Season 1 Episode 14


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Unknown on FOX

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  • Mrs. Reynolds strikes back

    Mal strained wife uses his crew to gather a precious artifact from husband number one, while he tries to prove himself to non-wife Inara who has recently stroke a nerve pointing out his lack of skill on the petty thief department. Brat sister River takes fun at being locked down - to hide her from Mrs. Reynold - by taunting Jayne about his girly name much to his annoyance, however, the surprise is on clueless Simon as she reveals him she actually does it for Jayne, because he still feels guilty for selling her in "Ariel". The opportunity presents itself for Simon as Jayne gets hurt during Mrs. Reynolds operation which not only causes Mal to get caught with Saffron but also damages Serenity’s direction that must be repaired by Kaylee in order to rescue their captain. This is when Jayne wakes up from a delicate procedure in which Simon could’ve let him die, crippled him or worst but chose not to because threaten him is so much fun! So fun that his playful little sister shows up on the infirmary to tease him with this tiny piece of information: she can kill him with her brain.

    In the end, everything is good in the ‘verse as Captain’s back up plan kicks in, in the form of Inara, who double crosses Saffron right after she double crosses their man just in time for Serenity to come by and pick their naked captain along with Inara who just retrieved the artifact.