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  • Malcom Reynolds, Inara, Zoe, Wash, Kaylee they are the crew of the firefly ship serenity. They take on passengers to get ome money but end up with a preacher, Shepard Book two fugatives Simon and River Tam and a cop who wants to bring them in.

    Firefly the seris: it waas cancelled after the First Seris but I hope that the studios bring it back and set it after the film Serenity ended. I think this was the first time that a television show was cancelled and then had a major motion movie made.

    I started watching it in the middle of the seris and was so into it I watched the seris shown on the sci-fi channel over and over again until they stopped showning in England as well.
  • Shiny

    Honestly, it doesn't get much better than this. A western in Joss Whedon...yes, it's a beautiful thing. With nine characters appearing in every episode (plus the colorful people they meet) it is easy to get sucked in. Each character has their own personality and reason for choosing Firefly. Even though there is only one season each character had an episode to call their own...where they get the spotlight and some character development.
    Despite the sheer genius of this show it only survived one season...perhaps if the episodes had been shown in the correct order it would have been a big hit when it originally aired instead of finding it's audience after the series was cancelled (and the season released on dvd). Regardless Firefly will always hold a special place in my heart...along with quotes from the show...shiny!
  • Cowboys, space ships, semi-defeated freedom fighters, and a hooker with a heart of gold. Throw in the strange genius that is Joss Whedon and you've got brilliant television.

    Any writer will tell you, it's the characters that make great stories come to life. If you can't make the readers (or viewers) care about your characters, you can have the tightest plot on earth and still fall flat on your face. And no one can create unique and compelling characters like Joss Whedon. His uncanny ability to pick the right actors doesn't hurt, either.

    Firefly's ensemble of counter-culture sometime-revolutionaries had massive appeal. You knew they were always going to be on the verge of getting caught, you knew Mal and Zoe would never learn to live peacefully under the Alliance, you also knew that Mal and Inara, as much as you wanted it, would never be able to get together. But it didn't matter. Every week Joss and his band of merry writers came up with another reason to laugh with, or cry with, these characters. And that fine line between comedy and tragedy has never been consistently straddled any better.

    Unfortunately, Joss's third bite at the television apple was poisoned by network finaglings that kept this great show from making any sense. Move a show around enough, or show episodes out of order, and even the most committed fan (ahem!) may give up. There is something to learn for all television executives out there when a series that lasted less than one season still, years later, has brown-coated fans begging for more.
  • Firefly was a great show

    I didn't actually see Firefly until after I saw Serenity; which is strange because I am a massive Joss Whedon fan. It must have just slipped under my radar. Anyhoo, I really love this show, everything about it worked perfectly and I am still upset they cancelled it. I love all the characters, especially Mal and Jayne. Each episode managed to combine humour and drama and I love that in a TV show. My favourite episode is Out of Gas but I could sit and watch any of them at any time.

    I would recommend that everybody go and watch this. And then see the movie cos that's great too.
  • great sci/fi western

    This should never have been axed. Brilliantly scripted by josh whedon this show has that han solo buccaneerish quality that the new star wars films lack completely. Top rate acting, exhilarating story lines and just all round general fun make this a great watch. The other surprising factor is the astute comedy value. Also check out the movie serenity which is a sequel to the series and is also top rate. Nathan Fillion is outstanding as the captain of the firefly and he leads a rag tag bunch of misfits on some galactic adventures and mischief.
    Set in the future this show just works so well on so many levels. ( And no I am not a brown coat, a reference to an almost cultish band of firefly followers)
  • Why'd they gotta go and cancel it?!

    This show was great why did they cancel it?! I mean it didn't rack in great ratings or anything BUt THATs BECAUSe YOu IDIOTs (Fox Executives) PUt It On At ONe In THe DAMn MORNINg (the point was it is supossed to be shouting...stupid crappy site...)! >_< it makes me angry, this show was OBVIOUSLy not finished yet they cancelled it because of there evil greedyness >_
  • Take all the positive choices in the "classification" and apply all of them to Firefly, and still you will not have covered the wonder that is this show.

    This is the best thing since... Anything! I absolutely love everything about this show. It combines the two best, in my opinion, forms of TV ever invented. Namely Sci Fi and old west. The characters are amazing. Mal is so strong, and yet so... human. Kaylee, Jayne, Zoe, Wash, Inara, Book and River all come together to make some of the best interactions I've ever seen on a television show. River has to be my fav character though. She's so strong, and yet she's broken, she's so powerful, and yet so weak, so kind and yet so dangerous. Whats more though is the emotional connection the writers give the audience. You don't watch Firefly, you feel it. If you watch at least half of this season you will find a someone you just love, and thats it. Hooked. Give in, watch the show. Its well worth it. A perfect 10 because, Aiya, who wouldn't love this show?

  • The acting on this show was well directed and the actors made this movie and show work better than they actually said id really did. the cast was correctly selected and the story lines where to life and great storeys!

    This show and also movie firefly and the movie rules. many of the people i know that have seen one and then the other have said that the one they saw secondly wasn’t as good as the first that thay saw.. basically if that’s so then that means both are as good and people like them both individually! but hay both where not that bad placed together. i think it was really the characters that made this show rock!
  • When I was a little girl I loved watching westerns and I got older i developed a love for sci fi, when Firefly came out I had the best of both worlds. It was a fantastic show. Why would you end a show that was so entertaining? I loved everything ab

    I loved this show. It was funny it was adventurous it always had all kinds of action it. Mal was just like the heros in the old westerns. He was handsome and tough yet he had a very private personal side that starts to unfold as they decided to stop the Firefly. It was starting to build some really good story lines and the characters had become very real like. That is how I decide if I really like a show. The characters become real and they have a story to tell.
    I can not understand how this happened. It was such a good show. A space movie without being surrounded all the time by aliens. They instead of travels across crountry or around the world they traveled the gallaxy. Instead of dealing with countries they dealt with planets, each planet like a differnet neighborhood or state, you know the same just a really bigger version.
    If they were to bring back the Firefly i would definately be right there in fron t of the television watching every week.
    The characters in this show were all so different. Kaylee the woman mechanic was a real person so sweet so human she was no super anything she had a job to do and she done it well. You had a preacher would could fight as well as anybody if needed, shjeppard was like the concience of the ship. Jayne he was mean and sometimes very untrustworthy. He would turn on a dime if he thought it make him rich, but then all of a sudden he would have an attack of the concience. I am not real sure if he was all that good of a guy but when the tough got going he was right there to carry he weight a good guy to have on your side. Wash and Zoe were a good additive to this mixed up crew, they were married. But they were very good at their jobs and they did their job whenver needed. She was a very brave woman and could stand up with any man in battle. He could fly any ship put in front of him he was an ace pilot. Simon and River were brother and sister. She had been taken and trained for some kind of super soldier type thing. She was odd but alot of the time it was her that would figure things out. She knew things but no one would have any idea how she knew them. Simon had hired Mal and his crew to help free his sister and now they are hiding on the ship and in return for the safe haven of living on the ship he provided medical attention for the crew members. This is a busy show I would love to see it return so i could see how things turned out.
    Inara was a beautiful very classy escort with lots of street smarts and knew lots of people she pretty much stayed to herself in the shuttle inwhich she was renting from Mal. I do believe that were many sparks between her and Mal. But who knows since the ended the story before it got started.
  • Like a Dark Star.... By the time the light of this brlliant show reached many of us, it was too late. The Creators had shut it down. Taking away something very special.

    The Creators and producers and the Network wasted all that perfect character development as well as the development of Serenity itself. This has/had to be the best Sc-Fi show ever. Alien-Free and believable. I can not believe this show ended after only one season. It's a shame. I felt I just began to scratch the surface of knowing the crew, and the possibilities were limitless. I am so dissapointed now. Just seeing this for the first time, 3 years after it's airing, I feel It's even worse, knowing 4 years have gone by and there's been no 2nd season, or no further development of the show. It's terrible. I know there was a movie, but 1 1/2 hours does not compare to 1 hour a week. This show deserved more. I know it would be hard to get the originals back, but even to redo this series with others and continue where it left off should be done. Shows like FireFly and DayBreak are Dark Stars, gone before we even get to see their brilliance.
  • Amazing ensemble. Highly underrated. Killed way before it's time. Fox execs. I'M LOOKIN AT YOU.

    Characters are the heart of every show in my opinion, and Firefly was the shining example of just that. Sure, cowboys in space? a little weird, but when you have characters so love able and easy to relate too then you're golden.

    Or so I thought.

    The show had good storylines, amazing characters, marvelous writers, and not a chance in hell to survive.

    Why? I'd like to blame Fox, trust me, I would. But I think the real people to blame is us, the casual TV viewer. We would much rather watch American Idol or some crappy sitcom then a quality show.

    Frankly, I'm disappointed in us. and I do mean us. I didn't see it until it came out on DVD.

    Well, my rant against television viewers is done.

    Back to blaming the big guys over at Fox...

  • Some of the most lovable and memorable characters you will ever see on TV.

    Most people know of this show and the tragedy of its short lifeline. Unfortunately its ratings were poor when it hit airwaves, and its popularity only increased a good time after as a loyal band passed on the word of its greatness. Loyal fans rejoiced as its phenomenal, almost miraculous increase in fanfare jetisoned to the point in which those people with influence took notice, thus spawning a movie. This gave a little closure to some, while for others it only somewhat alleviated a wound that still hurt. This show was cancelled way before its prime, yet what this show did was tickled thousands of peoples imaginations, and allowed us in such a very short time to love each and every one of these wonderfully drawn characters. This is sci-fi at its most lovable and adventurous. Each episode is savoured as a piece of characterisation greatness.
  • A clear example of why a greater budget makes a whole of a difference.

    Joss Whedon at one of his best writing works, creating full measured characters with a lot of particularities that give authenticity to them.

    Hard to say which is the most attracting feature of this show. Is it the conflicts between so many and yet so well constructed characters with credible and oustanding performances of their actors? Or is it the ambience so degraded and dirty and full of the dark side of the human nature?

    Sad to say that the series is over, but at least "Serenity" was made and proved by a fair margin that the sole reason that this show didn't have good ratings was because of its poor budget to spare us from some discardable scenes like a house covered with aluminium paper or that horrible laser gun.
  • awesome

    I was very disapointed that "Fire FlY" never saw the time of day. It was one of my favorite sci-fi series. I thought the sitcom was well thought out. I like the english-chinese language they used. That would seem logical into the near future. I think they could of done alot more with this series than they did with Farscape. I was blessed to see the entire series for free at the pubic library. Maybe in the years to come someone will pick this up in sitcom or in videogame. It would make a bomb game given to the right publisher and developer.
  • Simply a great series.

    This show is a unique blend of science fiction and old west that captivates you the moment you begin to watch the show.
    All nine of the major characters have very interesting stories and backrounds which would have been more thoroughly fleshed out if this show was allowed to run longer than it did.

    In my opinion this is Joss Whedon's finest work and has gone totally unappreciated by the people who brought about the demise of the show. Many shows are allowed to continue past their due by date and die a long and slow death, where as Firefly was cut down in its prime.
  • This show was far too good. Too good to play on a normal TV channel. Too good to go on. Really ahead of it's time. TV was not ready for this!!

    There is little new I can say about this show. Truly the best one ever. And still didn't even get to the end of season one.
    Misunderstood by retarded network bosses, that's what it is...
    The story is just superb and subliminal. Such richness in the characters and such a brilliant cast.
    The show just goes from space to the wild west. High society to sewer. Lady to tramp. Gentleman to prick.
    Never before (and probably never again) have I seen such a detail in the making of a story.
    Yes, it is a space sci-fi show, and yes there is not much new... or is there?
    How do you explain my wife (a total "I can't watch sci-fi shows") like it?
    It grips you. It pulls you in. Makes you want to jump in. This is not a TV show, it's a religion, and still, only a few episodes... Thank god someone made the movie to wrap up some things. But there was room for more, much more. This could have gone down in history as one of the most successful shows in all times. Still, ended up short and small. Makes it unique. At least here they didn't get to drag our asses on the road for years. Like John Cleese with Fawlty Towers, "Cleese limited the run of Fawlty Towers to approximately twelve shows. He did not want to diminish the impact Fawlty Towers has had" ( And it did happen to Firefly too. Like diamonds, it's small, but priceless and ever so enchanting. Still, if there were more I'd want it.
  • Best show to never get renewed.

    A television show about Hans Solo. The depiction of the future is believable and fun. The characters on the crew are well...just that, characters. While the movie was a good nod in the direction, it is really a crime that Fox will not permit Sci-fi to buy up the rights and continue this show. A must view for any fan of sci-fi.

    The vision of the future is a gritty one which is just a little over the edge, but still believable, in the line of Aliens or Star Wars. Each person, even those not acquainted with the sci-fi genre would find this entertaining.
  • Firefly. A series showing the future of the universe. The world after the war the Alliance with the Independance. How will the world look like after that? How will people be able to live, where will they live, choose one planet over a dozen others...

    This was one of the best shows I have came accross. I unfortunately made the mistake of watching the movie (Serenity) first, and only then the series. My English teacher, when she saw me watching the movie, told me that there's a series to it, and asked me if I wanted to see it. I loved the movie, so I was curious to see the episodes. They were brilliant. I loved the way they were made, not exactly going all in order (Simon and River were on the ship from the begining and then in a later episode, they were just entering the ship). It seemed confusing, but it was fantastic. The characters were well developped, you could see the different sides of them and you could really get to know them, think of theories of with whom they will end up with, what will happen to them, who will be their enemies, etc., etc. I recommend it to everyone, but remember to watch the movie LATER. :) But the thing I hated, was that after I watched the first season, I asked my English teacher if I could have the second season (since she gave me the first one) and thus she told me that they cut the show off. :( so be prepared for the fact that there's only one season of it, and that the movie was only made to sum all the action up. Nevertheless, go on scroll down to the Firefly section and watch the episodes online!! :) Have fuuunn!

    Salaam, -- Jo.
  • Somethings are just too good to be true!

    Somethings are just too good to be true! That is why they get cancelled. With episodes airing out of order and no network ethusiasm, this show, one of the best, funniest and most interesting cast ensemble sci-fi shows ever made, gets canned.
    Firefly is a mix of a great cast, some great scriptwriting and character development, some interesting imaginative setting and a superb universe where Chinese has become one of the main languages.
    It's clever, it's witty (and to rhime, everyone is pretty), and I see no reason why something this good would ever get cancelled.
    Fans will mourn this forever, it's already a cult show.
  • Awesome show!!!!

    I hate that this show was not continued. It's SOOOO good. I went to rent the movie serenity and the clerk there told me to check out the show firefly first. I could not stop watching!!! I was totally engrossed in this show. Personal favorite of mine and hopefully one day they continue this series!
  • An unbelievable show.

    This is the greatest show ever made along with AD... Please buy the dvds.. and the film Serenity.. This is a hidden gem and watching it has brought such joy 2 my life. If you want 2 watch an unbelievable show... Watch this one! Immediately. The film is just as good as the series but bigger budgeted and if your face doesnt melt from watching any ep u are not human!
  • One of the best gorram shows no longer out there.

    I didn't see much of this show till Serenity came out in England. Saw it, loved it. Got the series for Christmas and the rest his history.

    The mismatched characters, the plot of the episodes and the dialoge are what make this show so great. Mal and Kaylee are my favourite characters. Mal because he's lost so much and has so much to regain and Kaylee because she's a total cutie.

    The best thing about this show is how more and more people discover it and like it.

    So keep flying and never stop watching my fellow Browncoats
  • It's truly a shame that this series was cancelled. It is one of a kind. Bringing it back would only work if they could bring it back whole.

    It's truly a shame that this series was cancelled. It is one of a kind. Bringing it back would only work if they could bring it back whole. Our 28 year old son told us about the series and the movie. He bought the DVD set and we bought the DVD set. I hate to finish watching the remaining episodes knowing there will be no more. We are watching one each Saturday to stretch it out.

    These characters are so wonderfully diverse...yet perfectly matched for the story line. This is a realistic view of the possible future. Sorry more people will not get a chance to appreciate it.
  • we need MORE!

    O "Firefly" foi para mim uma das mais apaixonantes produções para TV de sempre, talvez por ser a serie Sci-Fi com as personagens mais humanas alguma vez criada, talvez por conseguir de uma forma magistral transmitir-nos uma ideia de lar num espaço longínquo, ou, sem a mínima de duvida, por se tratar de uma das mais refrescantes ideias para Sci-Fi dos ultimos anos, em que todos tentam complicar e filosofar num tema que pode e deve ser abordado de uma forma menos heróica e acima de tudo sem cair no épico.
  • Great Pleasure.

    Great show that combined the best of the existing genre with exciting and groundbreaking new material , along with some of the best writing in modern television . Spectacularly well characterised with believable dialogue and realistic effects . All in all , a wonderful show I was instantly hooked by . Joss Whedon should have been allowed to make 200 episodes as it would have only gotten better . And since it was pretty amazing to begin with , I can 't even begin to imagine what we 've been denied . At least there's the movie . . .
  • Great show, great cast, any wonder why it didn't last?

    Firefly was the very epitome of what sci-fi television writers were expecting back when Gene Roddenberry sold them "Wagon Train to the Stars". He gave them "Star Trek", which was western-esque, but ironically, devoid of most western trappings. Firefly, on the other hand, blends Western elements almost seamlessly with Sci-Fi elements. The cast, from the captain right down to the conniving "wife", all brought the plausibility of such a universe alive. And it is plausible, despite what some say, due to the narrowness that is the niche that is sci-fi. When something happens outside that niche, they reject it as not. To them I say, look around you. We in America do have many of the modern trappings, even in rural settings. However, I bet that a majority of the population of planet earth has never seen any of the modern trappings, not even electricity. We fail the "Everyone will have X in the future" test of Joss Whedon brought the realism of scarcity into sci-fi, where there almost never is that realism. And that was the most refreshing thing about it.
  • Cancelling this show was the biggest mistake that's ever been made by TV producers...

    While I have to admit that I remember seeing commercials for this show while it was originally playing, and recalling that I used the words "retarded" and "cheap" to describe the show, I also feel it necessary to point out that at that age I was very, very stupid. I first really found out about this when I watched the movie "Serenity" and have since been hooked on Firefly, having watched the show DVD's countless times now. I really hope that they either bring the show back, or make another movie, as these are some of the best/coolest characters I've seen on either TV/Film, and in addition, it is a show/movie that really crosses a number of great genres. It mixes action and comedy and drama flawlessly, in addition, it blends sci-fi suspense & thrills, and even horror (the Reavers) with Western style/violence and 'lingo.' I am actually glad I never watched the show when it originally aired, because if I had, and then had it cancelled, that would have set me off like a Paul Schaffer fire-alarm
  • the best sci-fi tv show ever (in my opinion the best western tv show as well)

    Joss Whedon is widely reknown for being creator of Buffy and Angel, both of which shows survived long enough in US tv to get exported worldwide. However, Whedon's masterpiece, i.e. Firefly series, was aired for one incomplete season and eps were not aired in order intended by the creator (eg. Pilot aired as the last one...). While watching Firefly with every episode I was growing more and more astonished why it suffered commercial failure (reason which Fox gave for ending the show). State of art special effects but not used excessively and combat sequences filmed in the best possible way (Bourne films pattern) provided an unrivaled and spectacular background for the best story I have so far encountered in sci-fi genre. The story is not a very origunal one but the way it is told, the development of the plot and characters throughout the season is extraordinary. Not to mention that even the most boring looking episodes proved to be at least hilarious if not overentertaining. In comparison with Firefly all other sci-fi series resemble a soap opera from Latin America (I only refer to series which action takes part at least to some extent in space). You don't have to be aware of any previous events and development of relations between leading characters - the 1st shall be provided in the begining of a given episode (if needed) and the 2nd normally almost nonexistent

    All in all - why Firefly was so poorly marketed shall remain Fox's secret. But I ensure you all - this might have been one of Fox's worst mistakes.

    When I shared my astonishement with my girlfriend she pointed out that maybe the show was just to complicated for an average US tv viewer. Maybe so... I hope not.
  • ive just bought the boxset and the film watched them both and firefly rules why in gods name did they cancel it the show should be brought back!!

    i watched the 1st episode and thought it was amzin i couldnt stop watchin and fx where defintly wrong to cancel it and they should defintly reconsider puttin it back on air. but the would have trouble gettin ioanna back considering she is now on stargate sg1 as the orisi and that wash and the shepard are dead, but what an amzing movie. but they could try without them and the show would still rule. BRING IT BACK!!!
  • I just got the whole series at Best Buy! This was the greatest show! How in the world could this show have ever been canceled?? I just don\'t get it!? There is so much trash on TV, yet such a great show like this gets canceled!

    Great acting! Great actors and actresses! Great humor! Great story! Great effects! Great action! So why does it get canceled???? What morons made that decision?!! This show is the best Sci Fi show I have ever seen! The special effects are just superb! I just don\'t get it!? Some of the shots of the ships moving are incredible! The special effects are as good or better than I have seen on even Star Wars! The ship action in the first episode are just so incredible! The humor is so great! I have not laughed so hard in I don\'t know how long! Just such a great show!!
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