First Wave

Space (ended 2001)


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  • I`m not satisfied with only 3 seasons. Want to learn more...

    ''First Wave'' is one of my favorite shows,and it is such a shame that there will be only 3 seasons. But if they manage to put it on the screen again i would like to know more about the aliens.I have always been interested in Gua and other aliens as well.I know very little about them and i would like to learn more.Maybe how do they look like,something about their planet,i also want to know more about their biology characteristics despite the fact that the salt is a drug for them, their wounds heal and their faces are glowing when they are excited. I don`t care what people think of them.For me Gua are just misunderstood creatures.They were good ones but their planet was taken(they have learned the law of the jungle:''Eat Ore You Will Be Eaten'')as Joshua said in episode 9. I don`t think we should blame them for what they`re doing because we are not better than them.We don`t
    have respect even for our race.Through humanity there is racialism, sexism and many other bad things.We should blame ourselves not other races.Many people from the ''First Wave'' are angry because the Gua experiment on them ,but don`t we experiment on animals. I think that nobody is perfect.And in order to hate a person or a race for what they are you must think about yourself and your bad side,first.
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