Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2002 on FOX

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  • "You gave up everything you had and you found me broken" We meet Simon's & River's parents & we see the stark contrast between the world they grew up in & the life they must lead now. Wonderfully written we see exactly how much Simon loves his sist

    The plot... the plot is like any other episode really. Mal gets a deal, deal feels hinky, deal goes bad, guns & wits come out, they win over in the end, but just because it's the same-ole thing, does NOT mean in watching it is. A terrific episode, one I'm looking forward to seeing again.

    It is a Simon & River episode, we see some back story, we see how Simon is still frustrated with his "lot in life" but how he tries to cope with it all again. He again puts his foot in it with Kaylee, but that's nothing new, so, we see that he's a truly gifted doctor & brother, but a little slow when it comes to women.

    We are not all born into privilege, but many that are can not deal well when they are forced to leave it. Here we see how much Simon truly loves his sister, how he will go to the ends of the "verse" to protect her. He gave up a life filled with privilege and wants (rather than needs) and for her, he left it all behind to live on board a ship that has nothing but day-to-day needs and criminal activities.

    When trying to convince his parents there was something wrong their replies were that it was him missing her, it was a game, they always loved their games and Simon could not convince them that they were wrong. It was interesting to see even their parents were aware of how strong a bond that they had.

    We also got to see in a flashback the extent of River's natural talent, her story time/game holds great clues as to what else is happening in the "verse", fans will know what it means, it just goes to show what a truly talented young woman she really is.

    One of the scenes that really stuck out for me was when the inevitable shoot-out takes place and simultaneously River finds herself dancing amongst the people. The scene was beautifully written and the contrast of the 2 lifestyles was clearly shown. River we found out earlier was a dance student in her youth, before her problems began, so when we cut to the scene of her dancing, not only are we shown the contrasting lifestyles, but also her frailty, her child-likeness as well. I saw her firstly here as a truly innocent woman who has lost, not only her memory, but her innocence in life as well.

    The most beautiful scene to see his absolute devotion to his sister, regardless of her state of mind is when he joins her on the pyre. Truly touching, we are brought straight into his heart.

    We've always known there was more to Shepherd Book than meets the eye. He's always seemed to be a man of Logical Morals. Meaning that he believes in morals, but also logic must prevail. He is a man of faith & spirit, but is not closed to "what must be done". Again, the episode has a brilliant contrast to it, we see Shepherd's quiet faith and then we are confronted with the towns folks faith. Knowing most of the specific references they were making I was moved initially to pity, to hate, then pity again, yet with Shepherd, I've always had a quiet respect for him and the way his character has been written. I hope that if they do a sequel to Serenity we have some more back story on him.

    An interesting episode that will give you further insight into 3 of our quieter characters.

    Two Thumbs up from me on a terrific episode!

    "You gave up everything you had and you found me broken"