First Wave

Season 3 Episode 20

Beneath the Black Sky

Aired Unknown Jan 24, 2001 on Space



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    • Cade: You said there were two of you. Two of you came to Earth.
      Xevallah: That's right. A comrade. What happened to him? In an earlier time he too was here. In fact you know him. His name on Earth was Nostradamus.

    • Cade: The Gua destroyed your people, turned your paradise into a wasteland. Don't you hate them for that?
      Xevallah: Would hating them change anything?
      Cade: I don't know, maybe you would have kicked some a**

    • Xevallah: (appearing as Cade) You know who I am.
      Cade: When I was a kid. You saved me from the Gua.
      Xevallah: I told you I'd be back one day.
      Cade: I remember.
      Xevallah: Cade Foster I'm here to prepare you for the fight of your life. (changes shape) My name is Xevallah, and we have much to talk about.

    • Nostradamus:
      When twice three years and twice again,
      Find secret skill in darkest hour.
      Tween Blessed and Cursed a Third will come,
      Or world's consumed in battle's fire.
      Quatrain 22 Century 4

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