First Wave

Season 1 Episode 14


Aired Unknown Dec 09, 1998 on Space



  • Trivia

    • Cade Foster never knew his biological father, his alcoholic step-father abused him and his mother, and his mother died when he was 17.

  • Quotes

    • Nick: I wish I could be like him, the Alien Hunter, traveling from city to city, kicking a**. What was he like at my age?
      Cade: The uh, the Alien Hunter was Chicago, South Side. He loved to play hockey. Had a famous slap shot called the "Runaway Train."
      Nick: Go on.
      Cade: He never knew his biological father, grew up instead with his stepfather, an alcoholic son of a bitch who beat on him and his mother. Until his mother died, of cancer, when he was seventeen.
      Nick: Well, you know, having no parents, it made him tough right?
      Cade: No, no it didn't make him… From what he tells me it made him sad. He became a thief. You see Nick, he didn't have a family like you have to guide him.
      Nick: Some family.
      Cade: At least you have one.

    • Nostradamus:
      When Jezebel enters the village,
      Her steps shall shake foundation.
      With a venomous flower,
      She breaks chains of steel.
      -Quatrain 28 Century 5

    • Foster: No one believed Nick saw an alien; not his parents, not the police. As we get older we stop believing a monster lives under the bed. Thank God Nick believed. If my journals created one believer, it means there will be a second, and a third, and one day a chorus, demanding to be heard. I live for that day.

    • Nick: The powerful man is not the one who has the nuclear bomb; it's the one who can find the information to build the bomb. Crazy Eddie taught me that.
      Foster: Crazy Eddie, huh? What do you think of him?
      Nick: Seems smart enough and all, he's kind of a geek isn't he? Come on.

    • Foster: I don't want Nick getting hurt in any of this, Eddie. We've always wondered if anyone reads my journals, well this kid does. Talks about me like I'm some kind of comic book hero, calls me the Alien Hunter.
      Eddie: The Alien Hunter. That's cool. What's he think about me huh? The brains, always juking and jiving in the shadows, saving your ass.
      Foster: He doesn't mention you.
      Eddie: Oh.

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