Fireside Theatre - Season 6

NBC (ended 1955)




Episode Guide

  • Act of God Notwithstanding
    In the season finale, the utility crew battles a blizzard to restore electricity to a hospital. Inside the facility is the crew boss' wife who is about to give birth to their child.
  • Valley of Shadows
    Valley of Shadows
    Episode 42
    A storekeeper saves a wounded man who was shot by the leader of a gang criminals. The whole town unites to protect him, standing up to the gang of desperadoes.
  • The Kiss
    The Kiss
    Episode 41
    in this comedy, a stranger is arrested and charged with being a horse thief. After a girl kisses him on a dare, he has an idea on how to clear his name.
  • Bread Upon the Waters
    According to an old Pennsylvania Dutch tradition, a woman can not marry until her older sister has tied the knot. That provides the basis for this romantic comedy.
  • The Whole Truth
    The Whole Truth
    Episode 39
    A judge learns that his son has been leading a secret double-life. The father learns a tough lesson when he finds out the reason why.
  • Juror on Trial
    Juror on Trial
    Episode 38
    One female juror is holding out on convicting an accused murder of the charge. Relating the story of her own horrible marriage, she contends that the man is only guilty of being inconsiderate.
  • Harvest of Wrath
    Harvest of Wrath
    Episode 37
    In a attempt to save their faltering marriage, the wife takes desperate measures to control her husband's violent temper.
  • Fight Night
    Fight Night
    Episode 36
    While watching a boxing match on television at a tavern, a police detective spots a murderer he's been chasing sitting on the front row. The sergeant tries to get a call through to the stadium but a waitress and a gang of thugs at the bar are determined to keep him away from the phone.moreless
  • Trial Period
    Trial Period
    Episode 35
    Young Danny, whose father died in prison, is living for a "trial period" with his perspective new parents. When his dog is declared to have rabies, the boy violently refuses to believe the news. The lengths he goes to to protect his pet give his potential parents great pause.
  • A Case of Independence
    In this comedy, four friends face trouble when one falls in love with a rich young woman.
  • Nine Quarts of Water
    At the turn of the 20th century, Monty Bryan hires a new teacher, not realizing it's a woman. Her crusading for women's rights quickly gets under his skin. However when the locals try to smear the teacher in a trumped-up scandal, he comes to her defense.
  • Beyond the Cross
    Beyond the Cross
    Episode 32
    On their honeymoon in France, a couple meets a man who looks like an acquaintance who supposedly died during the war. He is suffering from amnesia and trying to fill in gaps in his memory. A visit to an old chateau and a chance meeting with a young woman there gives him the information he's seeking.moreless
  • Invitation to Marriage
    In this comedy, a young man laments that the modern woman has neglected her femininity. He sets his sights on a highly successful advertising executive known for her icy personality. He's convinced it's simply a facade hiding her real personality.
  • The Relentless Weavers
    A greedy and impatient scientist is frustrated by the slow progress he's making while working for his uncle. He decides to rush the process along by conducting a murder.
  • Retribution
    Episode 29
    A young man determined to avenge the murder of his brother. He's is shocked to learn that the girl he loves and his best friend are involved with the gang he believes killed his sibling.
  • Ringo's Last Assignment
    A veteran newspaper reporter is most unhappy when his employer insists on his retirement. He becomes strangely excited about reporting his last story.
  • The Farnsworth Case
    The Farnsworth Case
    Episode 27
    Mounting circumstantial evidence seems certain to convict a rich woman of killing her husband.
  • The Desert Answer
    The Desert Answer
    Episode 26
    A conflict develops between a man and his wife living in Arizona of the Old West. He has dedicated his life to helping the Indians who live there but she desperately wants to move back to the more refined East.
  • Touch the Earth
    Touch the Earth
    Episode 25
    A young girl disabled by psychosomatic paralysis is nursed back to physical and mental health by the attention of a stable jockey.
  • The Grass Is Greener
    An movie star from the old days retired at the peak of his popularity. Over the years, he has steadfastly refused to return to show business. Now, however, new pressures are forcing him to reconsider.
  • Joe Giordano and Mr. Lincoln
    Little Dominic Giordano is chosen to recite Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address at a school assembly. His doting mother gets carried away and buys him a new suit, shoes and hat. His cheapskate father is so upset by her extravagance that he plans to boycott the ceremony.
  • The Uncrossed River
    The Uncrossed River
    Episode 22
    A young man just beginning his political career has to choose between revealing a skeleton in his closet or having his opponent do it for him.
  • The Insufferable Woman
    The director of an amateur theatre group is put in the tough position of choosing between his artistic integrity or financial future. A major client saddles his with his spectacually untalented wife who's awfulness threatens to ruin his production. Finally, he decides he must tell the truth about her acting "skills".moreless
  • The First Prize
    The First Prize
    Episode 20
    Hounded by his father to enter a national writing contest, a teenager substitutes another man's work for his and submits an entry. Unexpectedly, the boy wins the contest and gets major acclaim and publicity. His father, a publisher, is horrified and tries to buy the author's silence, but the son feels so guilty that he can't hide the truth.moreless
  • Moses and Mr. Aiken
    Moses and Mr. Aiken
    Episode 19
    The boaring goal of a sedate, dull bank clerk is to become a cashier. His personality is transformed into a whimsical wanderer with the arrival of a little kitten he names Moses. He follows the cat out into the "wilderness" and comes back a more outgoing individual.
  • The Wild Earth
    The Wild Earth
    Episode 18
    A devil-may-care young woman meets up with a perfectionist orange grower. The two do not get along at all, until a surprise frost brings them together to save the orange crop.
  • Practically Christmas
    The father of a cash-strapped Italian family with a child on the way declares it "practically Christmas". To afford the delivery doctor, he tells the family that there will be no tree or traditional gifts this year. His expecting wife, however, has other ideas that make it a happy Christmas for all.moreless
  • The Suitors
    The Suitors
    Episode 16
    In a small Western town circa 1900, Kate is wooed by two suitors: Clint, reckless but charming, and Ed, gentle yet determined. Kate not only has to choose between the two, but also keep the two from having a gunfight.
  • Boy Down the Road
    Boy Down the Road
    Episode 15
    A grieving father harbors nothing but hatred and anger towards the young man he blames for the death of his child. The two finally reconcile via a young boy and his pet sheepdog.
  • The Alien
    The Alien
    Episode 14
    A Polish-American who has lived here since he was an infant is framed on a narcotics charge by a former boss. Realizing how much this country means as he's about to be deported, he stages a last minute escape attempt to Canada.
  • We'll Never Have a Nickel
    During his 20 years working for selfish Broadway producer Ben Morris, Gerry has done all the work as his boss collected the praise and money. When he's finally presented with the opportunity to produce a show himself, his wife and daughter have to convince him to break ties with the domineering Ben. Even on the show's opening night, it's clear he wasn't able to completely do that.moreless
  • Appointment with Death
    Tragedy strikes at a fog-bound cabin deep in the woods. A hunting accident results in the death of a young husband, leaving his widow and hunting guide filled with grief. Meanwhile, the two are are being stalked by a killer with revenge on his mind.
  • The Shattered Dream
    The Shattered Dream
    Episode 11
    A young immigrant arrives from Europe having spent time in concentration camps there. He has a strong belief that everyone lives freely in America. The boy's ideas seriously challenged.
  • Man of the Comstock
    Man of the Comstock
    Episode 10
    In this historical drama about Nevada's statehood, a mining lawyer attempts to bring law and order to the territory. He encounters resistance from, of all people, his new Southern wife.
  • Full Portrait
    Full Portrait
    Episode 9
    The invalid son of a scrubwoman dies in the arms of a TV newscaster who features "regular people" on his show. He begins a crusade for justice on the child's behalf.
  • Phantom of the Bridge
    A young boy has become obsessed with the bridge his father was building when he died.
  • The Favorable Signs
    Sgt. Simmons of the bunko squad heads an investigation of a psychic medium. In this comedy, he finds it very hard to nail down the phony and put her out of business
  • Refuge
    Episode 6
    The tropical island of Golan, where laws of extradition are not observed, is home to many a fugitive. Via flashbacks, the island's doctor tells the story of how a very ill patient, Cathy, fell in love with one such fugitive and each helped the other recover.
  • Domestic Tranquility
    Four people unite and work together to overcome events that threaten them all.
  • His Name is Jason
    His Name is Jason
    Episode 4
    Amanda is the illiterate wife of a well-educated man. Desperately wanting to learn to improve herself, she endures taunts and ridicule as she enters the first grade to learn to read. Surprising Amanda and her family, the whole town gets behind her efforts.
  • Man Enough for Millie
    Big Red, widowed father of Millie, loves a good fight more than anything. One of his conditions for marrying his daughter is that the would-be fiance beat him in a fight. Finally, Millie is attracted to a guy in their town that she thinks can best her father, but Luther says he will never fight for a woman's hand.moreless
  • Bless the Man
    Bless the Man
    Episode 2
    This episode is based on the life of Dr. Crawford Long, the doctor who determined that ether could be used in surgery. He fought a long battle with the medical establishment, trying to convince him of the value of his discovery. It was only after his believing wife allowed it to be used on her during an operation.moreless
  • The Traitor
    The Traitor
    Episode 1
    The season premieres with a drama set in a prisoner of war camp in North Korea. A group of the Americans plotting an escape are betrayed by another prisoner. After realizing that he was wrong to do this, he makes himself a sacrifice to save the others.
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