First Wave

Season 1 Episode 10

Marker 262

Aired Unknown Nov 11, 1998 on Space



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    • Nostradamus:
      Their doom was sealed at the gate.
      Steel chariots vanished in the still clear night.
      Glorious terrain left undefeated
      Till the river changes course.
      -Quatrain 8 Century 9

    • Foster: Heading out of Ashgrove Missouri, where setting suns, baseball games and hot rods paint the perfect picture of American life. As usual the aliens covered their tracks, leaving me nothing but a report in the pages of this journal. If even Ashgrove can be the home to an alien military experiment, is any place safe? But what happened for Jason and Danny was a silver lining. Maybe Danny learned that respect is something accorded not to what you do, but how you do it, and maybe I learned not to give up hope. If we can all work together, respect each other's skills no matter what they are, then maybe I won't have to walk this road alone.

    • Eddie: Listen, this could be dangerous. Ionizing a magnetic pulse could disrupt the structural integrity of the pocket.
      Foster: It'll collapse?
      Eddie: 90,000 pounds per square inch. You'll be a human quesadilla.

    • Danny: Invasion?
      Darcy: What are you talking about?
      Eddie: Wanna do it or should I?
      Foster: Be my guest.
      Eddie: We think Tommy's part of a first wave of alien spies. Their doin' experiments, military tests, there, here man, preparing for invasion.
      Foster: I know it sounds crazy.
      Danny: Ok, I firmly believe that you guys are clinically disturbed, perhaps even insane, and that said, I'm reasonably sure you're not violent.

    • Eddie: So he's like, like your new partner on this?
      Foster: He's Jason's brother.
      Eddie: A physics student.
      Foster: So?
      Eddie: So you're dissatisfied with my training in physics? That what this is all about?
      Foster: Eddie, you're a genius. A paranoid genius, but still, a genius. I thought maybe he could learn something from you.
      Eddie: Let's get back to work.

    • Foster: Are you saying that other people have vanished?
      Danny: So they say. My guess? Started by town council to increase tourism.
      Foster: You don't believe the stories.
      Danny: I don't believe in the tooth fairy either.

    • Nostradamus:
      Their doom was sealed at the gate
      Steel chariots vanished in still clear night
      Glorious terrain left undefended
      Till the river changes course.

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