First Wave

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Unknown Nov 04, 1998 on Space



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    • Cade: A cop spotted me at some diner at Cedar Pass. Hold on. (listens for dogs) The whole state of Montana's breathing down my neck. They've got dogs.
      Eddie: What kind of dogs?
      Cade: I don't know! I'm not stopping to pet them, Eddie!

    • (Cade pulls out consciousness globe)
      Cade: You send your minds through in these. But you steal our bodies. I've seen the lab where you grow them.
      Joshua: I know. You held that in your hand before. You traded it for your friend's life.
      Cade: You. It was your consciousness I found.
      Joshua: I keep it to remind me how close I came to death. Our paths were destined to cross.

    • Joshua: Our planet's dying. If we do not expand we will die with it.
      Cade: You've lived all this time as a human, walked in our shoes, been part of us. Are we that easy to kill?
      Joshua: I never said it was easy. Sometimes I have reservations about our mission.
      Cade: Then you're a coward. At least we take a stand against things we don't believe in.
      Joshua: I believe in Gua. We were like you once. There was a time for peace, but we became complacent, and when the invasion force landed, they took us down. One rebel led us to freedom. That's when we took the name Gua. It means power to overcome. Over the centuries science of industry achieved perfect focus. We created a military machine to ensure our freedom. Permanently.
      Cade: So your own planet was taken over once. Now you want to take over ours to complete the cycle. You're not warriors. You're victims.
      Joshua: We're here because we'll never be victims again.

    • Foster: I'm on a journey, a journey to find believers. Today I found one where I never dreamed possible. Did Joshua murder my wife? I don't know if I could live with that knowledge, but I might have to find a way, because if I ever hope to win this war I need someone inside the enemy camp. I need Joshua.

    • Joshua: You have an emotional need for vengeance.
      Foster: You can say that.
      Joshua: But you have the will to overcome it, or you would've killed me already.
      Foster: Well I'm smarter than your average lab rat.
      Joshua: I underestimated you.
      Foster: That's the story of my life.

    • Foster: Does it hurt? Good. Just don't die.
      Joshua: I was careless.
      Foster: You were beaten! Get used to it.
      Joshua: I made a mistake.
      Foster: Welcome to the human race.
      Joshua: I am not human. I'm Gu'a.
      Foster: Yeah, well whatever the hell you are, you're screwed. The cops see the smoke from this fire, I'll hand your ass over and I'll clear my name.

    • Joshua: Make it a clean shot, to the head.
      Foster: Sorry pal, I've found that dead aliens don't keep too well. I know what happens to your bodies when you die.
      Joshua: I'm going to die anyways.
      Foster: Not if I can help it.

    • Joshua: Subject 117, the specimen who got away. You look kind of small to me.
      Foster: Put the gun down and I'll show you how small.
      Joshua: Hmph, too late for that.
      Foster: What, more experiments?
      Joshua: They intend to cut you open.
      Foster: Of course they do.
      Joshua: The Gu'a will determine what makes you such a formidable adversary. Then we'll root out others like you and remove them from the population.
      Foster: You want to know what made me such a formidable adversary? You did! You bastards created me when you murdered my wife.

    • Deputy: That figures, 'cause see I was thinking winters are probably a might cold for you boys up here.
      Joshua: Which boys would that be?
      Deputy: You know, you coloured boys. Heard your thermal regularity can't tolerate the higher elevations.
      Joshua: Is that what you heard?
      Deputy: Maybe I'll call Bob and tell him I met an up-north, winterized black man.
      (Joshua opens his car trunk and displays a bunch of weapons)
      What the hell you got in here?
      (Joshua slams the trunk closed and kills the deputy)
      Joshua: Your hate for each other will only hasten your defeat.

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