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  • Space Western. No, shut up, stop laughing. It's really good, seriously. No, I said shut up!

    Firefly is a prime example of the perils that come with waiting for the DVD. Sitting down with the sizeable four-disc DVD set, my roommate and I spent a good two weeks with this new show from Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A new Western, set in space. Where everyone swears in Chinese.

    And it was great. The deliberate old/new dynamic of the show, which came from its often literal take on the "space western" concept, was hokey at times, but the individual stories were engaging, mostly playful with some dark edges carved into every episode. You cared about the characters, the setting was unique and immersive. You couldn't wait to see what happened next.

    But then, disc four stopped, and it was over. The show, having been canceled long ago, would not go on. It was depressing. This was a show that you could've dug your heels in for, gone for the long-haul. But, apparently they *could* take the sky from me. Us. Everyone.

    Which is where Firefly turns into a prime example of the redemptive qualities of TV on DVD. Firefly isn't coming back on the air, but Serenity, the upcoming motion picture which continues the story of the series, gives new life to characters we met and grew to know, characters we thought were already dead. Hopefully it will live up to the expectations of fans.
  • Fox made a huge mistake!!! (as usual!)

    Fantastic characterization, involved plotline, this series was written for intellectuals with heart! Fox really erred when they cancelled this series; thank the fans for Universal making it into the movie Serenity....see it Sept. 2005. Everyone that I have shown it to has gone out and bought the DVD set.....see it, and you too will become a "Browncoat"!
  • A group of outcasts barely surviving on the edge of Space and society, a Family drawn together, not by blood, but by mutual need and necessity. The premise of a Sci/Fi western may put some off, but this by far exceeds any and all expectations. Give it a

    The Show that should of led us into the 21st Century of Sci/Fi television is killed by Fox(who says TV executives have no sense of irony?).
    With shows like Star Trek and Babylon 5 becoming a part of our history, this should of been our future. Smart dialogue, excellent stories that had heart, not just some inane morality tale, and a crew of real people surviving on the fringes portrayed by some great actors. It only lasted for half a season, with the episodes aired in the wrong order and in the wrong time slot. No wonder it was hardly noticed at the time. But thank Joss for 'Serenity' the movie!
    The hard work of Joss Whedon and the loyal support of his actors, crew and the fans has led to the ressurrection of this cancelled show as an Universal film, released this September, with the possibility of two more to come.
    Though the chances of a return to the small screen seems remote, lets just hope that 'the age of miracles' has not yet come to an end.
  • Has it been that long already???

    God, I miss this show. Most people just don't realize how good the writing was. And don't even get me started on the cast! How this show failed is beyond me, specially when you watch some of the crap airing nowadays. Sigh...
  • Writing doesn't get better than this. Joss Whedon creates interesting deep characters and then provides them with the perfect words to progress their stories within the universe that he has created for them. Having a talented cast of actors who ar

    Firefly combines excellent writing with superb acting. The scripts are dramatic and funnier than they have any right to be.
    Serenity and her crew have a tough, realistic life on the frontiers of space. This isn't Star Trek where every surface is polished to a sheen - this is 'real' outer space where grime can be tolerated and fingerprints are ignored as long as the oxygen generators keep pumping.
    This story centers on humanity; its failings and it's successes.
    Love is a common theme. The siblings love between Simon and his sister, River. The love shared by the ship's married couple, Zoe and Wash. The love Mal (and the audience) has for Serenity.
    Freedom is another strong theme. The need to live free, the need to have a choice in one's fate. The need to stay the hell out of the path of Reavers.
    14 hours were NOT enough. Bring back the most interesting, intelligent series ever to hit the small screen.
  • Why oh why did they cancel this great show!

    I am hugely dissapointed that they cancelled this show so long ago as it was fantastic I think. After having watched just the first episode I was hooked and wanted to see more. The show it self has alot of action, humor and a good storyline which is then mixed with a western style space adventure like program. It made for a great mix and something that wasnt done before to my knowledge. Each cast member was very good and throughout the series I didnt find any of the acting poor like you do in many shows nowdays. The characters all have their own characteristics and role in the series and as time goes on you learn more and more about them, but not in a way like some series do which is spending a whole episode bombarding you with stuff all about 1 character.

    Overall it was a great series and I wish they would bring it back!
  • An exceptional show and here's why *without spoilers*

    Firefly is promoted as a Space Western and this label is probably due to a complete lack of comparison. I admit that it might take a while to get used to this whole new universe but then, it holds many treats for its fans. I enjoyed the show all the way but I loved it with the forth episode and it just got better and better afterwards. You'll find humor, action, romance, and a lot of surprises. One season is far too short but no one needs to be put off because of that. The movie Serenity does a fine job to satisfy a need for closure and to tie up loose ends. Firefly is special and something to rewatch over and over.

    A little introduction: It's 500 years in the future, space travel is possible, and new planets are populated. Still, there is no utopia or cosmic peace; there aren't even aliens, just an ascended human population that is dominated by a powerful organization called the alliance. Strivings for independence were repressed and this is where our heroes come in; a couple of nonconformists that need to stay under the radar and make their living. The world of tomorrow is far from fancy and shiny, in fact, human flaws are very present. People are still caring for their families, working, and visiting bars but they also lie, cheat, and take advantage of one another. There is poverty and violence, there is prostitution and theft, in other words pretty much a world as is, with advanced traveling opportunities. This vision of the future alone, would be a reason to give this show a shot. It's so smart and with such a love for detail.

    The main reason I adore Firefly is the cast. There are nine main characters, each of them unique and intriguing and none of them expendable. Every episode has its own main storyline but in the end the show is about these nine people, their relationships, and the bigger mysteries they are facing.
  • You have probably heard a great deal about this show and when you see it you will understand why everyone raves about it.

    The show is set in the distant future when mankind has colonised numerous planets across the 'verse. Some of those planets have very advanced technology and immense wealth whilst others are almost devoid of technology or life not dissimilar to the old wild west. The story centres on a former soldier who is now the captain of a small transport vessel and his crew as they struggle to survive by taking on jobs such as smuggling, robbery and protection work.

    Not only was the setting for this series more original and also more realistic than almost any other sci-fi show but the plotlines themselves are some of the most compelling of any TV show. The characters are also really fantastic and the acting is top-notch. The dynamic between the crew is brilliantly construct and developes nicely through out the whole series. In particular I love the scenes between Nathan Fillions Mal Reynolds and Morena Baccarin's Inara Serra are some of the funniest and most tense of any TV show.

    The special effects are superb and very realistic with some very clever moments and to top it all off the theme song is awesome!

    This show needs to come back - don't get me wrong the movie was brilliant but we need more I tell you, more!
  • The anti Star trek Space travelers. Not out to be heroes, just out to survive, any way they can.

    Firefly is the the show by witch I judge every other scifi show unworthy. The characters are by far the most developed in any show I've ever watched. Even in the brief few episodes that aired the character growth was substantial.
    Malcolm Reynolds, the captain plays a rough tough character but is really a very empathetic character. He protects his own and will put himself in harms way for others with little to no gain for himself.
    He is very bitter about the independents loosing the war and holds a grudge against the alliance. He justifies his criminal activities by the injustice of the alliance.
    Ron Glass portrays a Shepard (religious title), named Book, and is possible one of the more interesting characters. The he never reveals the details of his past but he has obviously had a major change of heart and fights for what is right, while possess knowledge indicating a nefarious past. I would have loved to have learned what he did before he became a Shepard.
    Adam Baldwin played Jane Cob, the enforcer of the crew. His role is all bronze no brains, although he has the necessary street smarts to accomplish his job well. His very favorite thing in the world is Vira, a gun carried by the best of a group of men sent to kill him. What makes Jan interesting is that his has against his better judgment started developing a conscious, probably as a result of spending time with the crew of Serenity. Its hard to see it though his exterior but two episodes, Ariel, and Objects in Space, give evidence that he cares what others think of him.
    Jane Cob and Shepard Book share a strange comradeship and can often be seen spending time together on the ship.
    All the characters have a background story that accounts for their behavior. With every episode you understand the characters better.

    Even if you do not like SciFi I an guarantee you will like this show. Its less about science of space than it is people that happen to live there.
  • Western in space... best idea ever :)

    I loved this show so much! . . . I mean I didn't start watching it until it was over, but I wish I had watched it during.

    The show was so good and the movie was great too! It made me laugh, made me gasp, made me laugh some more and I was completely intrigued the entire way through.

    Its sad how shows have declined now so that instead of intriguing people and drawing them in with puzzles and complications they draw them in with stupid drama and petty people.

    The world has become sad but there will always be Firefly... I love firefly.
  • Sad commentary on the state of affairs in this country when an incredibly well written, acted, and directed show cant make it past one season. Far, far better then 99% of the garbage released in theatres.

    Where to begin? The attention to detail? Dialogue that doesnt treat the viewer like a 10 year old? The fantastic acting? I would suggest anyone who hasnt seen this rent or buy it to fully appreciate just how much better this is then what we are inundated with on a regular basis. I'm not going to try and review it because I could not do justice to what the cast and producers created.

    Sad that so much care was taken in crafting what was shaping up to be one hell of a journey with secondary characters appearing semi-regularly like the slightly despicable slightly pathetic Badger, and the sadist Niska, Book's unknown background, Anura's troubled flight from her Temple, and, of course, the Tamm's ongoing fight to stay one step ahead of the Alliance. If the average viewer isnt bright enough to appreciate this, then our future really is bleak indeed.

    Unfortunately it is clear we've seen the last of these characters which is probably why main and secondary characters were killed off with aplomb in the movie Serenity. I'm left wondering if we saw the best this show had to offer. I'm guessing we probably didnt, and that is a shame.

    Thanks Josh.
  • Great, witty series gone far too soon

    Firefly was such a joy to watch on Friday nights. The series was intelligently written, humorous banter between well developed characters that you began to care about when suddenly the series was canceled. If only the show had been given a better time slot and more promotion, the show might still be in production. This show is definitely worth checking out because you will fall in love, and when the final episode's credits begin to roll you will wonder why something so well written and just good was canceled in the first place. "Serenity" (the movie, not the double episode) was produced after the DVD set sold so well so at least the fans proved that this series was worth it. How many canceled tv shows are made into a movie? Very, very few. And I hope we get another one!
  • Josh Whedon created something unique when he put the crew on Mal's ship.

    Josh Whedon created something unique when he put the crew on Mal's ship. If their time had not been cut premature the fans would have continued to followed this show like a religion. Summer Glau with her grace, beauty and ballet training is the perfect actress to play River Tam. Nathan Fillion as Captain Malcolm Reynolds is brilliant. He usually comes off as being tough and cold hearted but through out the series (and especially in the movie, Serenity) you see he's really soft at heart. The interaction and relationships between the characters is well written. Firefly is a favourite of mine and I wish it had not been cancelled, but sadly it was.
  • Took me by surprise, but soon I became a fan.

    Watched Fox cancel Dark Angel, to replace it with this. Halfway through the first episode (which was not the premiere episode that should have played) I realised I was hooked more than Dark Angel!
    They not only showed this out of order, but I would race home every Friday to watch this one show only to find Fox had bumped it because of some baseball game! What a way to treat a fantastic show!
    I think Fox executives should all be fired for cancelling almost every good show that comes when I see a new show on Fox, I shake my head - it's a death sentence!
  • Amazing show!

    Like everyone I strongly agree that this show ended too soon. It had the potential to become an amazing long running show, but this was cancelled by the dingbats from Fox (cue eye rolling at the mention of Fox) because they wouldn't know a good show if it slapped them in the face!

    I found this show both hilarious and heartwarming, I grew to love the characters and of course the ship. It still breaks my heart that its over epically with so many unanswered questions but at least it got released on DVD and wasn't one of those forgotten about shows.
  • Have you ever had some Really good Chinese food, you finish,and you reach for your last swig of soda to complete a perfect meal only to find your last sip taken was in-fact the last sip. That's how I feel right now.

    Not sure how I completely missed this show back in 2002 seeing as i'm a Sci-Fy geek. It Was about the same time I met my wife so i'm guessing TV wasn't huge on my list. That being said... This show is/was insane, A diamond in the ruff. I happened across this little gem on Netflix,watched one episode and spent the in entire day in the basement soaking every last drop only to top it all off with a 90 min movie. Pure delight! I woke up on a Sunday to retrieve other seasons via Blue-ray only to find That fox only released 11 of 14 episodes before canceling it. Umm... wtf...How could this be? This has to be the greatest show of all time (in my opinion).

    After doing a little digging through a number of web sites and blogs regarding Fox and the discussion to Cancel Firefly one can come to the conclusion that Fox Has a great eye for finding talented writers and creating great franchise's only to poke that great eye out, replace it money hungry vindictive eye and then cancel anything the old may have brought to the table to show the executive's that there taking the network in a different direction in hopes of....... sorry I went off in a tangent. Bottom line is that this is an incredible show that has a limitless possibilities. The Western feel of the show doesn't feel forced and blends well with the frontier like atmosphere which seems likely in the scenario of terraforming hundreds of worlds. "Theres only so many hover cars to go around before you say screw it and buy a saddle". I wish HBO or Showtime could see the potential of What firefly could be as they have a good track record for throwing good money at good and then making more good money on the DVD sales.

    The mishandling of Firefly by Fox like so many other great shows which include Family guy and Futurama ect end up going to dvd and do very well breathing new life into these gems, forcible (via the fans) returning them to proper time slots with proper support and build upon there already strong fan base.
    Whats funny is that unlike family guy of 3 seasons and Futurama of 4 to build that solid fan base Firefly did it in less then 1 full season (11 out 14 aired out of order episodes with multiple preempts for sports)Is something to be said considering that the fans outcry prompted a Motion Picture (Serenity). Now thats a fan base thats just dieing to be taped into.

    Watch this show. If you like it then do something about it. Who knows? You could be the last spark needed to get this show back where it belongs... In your living room.
  • Best of the Class! Combo of Space Exploration/Adventure with the rugged style of the old Western frontier.

    Great Show! Gone Way Too Soon! The show was exquisite and unique. The characters rubbed you just right. They felt real, especially their sense of right and wrong. Too many shows give you that really lame don't kill anyone if you can solely to spare their life. In this show enemies are allowed to live because it is inconvenient to kill them and there is a good timing for when anymore dialog is pointless where many shows go on and on. The characters are not either good or evil just a shade of gray and their sense of justice feels real and not like the law. The plot and back story are exiting. The action sequences entertaining. The dialogue is witty and humorous. Great Show. Get the dvds maybe they'll bring it back.
  • Nothing like a good, old-fashioned Western unless its a new-fangled Space Western!

    Another winning series with wonderful characters to tell an imaginative story in a unique and refreshing way.
    As a viewer, Firefly came together quickly, efficiently and effectively and allowed me to really get into the story and the characters who live within it. And live they do!
    Nathan Fillion was perfect casting...I can't even picture anyone else as Captain Mal. Summer Glau plays another standout character; when so much of a very deep and dark story is told with very few words, a performer needs to BE really good, or they APPEAR really terrible. Awesome fight scenes too (thinking of Serenity here)...
    This cancellation was just one more case of bad network decision making. I doubt they even knew who, or what, or what size their audience was. However it is a correctable mistake or better yet, there can always be another movie...?? (she said hopefully...)
  • My personal favorite TV show, ever.

    Quite simply, this show is my personal favorite show ever. The combination of the humorous dialogue, fun and believable characters with depth, backstories and riveting episodes has turned me into a die-hard fan. It's quite a shame that this show only had 14 episodes taped, and only eleven shown, and I cannot for the life of me understand why it was taken off the air.

    This combines the best elements of action shows, dramas, comedies, sci-fi, and westerns. It has fun but never goes over the top, keeping itself believable despite a futuristic galaxy and the possible strain of combining so many different styles and genres. It pulls it off with a grace and style that I have never found in another TV show I've ever watched.
  • Why was this show cancelled??!?

    Captain Mal Reynolds and his crew have sci-fi western adventures. At first I thought it sounds kind of lame, I'm not a big western or sci-fi fan. It also didn't help that this show aired in the middle of the night in my country so it didn't really stand a chance to get a decent audience.
    But I do like my Whedon series so I decided to give it a shot, and I'm glad I did! This show is packed with humor, adventure and action. The actors do a great job portraying the characters. They are all very unique and have their own traits, and I can honestly say that there is no one in the crew I find annoying. It's a shame this series didn't get a fair shot, it's awesome, you have to see it to believe it! These characters have a lot of stories still to tell, and I'm sad that it won't be told.
  • Firefly is the story of a pair of former soldiers now looking to find work and avoid trouble with the government of the Alliance who've managed to pick up a very interesting crew and become a tight-knit, if a bit dysfunctional, family along the way.

    I'm not a television person - I never was. It took only watching the pilot episode to get me absolutely hooked on this show. I bought the DVD set the next day (for the full $50, not the discounted price). It was worth every penny. I still haven't seen the whole thing because I treat each episode like a delicacy to be savored.

    Never have I loved a show so much. Its cancellation was a crime - its movie a miracle - and its inevitable resurrection one of the happiest moments of my life - no hyperbole. If you haven't seen it, do it. If you have, get someone else to watch it.
  • One of the best productions ever seen on TV.

    How can you not like Firefly? It's funny, filled with action, shootin' and cussin' (if you understand Chinese). The storyline was one of the most interesting well thought out ideas in all of sci-fi, ever. Any drawbacks or negativity you might come up with are based on two things:

    1- the pondscum at Fox didn't put the episodes on in the right order

    2- the pondscum at Fox pulled the plug before the Grand Maestro (Joss Whedon) could finish setting up the series.

    This marvelous work of art, which should be starting it's fourth season, not talked about in the past tense, will go down in history being studied in Universities. (Like Buffy the Vampire Slayer already is)

    Watch it, enjoy it. Hit rewind and watch that same episode again, because you will find stuff you missed.
  • The best Space Western of all time!

    Without a doubt Firefly had the makings of one of the best space/Scifi shows out there. With Joss Whedon's writing, a superb cast and a phenominal far reaching arc planned, this could have surpassed some of the greatest shows on TV. Too bad Fox screwed up the airing order and their heavy handed approach to this show was without a doubt the reason it was cancelled before it was even tested. But..."You Can't Stop the Signal!"
  • Sci-fi TV at its best

    I'm not a big fan of westerns but the combination of this and the space setting is utter genius and works brilliantly. A great cast and superb story lines make this one to remember.

    Such a shame that this series was ended prematurely.
  • What's the big deal!!!???

    That was my question about this series... Cancelled after a couple of episodes and has a fan based that, after 10 years, still asking for more... Hmmm... saw the first 10 episodes, BOY I GET IT NOW!!!! What a show... Can't get myself to watch the last epidodes knowing that's it... To all involved... Thanks!!!
  • Firefly is an outstanding space-western Sci-Fi show. Two names are all we need to prove this shows greatness, Nathan Fillion (Captain Malcolm) and the absolutely sexy Summer Glau (River Tam).

    Firefly is an outstanding space-western Sci-Fi show. Two names are all we need to prove this shows greatness, Nathan Fillion (Captain Malcolm) and the absolutely sexy Summer Glau (River Tam). Furthermore we have Adam Baldwin as well, but we don't care much for the Baldwins. The show is set on a ship called the firefly, and there is a governing body that controls and oppresses the universe. The government chases after Firefly since they are a true band of western bandits (but the good kind). Furthermore there are the things called the reavers, former humans gone insane, cannibalizing people and ships around the universe. This is an ingenious mix of western fun and science fiction, first of a kind and unique. This show needs to be revived since it was one of the best things to happen to TV. If you have not seen it yet, go and buy it, trust me you won't regret it.
  • !!!How the hell did this one get by me and why did they cancel it!?!?!

    My did this one get by me!?! Just got through seeing the premier episode on HULU and I couldn't believe my eyes!!Well written, well produced and perfectly cast and INSTANTLY addictive! How is it this visually stunning mix of futuristic drama perfectly blended with wild west action, combining the best of both worlds and flawlessly executed enjoy such a short run?!? I'd feel robbed if's weekly newsletter hadn't mentioned the existance of this series, and I feel robbed that there won't be any MORE episodes!! I agree wholeheartedly with Firefly's rabid sci-fi show ever! Now, if you excuse me, I'm going back to HULU for more of this wonderful series!
  • Bring it back! I'm jonesing here I need a new fix!!!!!!!! exclent tv at its best!!!!

    Joss Whedons best work Damn fox missed out on the merchandising rights on star wars now they blow it with firefly.
    Universal picked up the ball. They allowed a great movie to be made yeah!!! Now we need more I want to have more of this great story Everyone should try to watch this TV series You do not have to like sci-fi to love this show The few episodes that did air on fox where pre empted by baseball! My take on the quality of this production it is a 10! Every episode had a story, plot, the science was dead on. Good acting even though Gina Torres Adam Baldwin and Ron Glass was carrying Nathan Fillian
  • great show

    I really enjoyed the series i recently went out and bought the series on dvd. I wish it was still on tv. I think it could have went very far. There a lot of story lines that could have been and should have been. I can't believe thay just gave up on the show. Serenity the movie was prove of that. Great story line should of had another . Great funny actors I love watching the episodes over and over again. It would definitly be nice if they brought it back. I think it would be a sucess. I'm looking forward to it!
  • ive got a bone to pick with FOX...

    Seriously you guys make a masterpiece like this and end it after only one season!?! but leave other garbage on for numerous seasons... whom ever cancelled the show should be fired. I almost went and bought a satellite dish when I found this show.. (it being the only thing on TV worth watching)... until I found out it ended right away.... you guys boned yourselves ending it so soon... it would be well worth getting the crew back together and making SEVERAL more seasons....

    Signed angry fan... PS. the show was nothing short of amazing.
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