there deserves to have a proper run on the air, it should be this one. If you're actually reading this and are still wondering whether or not to spend the 13 hours to watch the series in its entirety, stop wondering and make it happen.
  • A clever title goes here!

    for this show to come back suits would need to gone as well as castle and homeland
  • Sic transit gloria Firefly

    Even after all this time it still irks to think this show only lasted so few episodes. Jaynestown is a masterpiece! If any show deserved six seasons and a movie..........well at least it got the movie. Nate Fillion can do no wrong but for a cast to develop so much chemistry and believability in only 13 episodes was awesome. The order they showed it here in New Zeland was messed up, so thank the gods for dvds. Finally, three words....Jewel Staite, wow!
  • Firefly: 13 Hours of Bliss, A Lifetime of Withdrawal

    Amazing show. If you haven't seen Firefly yet, go watch it immediately.

  • Let there be Firefly

    Love this show so much. I cried when it was over because I would never see it again. I wish they would just finish Castle (because it feels over already) and Homeland (I watched first episode and was totally board) and let there be more Firefly!!!
  • Si-Fi when its best

    was a very good show wish fox never cancelled it was great that it was not a just in space show wish we had more to watch
  • Sci-fi TV at its best

    I'm not a big fan of westerns but the combination of this and the space setting is utter genius and works brilliantly. A great cast and superb story lines make this one to remember.

    Such a shame that this series was ended prematurely.
  • Space western with funny lovable crew.

    Yes it is a space western. And the best freakin space western EVER! I used to hate sci-fi shows where the majority of the eps. were spent on a spaceship, but then came a beatiful breath of fresh air. Firefly, boy was it the best sci-fi show ever. And really funny too. But then FOX cancelled it, ahh FOX curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal. If you liked Angel or Buffy, heck if u like Great TV, go buy this dvd NOW!!! U wont be dissapointed, I promise u with my life u wont be dissapointed. Go buy it NOW!!!!!
  • Firefly tv show

    Really need a season two. This tv series was great!
  • Best SciFi ever

    I just saw firefly, after 10 years,

    Firefly is the best sci-fi ever..

    Whoever decided to stop that show made very stupid desicion..

  • all time classic

    What have we scify lovers done to deserve shows like these not being respected. Are we not a good advertising target or a we simply too few? I have one question why has a show like stargate (not bad but not even an 8) been for 10 seasons and this poor show only has 13 episodes, not even the movie (a very good one by the way) helped to rescue the show!!!!
  • Idiots at fox

    This was an awesome show that actually got better with each episode but the idiots that decide which show lives and which doesn't didn't agree. It's depressing to see that idiotic shows get renewed for further season but shows that are actually engaging get canned because the average american viewer is too dumb to understand even the most basic plot element... but i got away from the subject. What I wanted to say is that this is one awesome show that got prematurely kicked out and that it warrant watching...
  • Serenity

    This is thbbest show ever they should film it again it sucks royally mel is the man every man wants to be and every female wants to marry
  • Big Fan

    I love this series and am so sad that it has faded away. The plot and characters of this story captured my heart. I feel like what little of the show was left with us is sufficient. At least it is not still on the air being ruined by mundane production.
  • A great one dies but what if we could bring it back?

    Firefly was one of the greatest SciFi series every created.. Joss Whedon is a master at creating great stories and even better characters.

    Thanks to the evils of FOX the show was sabotaged into early cancellation. There might be a way that fans could bring it back with companies like Netflix and iTunes.

    Read more about this concept here:

    This show has got to be ONE OF THE BEST EVER AIRED! Being a fan of classic television, both current & moldie oldies in various genres, my socks were completely blown off into the next galaxy by FIREFLY! The incredible writing, superb acting, astounding sets, and everything that goes into making a tremendous television show were all there in truckloads. With all the stupendous garbage broadcast on over 300 channels, this show deserves to be not only aired in re-runs, but should also be picked up by another channel and PUT BACK INTO PRODUCTION IMMEDIATELY! The fan base and skuttlebutt regarding this show, so many years after production ended, speaks volumes. RESTART FIREFLY'S ENGINES NOW!
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