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  • Season 1
    • Family Secrets
      Family Secrets
      Episode 13
      The Justices debate on the 1st Amendment & National Security. When a book is published that could hurt National Security information. Ellie wants the book published so she can learn how her dad died.
    • Showdown
      Episode 12
      The Court must decide if a small town that allows guns in its border violates the 2nd Amendment. Also A gun Joe used was once involved in a drive-by shooting.
    • Strip Search
      Strip Search
      Episode 11
      The Court must decide if a doctor violated the 4th amendment by letting police test a client's blood samples in the hopes of find a rapist.
    • Unprotected Speech
      Unprotected Speech
      Episode 10
      Justice Snow gets in trouble by autotape. The Court must decide whether a 17 year old boy, who doctored a video that includes his classmates is a violation of the Child Pornography Protection Act.
    • Secrets And Lies
      Secrets And Lies
      Episode 9
      Joe Novelli tells a justice that a sex offender is in her neighbourhood, while Novelli tries to get a vote on case involving Megan's Law.
    • Court Date
      Court Date
      Episode 8
      The Court looks the case of a high school student who wants to skip the 12th grade and go into the NBA.
    • Right To Die
      Right To Die
      Episode 7
      The Court must decide if a wife who has her husband in a coma, should be taken off life support. The daughter still sees signs of life in her dad.
    • Dangerous Words
      Dangerous Words
      Episode 6
      A Website on abortion leads to a doctors murder. The Court looks at the free speech case & inciting violence.
    • Family Affairs
      Family Affairs
      Episode 5
      Joe Novelli's life is turned upside down when a reporter learns his family may have ties to the mob.
    • Crime And Punishment
      Does a so-called three strikes law violate the Constitution? In this case, a person convicted of a misdemeanour is sent to prison for life, because he had previously been convicted of two felony counts. The issues raised included due process (the criminal got a longer sentence than a first-time offender), double jeopardy (the criminal was sentenced more harshly because of prior convictions), cruel and unusual punishment (a life sentence for a misdemeanour), and ex post facto laws (punishing a past crime using today's standards). In the end, the Court voted to uphold the conviction.moreless
    • The Price Of Liberty
      6th Amendment right to witness confrontation. A masked witness confronts a drug dealer the government is trying to convict. The prosecution refuses to reveal the name of the witness, for fear that the defendant will find a way to harm the witness. Three other named witnesses against the defendant have previously been killed, though there is no evidence the defendant killed them or arranged for them to be killed. The defence appeals to the Supreme Court. The Court rules that under the 6th Amendment, the witness must reveal her identity, or she may not testify. A lawyer accuses his firm of discrimination. He is a dwarf, and under the colour of accommodation, his firm installed a "mini office" for him, which he said lead to him being treated differently, like a sideshow. The firm argued that under the Americans With Disabilities Act, they were simply accommodating his disability. The lawyer argued that he is not disabled. The Supreme Court rules against the lawyer, saying that the firm made a good faith effort at accommodation.moreless
    • Age Of Consent
      Age Of Consent
      Episode 2
      A pregnant, teenage girl applies to a local court to have an abortion over the wishes of her parents. The local court agrees to the girl's desires, and the parents appeal to the Supreme Court to overturn the judge's order. Though the issue of abortion muddies the waters, the issue boils down to that of parental consent versus the girl's freedom of self-determination. The Court rules in the girl's favour and upholds the local judge's ruling. Is the speech of a bully protected by the 1st Amendment? The Court ruled that yes, even the speech of a bully in a schoolyard is free speech.moreless
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Is it cruel and unusual under the 8th Amendment to electrocute a death row inmate who had been struck by lightning while under the care of the state? In this case, a man convicted of killing a young girl while robbing a rural store is set to be executed at the electric chair. After his conviction, however, he was struck by lightning and his mental capacity was affected. The Supreme Court refuses to grant certiorari to the inmate, and despite a last minute change of heart by a new justice, he is put to death. A man who fled from Mexico because of his desire to become a woman tries to have the Supreme Court grant him asylum. The petition is denied, however, when the Justices learn that the man does not actually desire a sex change operation, but simply wishes to be a transvestite, and wear women's clothing.moreless