Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Unknown on FOX

Episode Recap

We open with Mal, naked, sitting on a rock in the middle of a desert.

Flashing back to 72 hours earlier, we find Mal watching people loading and unloading cargo from a ship owned by an old Army buddy named Monty, who offers to introduce Mal to his new wife "Bridget". Monty's wife "Bridget" turns out to be Mal's wife "Saffron" (from the episode "Our Mrs. Reynolds"). Guns are drawn and a minor skirmish ensues, resulting in Monty taking off without his wife, stranding Saffron on the planet with Mal. She begs Mal to give her a ride, claiming to have a high-paying job she will let him in on, but he refuses.

Mal returns to Serenity with a bloody nose, unwilling to talk about what happened. Inara invites Mal in for tea, and complains that she believes they have been avoiding planets where she can find paying clients. She points out that even the "petty criminal" business has been bad. Mal leaves, needing a high-paying job to prove himself. He opens a crate containing Saffron and asks her about her job.

Saffron claims a man named Durran Haymer (an Alliance bigwig) has a "Lassiter," one of the original handheld laser guns, worth millions. She also happens to have the security codes to his home. Wash and Inara are strongly against having anything to do with Saffron. Jayne and Kaylee like the idea - Zoe agrees after punching Saffron in the face.

Jayne tells Simon and River that they have to stay out of sight since Saffron may recognize them and turn them in. River tells Simon that Jayne betrayed them on Ariel. Inara leaves to see a client.

Haymer's estate on Bellaraphon is an island floating in the air. Trash is collected by automated drones and incinerated. Kaylee proposes that she can reprogram the trash bin so it is not incinerated. Mal and Saffron sneak into the estate, to steal the gun and throw it in the trash. Kaylee and Jayne stand on top of Serenity while Wash pulls up underneath the trash container. While trying to swap out a circuit board, Jayne gets shocked and nearly falls off of the ship.

Back inside, Mal and Saffron are surprised by Haymer, who is excited to see them, thinking Mal has returned his long lost wife "Yolanda". Mal suspects that Durran might be her real husband. Saffron seems upset when Durran catches them stealing the gun. While Durran tells her how disappointed he is, Mal tosses the gun in the trash as planned. Durran reveals he signaled the Feds as soon as he saw them.

Mal and Saffron escape to the shuttle when the police arrive. While having a heartfelt chat on the shuttle, Saffron steals Mal's pistol. Since Mal reminded her that he has seen her without her clothes on, she makes sure he takes his clothes off before she strands him in the middle of the desert. Meanwhile, Serenity is supposed to pick up the gun, but Saffron has once again sabotaged the ship.

Saffron goes to the spot where the trash bin was left, and searches through the garbage, unable to find the gun. Covered with garbage, she turns to see a shiny clean and immaculately dressed Inara pointing the very gun at her. Inara reveals that Mal expected to be betrayed and sent Inara to wait for the trash delivery. She then closes the bin, with Saffron inside.

In Medical, Jayne is immobilized on a table due to his earlier fall. Simon reveals that he now knows Jayne tried to turn them in. He makes it clear, as the doctor, he could kill Jayne at any time, but he won't and suggests Jayne trust him as well. Simon leaves the room and River pokes her head in with an additional comment for Jayne. "Also," she says, "I can kill you with my brain." We don't know if she has that ability or not, but Jayne clearly doesn't want to test it.

We then return to the opening scene, which is revealed to be the moment Inara picks up the naked Captain. Mal strolls onto Serenity without a stitch of clothing, oblivious to the baffled looks from the crew, pleased in successfully pulling off a first-job.

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