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First Wave

Season 1 Episode 2

Crazy Eddie

Aired Unknown Sep 16, 1998 on Space
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Episode Summary

Crazy Eddie
Now a fugitive trying to convince the world at large that we are in the midst of the first wave of an alien invasion, Cade looks for help from the reclusive publisher of a newsletter about conspiracy theories.

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  • Disappointing follow up but a good episode.

    Enter Crazy Eddie the shows sidekick and paranoid conspiracy theorist. Could this be the downfall to First Wave? Those clone harnesses are hot. Aundrea MacDonald you are chesty, girl! Rebecca Reichert does her best Species impersonation. She can "wax my board". Cheasy lines and TNA bog down the quality from the last episode. This isn't something HP Lovecraft would come up with. Where is the terror from the last episode. The tentacles coming out of his wife were freaky. Visions of decapitated heads? Nothing like that here just a mash of X-Files and Species. Nothing special but not terrible either.moreless
Tim Progosh

Tim Progosh

Dean Hormeth

Guest Star

Scott Nicholson

Scott Nicholson

Hulking Man #2

Guest Star

Rebecca Reichert

Rebecca Reichert

Amsa #1

Guest Star

Rob LaBelle

Rob LaBelle

"Crazy" Eddie Nambulous/Larry Pisinski

Recurring Role

Roger R. Cross

Roger R. Cross

Joshua (as Roger Cross)

Recurring Role

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    • Foster: Journal entry number one. Wherever something weird is going on you're going to find Cade Foster. With the help of my friend Eddie Nambulous what I find will fill the pages of Paranoid Times. Maybe it'll be a roadmap for others in the months and years ahead 'cause we got a long way to go if we're going to save this Earth. We know they're here. They live in beautiful human shells. Maybe our race is too attracted to beauty to be able to spot the evil that lies within. On my bad days, I wonder if the human race is even worth saving, but then I think of Hannah. We can beat them. Believe in ourselves and each other. As my buddy Eddie says, sometimes madmen turn out to be prophets.

    • Eddie: Nostradamus wrote these puppies in France, exactly seven time zones ahead of Chicago.
      Foster: What's your drift?
      Eddie: Chicago's your home town, he was talking about you.
      Foster: Nostradamus is full of crap.
      Eddie: No he's not… You're the twice blessed man.

    • Eddie: Die alien scum! (fries alien and it disintegrates, looks at Foster), always wanted to say that…
      Foster: They don't like to leave evidence around do they?
      Eddie: That self-annihilation is pretty clever.

    • Nostradamus:
      From leagues away they shall arrive
      And reign blind terror upon all men.
      An empty vessel for the soul
      Their wretched beauty sleeps no more.
      -Quatrain 6 Century 1

    • Foster: Why was she after this thing?
      Eddie: Clearly it's part of the cloning process, metal-alloy shell, smooth surface…
      Foster: High tech golf ball?
      Eddie: Very funny.

    • Eddie: Why should I trust you?
      Foster: You shouldn't, you're paranoid.

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    • The idea of aliens completely disintegating when they are killed, so no evidence remains that could be shown to the authorities to prove that the hero isn't crazy, originated with the 1967 TV series The Invaders.