Season 1 Episode 14


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Unknown on FOX

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  • The return of the all-time great double crosser, Saffron, ends with a naked Mal, perched on a rock, in the middle of nowhere. Nothing out of the ordinary about that!

    Top points for this (rather bizarre) episode goes simply for the brilliant final scenes. Mal, naked, sitting on a rock in the middle of nowhere is definitely worth a look (and a second, third, fourth look...)

    From start to finish the episode has the rather unstable feel that "Our Mrs Reynolds" had, due to the fact that Saffron is such an unknown character, and that she spends all her time lying and deceiving, so you are constantly waiting for the rest of the plot to unfold. She is an unusual character, not your typical enemy, but then again, Firefly is not your typical show.

    By this stage I have become a huge Mal fan so the Mal-heavy episodes are my favorites. He is such a cool-cucumber at times, and yet seems to get himself, and his crew, into the most bizarre situations. How on earth could he possibly thought he could trust that lying, scheming, double-crossing snake, Saffron??? It is beyond me how an intelligent, skilled guy thinks like a man every time!

    The plot for this one was great, very clever. It is fun to rob from the rich, and even more fun when there is a great plot twist thrown in. Saffron really plays her part well, she does convince you that she is genuine, even though you know deep down she is going to turn on them all.

    The twist with the husband was clever, and the way she used it to manipulate Mal was perfect. When he sits down next to her you just want to slap him! I mean: "Come on Mal!". Regardless, it is all worth it in the end just to see the final scenes: Inara holding a gun on Saffron and explaining her role in the scheme (Go Inara!) and then to have Mal wander back onto the ship - so happy just as he is, as everyone else cringes... just great Firefly moments!

    Finally, Jayne and Simon have their moment from the previous episode, which gives some closure there. I love River's comment to him: "Also, I can kill you with my brain". Just perfect!

    This is yet another strongly plotted and well presented episode. The return of Saffron makes you feel like an old-school Firefly fan and is a nice touch. A great show.
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