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  • This show is the best Scifi ever! Three great seasons and great charters, this show was original!

    I feel in love with this show late simple because after School I'd come home and turn the Scifi Channel on and in the background First Wave would be on and not knowing what this show was I was missing it for months and not even knowing about it until one day I heard the words aliens and Nostradamus come from the TV and I think it was the first season and I started watching it and every day after High School I had to tune in, tape it, I couldn't miss one episode! I would own all three seasons but its not on DVD yet and I'm not buying a bootleg of if! I'll buy the real deal thank you!
    All in All, I love this show!
  • A great SC-FI show, with good acting, and great plots all well written. Cade Foster (hero) identifies that there is an invasion of aliens coming and is trying to prove his knowledge to the world. Trust me this show is really good.

    I thought this series was great, very addictive. It is along the same idea as the Invaders (1960s) but allot better. Good acting and some great plots well written. I think the plot was running out of steam but it ended on a high. If future seasons were to follow -5,6, etc- I think it might have struggled. Now where is the DVD for this show it is time something was released especially the cost of producing DVDs now.
  • First Wave: It may seem like just another sci-fi "stop the aliens" series, but it's much, much deeper than that. It runs a complex series of episodes by creating an alien nemesis out of the words of Nostradamus, and his oft-thought crazy predictions for

    I greatly enjoyed First Wave. I thought it was an excellent combination of thought-based TV and sci-fi thrill. Much like the Matrix, many episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Paycheck, and others, you will not understand the series without focusing and concentration on it, which I enjoy. The writers took an excellent premise -- historical writings/predictions, and based what should have been a hit on them. Often thought crazy, Nostradamus' predictions turned out to be true, and every new episode patched in another piece of the story of "humanity's fall" to alien invaders. A complex thriller that will leave you guessing, wondering, and enjoying every minute!
  • Cade Foster use to be a thief. Cade is now get chased by aliens called the gua.Cade found help from Eddie Jordan and Joshua. When they run into a gua they kill them.Joshua gets in trouble and Cade always get him out.

    First Wave was the coolest show on tv because it always kept you on your toes every week. Sabastan Spence who plays Cade Foster is a good actor. Roger Cross who plays Joshua is a great actor. First Wave had a great cast. The story lines each week were great. Traci Lord made Jordan her own. They picked a great person to play eddie. The writers had great for every week episodes.
  • Cade discovers that aliens are conducting experiments among humans as part of the first wave of their invasion of our world. He sets out to fight them with help of a conspiracy theorist who predicted the destruction of the Earth in 3 terrifying waves.

    I didn't watch this show much because I didn't really know it was airing on television. But when I came upon one of the episodes one day I became somewhat hooked. From what I hear the show is canceled but I think the Sci-Fi Channel air the episodes from time to time. It a good science fiction series to watch when you need something to watch to pass your time when you are bored or have nothing to do. Anyway, good luck to those who go looking for the series. Finally, I am glad I been able to watch this series because it weird but in a good way.
  • I`m not satisfied with only 3 seasons. Want to learn more...

    ''First Wave'' is one of my favorite shows,and it is such a shame that there will be only 3 seasons. But if they manage to put it on the screen again i would like to know more about the aliens.I have always been interested in Gua and other aliens as well.I know very little about them and i would like to learn more.Maybe how do they look like,something about their planet,i also want to know more about their biology characteristics despite the fact that the salt is a drug for them, their wounds heal and their faces are glowing when they are excited. I don`t care what people think of them.For me Gua are just misunderstood creatures.They were good ones but their planet was taken(they have learned the law of the jungle:''Eat Ore You Will Be Eaten'')as Joshua said in episode 9. I don`t think we should blame them for what they`re doing because we are not better than them.We don`t
    have respect even for our race.Through humanity there is racialism, sexism and many other bad things.We should blame ourselves not other races.Many people from the ''First Wave'' are angry because the Gua experiment on them ,but don`t we experiment on animals. I think that nobody is perfect.And in order to hate a person or a race for what they are you must think about yourself and your bad side,first.
  • Probably one of the best Sci-FI show ever

    After watching first serie i got very excited to see season 2 as season 1 was awesome but confusing at first, Season 3 was the best of them has more creativity then season 1 and 2 because season 3 more complicated storys.

    Season 1 raw/confusing/with i could have known that story's

    Season 2 Well they started to use the word Gua other then aliens which was nice for a change./But in almost every episode they feared that they were in a alien illusion that everything happening was made.

    Season 3 brings me to the subject why a advanced alien race that had eliminated hundreds of other races that they did not launch ships or troops or some bio chemical weapon then wasting their time all that mess.
  • Cade Foster is framed for murder, but he innocent. He was framed by the Gua, an alien rase who want to take over our planet. It's up to Foster to stop them for taking over the planet, and on the same time elude the police. He is a murder...

    It was, and is since I still watch it, absloutely addictive. It's one of the best sci-fi shows I come to know, just to bad they cancelled it. I love this show, can't say it to much but I do. I wonder everytime I watch it what is gonna happnened next. What plot from the Gua are Cade gonna stop this time? I'm on the edge every time.
    They have to bring it back, they just have to!
  • How to watch it on line

    Big apology but i really have no idea how to watch this at all :( :( :(

    I love this serial and it was not easy to find it. But what ever i found leads me always to some other place where they ask for my credit card number. I will not give it so i guess cant watch it :(

    Any 1 with any link for free on line watching ? I found only 10 episodes so far