First Wave

Season 1 Episode 10

Marker 262

Aired Unknown Nov 11, 1998 on Space

Episode Recap

Cade goes to Missouri to investigate a report of a drag racer vanishing into thin air. He take to other racers and the vanished racers brother who gives Cade a lot of other vanishing reports. Cade gets beaten by the dragracer who Cade thinks to be an alien. Cade gets help from drag racers brother and her ex-girlfriend. Cade finds out that aliens have putten quantum pocket to the milemarker 262 that sucks in cars that go over 100 miles. He goes to the quantum pocket and fight the alien in charge of the operatin, in the end they kill the alien and rescue the drag racer. And like allways aliens clean up their mess before Cade can get any evidance.