First Wave - Season 2

Space (ended 2001)


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  • The Believers
    The Believers
    Episode 22
    Foster and Eddie take over a TV station at gunpoint to get the message out to the world about the alien invasion. - - - Fugitive. Murderer. Madman. That's how most of the world sees me. All my efforts to prove my innocence have come to nothing. Whatever happens today, happens because I've finally run out of options. It's been two years since they ripped my life to hell. Two years of trying to warn people of the danger that looms so close. Now I'm convinced the Second Wave is about to begin. And I'm taking drastic measures to prevent it. If we die in a hail of bullets will that bring recognition to my cause, or will we be martyrs who sacrificed ourselves in vain? Can't know for sure…but today's the day we find out. Writing this along the way, stealing seconds to make a final entry. This could all go bad. Eddie'll let you know – if he makes it out. You're my believers, I'm doing this for you, for us. So however they spin it, the press or the Gua, you know not to buy in. And you know to keep fighting. Target of this action: The Phil Tennant Show – daytime talk – one of those schlock hours that asks the viewers to help take down wanted felons. Eddie'd seen some promos that pointed to what the show expects to be its sweeps ace – a special on the FBI's Most Wanted list. A show about Cade Foster. Talk about a platform to get people listening. It was perfect. As usual, Eddie thought I was nuts. The set was virtually clear for a run-through. Eddie and I rigged the doors to blow – sealing in only the bare-bones staff and ourselves. I came in with guns blazing – had to make it look legit -- but didn't want anyone to get hurt. Phil Tennant, the network's golden-boy host was there -- gruff guy who thought he knew it all and showed it – Phil made demands I wasn't gonna listen to. He had an equally as ballsy assistant named Gwen. For Gwen to be where she was in her career now she'd had to have been smart and tenacious. She made no bones about telling me how unafraid she was of my tactics. Knew she was lying. Was putting up a good front and the remaining hostages were feeling it. Hal, a techie for the show told me about his wife and kids as I tied him up. A mid-twenties production coordinator named Tina was also caught in the mix -- she promised me she'd just started working at the show and didn't know anything yet. Felt bad about scaring them, but we planned to be out of here in 20 minutes – and then the world would know better. Or so I hoped. Plan was for Eddie to manipulate the satellites at the station, link up to some larger ones, and beam my story out to about two-hundred million people. Wasn't gonna be easy, but this stuff never was. Left Eddie to work his magic and headed back to the hostages – Gwen was lose. Knew she was gonna be trouble. Eddie told me the power was out on the satellite feed. Gwen worked quick. Threatened the rest of the group more severely this time – told them if they didn't follow my orders I'd hunt them down and kill ‘em. I almost couldn't believe I was saying it – they were innocent – I was playing the role I'd been fighting for years. Everything was changing. Eddie said we needed to get the power up and then we'd need more time to get the satellites on line – that's when we heard the cops were outside. Eddie wanted to run – said he could feel it in his bones – we were gonna die today. Couldn't tell him that wasn't true. Got the satellites back online and went looking for Gwen. Cell phone rang – it was Cain. Told him I was gonna make some believers today. He told me he was outside … and I was gonna fail. Also told me he wanted the real Nostradamus book and how he was gonna snap my neck once he had it. As usual, was running out of time. Found Gwen holding a gun on me in the dark – a prop gun. Gwen knew everything about me, and all about the aliens – that was just part of her job – prepping for the show's topic. Needed her to be a believer to make this easier … then Cain called back. Let Gwen listen to the call – she heard the sunofabitch boast about how long his race had been on the planet … virtually undetected. Then he threatened Eddie … and made some kind of weird reference about my partner. Checked in with Eddie immediately – he said everything was cool. Gwen still didn't believe me. Said the people in the journals didn't exist. Told her I had to use fake names to protect those believers. Gwen didn't crack. Eddie said the equipment would be ready in fifteen. He was really nervous, scared – didn't seem like himself. And for someone as odd as Eddie, that's a stretch. Had to stay focused. Had to head to the main stage – we were going to go on air any second. Reality. This could be my final entry… All I ask is that you continue the fight. We cannot let them win. It's up to you.moreless
  • Tomorrow
    Episode 21
    Foster gets a glimpse of what the world would be like during the alien occupation of earth. - - - It started in a dim alley – filthy, ridden with rats. Had no idea where I was at the time. There was a sign on a post "Help us, help you. Human Registry: Gua and Human Succeed Together." A bum with a bar code-like scar in his forearm was dead on the floor. I was disoriented, bewildered – I wandered into a seemingly empty, blown-out building – an execution was taking place. An execution of a human by the Gua. They electrocuted him, said they found him guilty of actions against the Gua. I ran. How did I get here? Nothing was right, nothing at all. And that's when I saw my worst fears realized. A new flag flew over the capital building – not red, white and blue. Red, white and black – the Gua had taken over the Earth. My worst fear had come to life, humanity had lost to the Gua. But how? I had no memory of the invasion, nor the battle that caused us to lose control of our planet. Had to explore the nightmare. Another bum tried to sell me condoms and computer parts, he said he knew me – was so freaked I just slammed him into the wall and asked him what year it was? He said 11. The eleventh year since the day of judgment. Suddenly there were Gua cops on top of me – wearing dark black clothes and armor. They threw me down and demanded to know where my brand was – my registration brand. That explained the scar on the dead bum in the alley. Then they started treating me like a celebrity. They were happy to see Cade Foster, they let me go. Told me I needed to be branded, even if I was Foster. Then they told me to hit the registry just a few blocks away. Found the place, a big brick building in town. Pleasant announcements urged humans to help build a better tomorrow for Gua and human together by getting "registered." Gua guards scanned the forearms of humans out front. And then Joshua exited the building. Followed him, right to a lady friend's house. Was surprised to find the door unlocked but let myself in. A plaque on the door called her Claire Wilson. Occupation: Concubine, Military Section – guess some of the laws had changed in this reality. Claire's place was nice – but there were camera's on the wall that followed movement. Disabled the camera and waited for Claire. As soon as she saw me her face lit up like a kid at Christmas – called me "the most famous human in the whole world." Said I was on the mandatory Gua-Net all day long – showed me a public service announcement I knew was impossible – me, Cade Foster, telling the people of Earth to go down to a local station and get branded so our "leaders" could keep track of us and "help us." She showed me my "journals" – but I didn't remember writing any of the bull they contained. The Cade of this reality was telling people that humanity was headed for doom and destruction and that the Gua swooped down like "caring parents" who wanted to "re-organize and reeducate a dying planet." The aliens wanted to help "make Earth whole again." Somehow, they'd undone everything I ever worked for … and I was pissed. I told Claire it was all a hoax – everything the Gua said was untrue. Somehow they'd created a false Cade Foster to spread the word. Claire didn't want to believe the Gua were anything but benevolent. So I took her to the abandoned building I'd been in earlier and showed her an execution. It made her a believer. Claire arranged for a "meeting" with Joshua and did her "job" – which I hated – but she insisted it was the only way. I stole Joshua's key card in the meantime. Claire said a Gua card would give her access to the human registry files – I told her to look for Eddie. When we couldn't find anything Claire, bet Eddie was dead – I told her to search for Larry Pisinski – we got him. Eddie was alive. But here, even my partner was different. He spit on me when I found him working in his garden just outside the city. He spouted Gua loyalties – thought I was putting him through a test. I told Eddie that I was back and ready to fight – I asked him to trust his instincts – that I didn't sell out. Eddie listened and then he believed. I needed his help again. He filled me in, told me our predictions all came to pass – 16 cities were hit by 10 million Gua troops in the invasion – 19 died on the first day. But it was all covered up in one massive publicity stunt – and somehow, through this "re-education," the Gua had come out our saviors. With Eddie and Claire's help, I was determined to turn this around – to fight again. To tell the world the truth, that the Gua weren't our saviors, but rather our destroyers. We would not be slaves to these monsters – I wanted humanity to rise with me, to become a resistance and take back our planet. I was determined to get people to open their eyes and see the Gua for what they really were. My mission hadn't changed at all. In the reality of my nightmare I would fight back as hard as I had before. And if this wasn't real, then someone new was pulling the strings – but who? Either way I was going to find out. And I was gonna win.moreless
  • Underworld
    Episode 20
    Foster uncovers an alien experiment with ties to the mob. - - - "City of Fountains" is a nickname for Kansas City, Missouri, a town whose headlines have screamed of a gangland war that left over 30 dead. It's no mystery why the Gua would seek out organized crime. Drugs, gambling, prostitution – all things that could weaken mankind's resolve. But why did Nostradamus point to this gang war? The quatrain suggested I form an alliance with "the steed," a man I suspected to be Sammy "The Horse" Kozak, head of a Kansas City crime family for over 10 years. I'm wanted for capital murder, so mixing with mobsters might be insane – Eddie sure thought so. But checking Sammy out could lead me to the Gua, and that's an offer I can't refuse… Took the name Nick Flynn and checked out the '88s Club, Sammy's totally nude strip bar and a front for his operations. Met a brick-wall bartender named Pete, told him I was looking for Sammy. My cover – "Loma Cinquemani" had sent me up from the Miami families with a recommendation to the Horse. When I told Bud, the second brick wall, that I could see all kinds of ways to kill Sammy in the bar I got his attention. Pocketed his gun right under his nose. That got someone else's attention – enter Sofia Kozak – Sammy's wife. Looked like I was about to get my meeting. Sammy checked up on me – verified my story about doing security for Cinquemani. Eddie did his best Brando and convinced the Horse that I was the real deal. I was in … but only if I proved myself. In the bar Sofia came on strong – told me when she saw something she took it. She gave me a key to her place – told me to come over when I was finished at the club. I declined. Respectfully of course – and it wasn't easy. It was my final test. I passed. Sammy was ready to talk. Seems, until last year, four families controlled the organized crime in KC – now there were only two left – Sammy ran one, Jack Mitchum ran the other. Things got ugly when everyone's trucks started getting hijacked ten months ago – the bosses were pointing fingers – Sammy tried to stay out of it and survive. Until this week – that's when some hot club dancer ripped her pole out of the floor and tried to hurl it through Sammy's heart. The Horse thought it was the weirdest thing he'd ever seen – when they chased the dancer down, she seemed to disappear into thin air. Pay dirt. Figured it for a Gua husk with a new ability, and that was never good. Sammy couldn't figure out how the rivals, or whoever might have been responsible, could know his every move. I told him we should sweep the club for bugs – and I knew the best bug-man in the business – a guy I trusted with my life. Eddie Nambulous. And that's when stuff got typically Gua-strange. Turns out Eddie found a bug in Bud. Not the ordinary high-tech kind but the part organic, part mechanical, oozing-type only the Gua could build. Bud puked it up under duress – and then it dissolved. Sammy and I found rival gang boss Jack sitting in a car with Sofia – looking more than a little bit guilty – but Sammy had sent her in. Kozak stuck a big gun in Jack's face and demanded to know who was backing Mitchum. Jack didn't want to talk, so I gave it a try – a basic strong arm. Jack told me the outfit backing him was too strong and none of us had a chance. He called them freaks, said they had powers – and he knew their name – Gua. But that's all Mitchum said … because Sammy shot him. Turns out Sammy wasn't much of a believer. Not until we got back to the club and Pete pulled a gun on him. Bud and Pete got into a fire fight and Bud lost. Pete dissolved for Sammy and then Sammy got pissed. Nobody messes with Sammy Kozak – not even E.T. The Horse was ready for war with the Gua. He said he'd stayed alive and on top all these years because he fights back and doesn't quit. Sammy would rather be dead than roll over like Mitchum. Made me think the mob was the right kind of ally to have. I always loved the Godfather, only this time the drama was too real. What would happen if Michael Corleone were threatened by the Gua? I was about to find out.moreless
  • The Trial of Joshua Bridges
    Joshua is put on trial, and must defend himself against charges that he is a human sympathizer and a traitor to the gua. - - - No quatrain this week. Eddie and I are sifting through the database, checking some out, following up leads but we haven't discovered anything solid enough to head in. But that doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about the fight. Days like this I worry about the fight. If we don't keep making strides we could lose. Hate to say it but it's true. Try to push myself, harder, further, faster everyday – want to get some kind of momentum going. Times like these, I think a lot about the enemy. I think about Joshua. He says he's not on our side – he's just looking out for the best interests of the Gua – a true patriot. Don't really care, as long as it benefits us. Like the time I was on the run from the Feds in Montana and Joshua first helped me. I'd handed an alien a gun – she was posing as a forest ranger, was supposed to "protect" me from the FBI once they took me and their "agent" (aka Joshua) into custody. Thought I was about to give the government proof that the aliens existed. Almost got myself killed instead. When I asked Joshua why he killed his back up, he told me he was doing it for himself. He saved my life because he knew the invasion wasn't the best thing for his people. Figured with me out here causing problems for the Gua, the Second Wave was less likely to happen. Still pray he's right. It was the first sign that Joshua and I had a common goal – to stop the Second Wave. I was in his debt but that didn't mean I'd always trust him. Joshua is still Gua, maybe the best they have to offer, but he'll always be an alien first. If I could, I might tell Joshua that we need each other. The Gua's experiments have no honor – I believe Joshua's intentions do. Joshua wouldn't support the type of experiments the Gua were running – don't believe he even knows about all of them. But I've seen first hand how evil they can be. Like the hideous stuff the aliens were doing in that hospital in L.A. Using humans as little more than guinea pigs – chopping them up and playing mix-and-match with their parts. Attaching Gua tentacles to human bodies – giving Alikah a pair of stolen eyes. Sick stuff. That one still gives me nightmares. It's a perfect example of how the how the Gua can't even trust themselves. Like the experiment in Normal, Illinois where another renegade Gua came to our aide when he realized the his leaders were planning to use an experiment on human teens to control the sex drives of the aliens when the Second Wave came. The alien town sheriff, John, thought it was one thing to be testing out the control device on us, and another to be prepping a device that could be used on the Gua. A pair of believers, Robbie Harlock and his girlfriend Laura, survived the alien plot and we lost the Gua who helped us, but not before John made it clear that he had chosen to fight against the Gua mission. Before he died, John said the Gua forces were poised to destroy humanity and that it was coming soon. There are millions of Gua here on Earth to be possibly consumed by human passions – John took a stand – not to help us, but again to help his own. And that's a good thing. As long as the Gua attempt to hurt themselves there'll be "patriots" ready to protect their people as a whole. The aliens use us – for their tests, to make the invasion easier, to keep order once they're here. And Joshua isn't above it either. There was that time in Cleveland when he used me to get a disk that contained the Earth identities of 200 Gua operatives. He traded Stephen (the boy who had stumbled upon the info) for the disk – Joshua knew I wouldn't let an innocent die no matter what the prize was. Joshua was protecting his people from me, he knew I'd hunt down the names on that disk and couldn't let anything happen to his comrades who he felt were just doing their jobs. That's the way Joshua used to see it – all black and white. The Gua were doing their jobs – and for them that's conquering. And even if that's what they were here to do, even if the best warriors they have to offer believed that they could beat us when they got here, I believe we're giving them reason to doubt their actions. A long time ago Joshua told me the word Gua meant power to overcome. Now, sometimes, I think he wonders if they can live up to their name. The Gua are realizing there's more to us than they first anticipated – now they know we're strong and because of that, some of them are realizing they could lose. That's why Joshua doesn't want an invasion. And that's why we're gonna win.moreless
  • Gladiator
    Episode 18
    An alien experiment involving bare-knuckle fighters draws Cade Foster and an old prison friend to enter a boxing competition. - - - I went to Atlanta, a city built on the ashes of the Civil War, to check out the world of bare-knuckle fighting and seek an ally in my fight against the Gua. Passed a wanted poster on my way into town and the face staring back was my own. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Time to take off the gloves. Omar Healy was a prize-fighter in a world without the Vegas showgirls and limelight. 35, and with a prison record, Healy had been disqualified by the Olympic committee for drug use – turned out to be a bum rap, since the drugs were over-the-counter migraine medication. Healy and I knew each other from our days locked up together, he accused me of being a bad guy who turned good and then back again. Told him I was innocent and needed his help. Then I told him I wanted to call in an old debt. Needed Healy to help me gain entry into the Human Genome Project – a research program I suspected was a Gua front to test humanity – specifically human instinct and aggression. The study was looking for athletes and fighters. Healy would be the muscle, I could pose as his trainer. Healy was eager to fight, that's what lured him in. Tensions with Eddie didn't make him any more happy to be on board, but he stuck with us. At the institute we met Dr. Meera Rubin, she took a blood test and we established our cover. Looked like Omar and I were going to be sharing a small room again – reminded us both of old days – but it wasn't a good memory. Meera claimed the institute was part of nationwide effort to map the human genome over the next five years with an eye toward preventing disease, birth defects and extend human life. Meera claimed concentrating on the aggression gene could help scientists to genetically screen out and calm a possible killer. Funny, bet the Gua would love to go the other way. Just as Healy was about to go into his first "test fight," I was introduced to another lab-brain – Dr. Bern Galloway, molecular biologist and the project's resident genius. Had a near-miss when Bern was sure he knew me. Blew it off, but I could tell my time would be running out. Bern took a lot of pleasure watching Healy fight. The scientists would alter the climate in the arena to see how outside factors like heat and cold could affect aggression. Noticed another scientist, Rae, move in and take something from the lab. Healy won his fight. Bern and Meera were smiling ear-to-ear. Used the victory moment to follow Rae. She disappeared into a high-security area, the McGruder Wing, with Omar's blood sample. Following was too risky – time for Healy and me to beat a hot retreat. Problem is, Healy wasn't willing to go – he thought this was the best training he was gonna get, and his chances for fighting a real championship tournament were getting slimmer. He wanted to find some glory. I'd brought Omar in so I was responsible for getting him out. Met up with Eddie on the outside, he'd run some checks on the Docs – Meera's credentials checked out – definitely human. Bern was the better shot for a possible Gua – no school records to speak of. Pretty odd for a resident genius boasting about his Ivy League education. Had to go back in, convince Healy to get out. Took Eddie with me, thought I'd need his expertise on the science side. We found our way into the McGruder wing – Bern and Rae were there. Bern detailed the specs of a husk they were growing – two and a half times stronger than humans, greater resistance levels to biological dysfunction and sexual deviance – a warrior-class killing machine. Bern hit some buttons and this giant incubator started humming – something organic was growing inside. They were using Healy's DNA for the project – and they were successful. Out popped a gigantic husk – oozing, stern – the X-15. The Gua's very own Frankenstein monster. Had to find someone who could help us out. Decided to try to talk to Dr. Rubin. Told her that the project had been infiltrated by a group who wanted to use her studies for their own agenda – I'd come to the project undercover. I wanted her to call the cops and have them check out the McGruder Wing – she agreed. Then she called security. Time for me and Eddie to get the hell out. Only way to get Healy to ditch was to pull a gun on him. He told me he was ready to knock me on my ass – as long as he moved I didn't care if he broke me in half. Got Eddie to a safe place just as Healy and I were ambushed by a Gua guard. Healy fought him hard and the Gua dissolved. Add Omar to my list of believers. And then Meera showed up – can't believe I took her for human. Meera told me I was the best humanity had to offer – and I was about to face off against the best the Gua had to offer. Could I survive inside the ring against the X-15? Wasn't sure. But you know I was gonna try – in the fight against the Gua, we just can't afford to lose.moreless
  • Rubicon
    Episode 17
    The aliens make Foster a national hero. Or do they? - - - No quatrain this week. No century. Woke up in the present with the possibility of realizing a dream. Thing is, got a feeling I've become too cynical to accept it. The Gua have messed with me too many times before to believe this will ever be easy. All started with Eddie cracking an internet code and getting us a lead on a possible Gua transfer of some kind of device – the transfer of goods happened in an open lot – a suitcase left in the passenger side seat. Checked for C4 explosive residue, found it all over the car. Also found a steel Halliburton briefcase filled with Gua orbs. Jackpot. But it was gonna come with a price. Said goodbye to Eddie and made a choice. The car exploded, the world went black. Back to my dream. Woke up in a hotel suite, hooked up to monitors, wearing different clothes. Looked like I was in a high security, high-class hospital – security clearance notices posted all over the place. Found my way into a control room – signs called it the "National Defense Agency." Monitors indicated alien surveillance happening around the world. First guy to notice me, an official-looking type named Blaylock, called me "hero." Blaylock told me I'd been unconscious for thirteen days, his young hot-shot tough guy named Mitchell said the only reason I'd survived the blast was a malfunction in the pressure trigger. The NDA was holding me in a protective facility outside of Detroit. And they had the orbs – knew what they were. Blaylock told me I'd delivered the first hard evidence of something the NDA had expected for a long time – that hostile, extra-terrestrial life does exist. Maybe it was hangin' with Eddie for so long, but something didn't feel right. Had an attack of paranoia, took down Mitchell, and threatened to pierce Blaylock's throat. The top-guy did it himself, wanted to prove he wasn't Gua. He didn't heal. Funny thing, I didn't feel any better about this. Was getting the five-star treatment – good food, great room and then a top-notch doc. Heather LeGuin was a shrink ready to pick my brain – or "help me in any way I can." No offense to her, but I wasn't a fan of being manipulated. LeGuin wanted to get me in bed for at least three weeks, apparently that's what the docs prescribe for a head trauma. Told her I wanted a second opinion. Then she brought in Harry. My uncle – the only family I had left before the Gua. But I knew the aliens killed my uncle, or thought they had after the Gua took me hostage in a police station in Chicago. Harry said he survived. Tried to prove he really was my mother's brother. It was too good to be true – and I knew that kind of hope didn't exist anymore. Blaylock wouldn't let me out – said the threat for assassination was too high. LeGuin spoke up – convinced Blaylock to let me out of the facility. He agreed, reluctantly. Mitchell and Leguin went with me. I told them to take me home. Drove to Chicago. The place had changed, been remodeled. I remembered Hannah, the good times, the evil, the blood – those goddamned 19s everywhere. It didn't help. Went back to the compound. Didn't know what else to do. Blaylock told me Eddie'd up and vanished – they suspected he was dead. I sure as hell didn't believe that. Blaylock and his team were trying to locate my partner, but now there was another problem. The NDA was discovering just how high-up the Gua infiltration of the government had gone. They showed me slides – Colonel Grace was among them. Mitchell said their first priority was to smoke out the alien, Gua infiltrators. And they needed me – the locations of my encounters, information gained through my contact with the aliens, who else was supporting me. Then it would be time for me to rest. Everything Blaylock said became a blur – it was too much. Every instinct I had said this was wrong. LeGuin was reasonable in our "sessions." Wanted to know why I wasn't dead if she and the NDA were truly Gua? That's always an easy answer – they wanted the Nostradamus book. LeGuin didn't agree, she figured the Nostradamus book wasn't an issue any more, I'd crossed the Rubicon to success. My paranoia was simply a survival technique from being on the run – a tool I wasn't ready to give up. It was all too clinical. Post traumatic stress. Denial. Sorrow and grief. A testament to human will. What LeGuin wasn't getting is that I could never get back what I lost. I didn't know what to do. Blaylock made a final plea. Told me I had single handedly given humanity a fighting chance. And then Eddie showed up. He'd busted into the facility to bust me out. The soldiers shot us – we dissolved. Eddie wasn't there at all. It was just a nightmare within a nightmare. No one could find Eddie. But I knew he was the only one I would trust -- Eddie could make me believe. LeGuin introduced me to Agent Tomalin, a redhead with her fingers on the pulse of the Net. She sent a secret code out to Eddie. Now we'd wait and see. Then Tomalin sent me a secret message of her own. Told me I was being watched and surveilled – to meet her on the roof at 2 am. I stayed calm, but inside I was freaking out. Tomalin found me on the roof, she was frantic, wanted me to get the hell out of there with her. Said the NDA were Gua. Mitchell found me too – claimed Tomalin was the alien gen-tech dupe. A fight broke out, Tomalin decked me and fled. Mitchell went after her, she got him too. Right before she was about to plunge her fingers through my throat she let out a roar – "For the Gua!" And then Mitchell dissolved her. The Gua tried to detonate a nuclear device within the Pentagon. The world had been put on alert. We were ready to go to war with the Gua. And now the government wanted a hero – Blaylock told me that hero would be me. Maybe I could survive this? Maybe I'd finally made a difference? Did the government truly know about the alien presence on Earth? Were the forces of the world about to rally to save us all? It was a dream I wanted to believe. For the first time in a long time, I had hope. Part of me was praying I was never gonna wake upmoreless
  • The Harvest
    The Harvest
    Episode 16
    Aliens harvest human hormones for their healing properties. - - - "On the fields of Revolution / Where England's traitor King runneth / Passion's dew is stolen / The undercroft keeps the salve of enemy wounds". The Charles River in Boston is named after Charles the First, the Traitor King of England. Bit of a stretch when you read the quatrain, except that three wealthy women had recently disappeared in Boston. Looks like I was headed to Bean Town. One of the women who had gone missing was Jennifer Moore, the sister of Renee Ashford. Ms. Ashford was offering a reward, $100,000 to the person who could find her sister and bring her home. Apparently Renee thought the cops didn't have enough incentive to launch a real man-hunt. Met Renee at her home as she was telling the press about the reward money. Posing as a representative for the missing sister's bank – I told Renee that the last time Jennifer used her credit card was to charge a room at the Whitmore Hotel. Renee already knew that – she wasn't interested. What she didn't know was that Jennifer hadn't used her own name – she'd registered as Christina Reynolds. It struck a cord with Renee. Christina was the heroine of the romance novels Renee Ashford was famous for writing. Renee didn't think the cops were interested in finding her sister because they expected Jennifer had been the target of a serial killer and were waiting for her body to turn up. Sounded pretty cynical to me. But for a novelist who'd made her fortune writing sweeping love epics, Renee was pretty hard – she told me it was a fact that nobody cares about anything in this world, the only way to stay afloat was to look out for yourself. Wasn't my way. But Renee didn't know that yet. Figured I could help her. We headed to the Whitmore. The cops had ordered the hotel to keep Jennifer's hotel bill info strictly confidential. Needed a diversion. While Renee played the distressed babe in a low-cut dress, I checked out the computer at the registration desk. Wasn't much there. Jennifer had made two phone calls and ordered a drink from room service. Renee thought that was odd, Jennifer didn't drink. But Christina did. The only thing that the real-life sister and the fictional character had in common was that they were both married to jerks. Started to wonder if there was more about Jennifer that Renee wasn't aware of. Tried the number Renee didn't recognize but it wasn't in service. Called Eddie who was in the trailer knee-deep in a Renee Ashford tome. Book was about romance, passion and sex – Eddie said he could relate. Wanted him to check and see if the disconnected number's billing address was charged for any other numbers. Seems as soon as the old number was disconnected a new number was established. Eddie gave it to me – that was my next lead. And Eddie had something else for me. The word "undercroft" referred to a vaulted chamber under a church. There were 483 churches in Boston. Maybe this wasn't getting any easier. Called the number Eddie gave me and heard the same music playing in the hotel lounge on the other end of the phone. The last person to speak to Jennifer was sitting right there in the hotel. The guy on the line said I had the wrong number. Told him I wanted to talk about the call Ms. Moore made to his phone. When we were finally face-to-face he told me I had the wrong guy and took off. Chased him through the stairwell and up onto the roof. The guy wasn't interested in answering my questions. He threw himself off the roof. Broke like Humpty Dumpty. And then, piece by piece, he put himself back together again. Bones snapped back together with a loud crack – it sent chills through my whole body – and not because it was creepy as hell. It was because he was Gua. Back in the hotel, Renee and I decided to check out Jennifer's hotel room. Found a strange vial in the bathroom. Didn't know what to make of it. And then Renee was gone. Eddie checked out the fluid in the vial. Looked like brain cells and some other type of cells he didn't recognize. The coroner had found the other missing bodies but not Jennifer's. Both victims had puncture wounds in their foreheads – like a needle had been inserted right into the pre-frontal cortex. Eddie expected the women had something injected in their brains. How would injecting something into human brains help the aliens? Didn't know. Wasn't sure I wanted to either. The guy on the roof should've died in the fall – Gua or not. Could the aliens have found a way to make themselves immortal? Eddie freaked, wanted to go pitch a tent on the beach and live out his last days in peace. But I wasn't giving up. They could not win. I wouldn't let them.moreless
  • Playland
    Episode 15
    A young man kills nine people in an act of senseless violence, based on his experiences in an alien-run amusement park. - - - Fork Falls, South Dakota. Gary Lanning shot and killed nine people in a fast food joint. When the cops found him, he was stuffing his face with fries. The publically released records of a psychiatrist said Gary had delusional fantasies of time spent in an amusement park called Playland. That was before Gary stabbed the shrink in the heart with a pen. Are kids like Gary who Nostradamus was talking about when he said "youth most murderous?" Is it possible that this troubled teen's delusions were caused by a Gua experiment? I went to Playland to find out. Met Eddie in the Laser Gun House at the park. Kids were running all over the place, we found a back room. Eddie said there was an abnormal electrical ion level focused there. Gary mentioned going through a secret door in the park. The quatrain spoke of a "threshold of light." We'd seen the Gua use quantum pockets before and I was wondering if this could be another case of that. Eddie was worried about something he called "Einstein's Definition of Relative Synchronism." It says all space and time scales are based on the velocity of light. Translated to words we'll all understand, that meant if you cross through such a doorway there was no way to know what you'd find on the other side. Just the kind of odds we hated to play...and were used to. And then there was the good news. There were no guarantees the portal to return to our reality would be in the same place on the other side. I'd need an ohm-meter and an electro-magnet to power my way back through. 'Course Eddie had those in his pocket. Now I was just supposed to run at this space that looked like nothing and find myself magically transported to a whole new world. Was nervous, more so than usual. Had to trust in Nostradamus. I went through. And came out mid-air in a deserted themepark. The ohm-meter and magnet broke in my fall. I was trapped. Funny, Nostradamus hadn't mentioned that. Caught a girl watching me from the rides. Chased her, grabbed her – she threatened to "bleed me." Quickly found myself being confronted by a band of rag-tag teens wearing torn off swatches of blue cloth. They wondered if I was "the stranger." Spoke in a broken, halting speech. Asked if I like the "Blues" or the "Reds." Told them I was friendly to the Blues – seemed like the smart thing to do. They said they could use another "brawler" and took me with them. The place was a wreck, broken down and covered in trash. Had no idea what to expect, and I was on my own. Knew the only way out was to learn as much as I could from these guys – and fast. Peter, the leader of the group, told me the rival brawlers were the "Reds" and Gary had been their king. Peter was Blue King, he said the best fighter leads the set. Gary was "taken" by the stranger Peter's girlfriend Dawn mistook me for. They called me an "ay-dult." Made me wonder how long these kids had all been here? Dawn answered. Said most of them had been there for years, they were runaways stolen off the streets. That's when a "brawl" broke out. It was terrifying, brutal, an all out war. Had to stop it. Fired my gun in the air. That got everyone's attention. The Reds retreated. Peter was impressed. And then a horrible sound tore through the air – music, driving and violent. The Blues headed for the source, I followed. There it was, a giant black monolith, 20 feet high – the music blaring from speakers at the top. A door opened and food poured out – bags and bags of stuff kids love. The Blues attacked it, ravenous. Asked Peter what the tower was -- he called it "the feeder." Woke up the next morning to find the Blues sleeping in the grass using trash as blankets. Went to the feeder. Peter found me, called me "the man with gun," wanted me around to keep the Blues well fed – seems the machine would reward the winner of the brawls and another monolith would give the losers gruel. Told Peter that I was there to find out what made Gary kill nine people. I believed the kids in Playland were being turned into walking time bombs and then set loose in the real world. Didn't want to see Peter become a murderer shot dead by a security guard. I wanted to work together and figure a way out of this place. But Peter didn't want to go back to that "other place." It was hell – parents and cops kicking his ass. In Playland he got fed. ‘Course I could relate. Had a similar history – but I knew the solution wasn't hiding in an experiment, willfully succumbing to the Gua's machinations. Peter swore to never work with a Red. Didn't know what to do next. Dawn found me. She was afraid I was gonna take Peter and didn't think he could survive in my world – said he wasn't meant to live there. Told Dawn she and her friends were rats in an experiment, going after cheese, too blind to see they were in a maze. My plea fell on deaf ears where Dawn was concerned too. No one was listening. How do you save a bunch of strong-willed teens who don't wanna go home? Was gonna figure it out. The Gua were stealing the lives of kids this time. Not acceptable. We were all going back to the real world – even if I had to drag Peter into it.moreless
  • All About Eddie
    All About Eddie
    Episode 14
    The aliens pursue Eddie at his high-school reunion. - - - I ain't Foster. But you probably know that right off the bat. That's right, Crazy Eddie here. I talked to Cade about taking over the journal this week seeing as I was the alien target du jour. You heard it here first – the Gua were gunning for the Nambu-lator. And it all started with a reunion. They say that high school is the practice run for the marathon of life, if that's the case, then what started out with a blazing burst of speed ended in the limpid lameness of loserdom. The terrible event that closed out my school years has haunted me to this day, a failure so profound I cast off my closest friends like obsolete software and never looked back. So I had some issues associated with my teen years. That's why I left the warm security of my trailer for the cold harsh reality of Heisenberg High. To reconnect with the people who were once my friends … and seek answers to the enigma that is my life. Just when I was about to lose my cool (and beat a hot retreat to that same-safe-softness of the Airstream) I was almost run down by Herman Garrett – my high school arch rival. Herman was living high on the hog as the owner of a computer securities company. A former hacker, Herman had sold out – now he was into protecting financial transactions on the Internet – guess every geek has their price. Oh yeah, Herman called me Larry, cause that's my real name – Larry Pisinski – had to drop it when I went on the run. Didn't bother me much, Eddie Nambulous is way cooler. Moving through the gymnasium, passing through crepe paper streamers, I was starting to think I'd never find a friendly face – then I ran into Stanley Spencer. We immediately did the handshake of our super-cool, hacking club (the Binary Bandits) and I knew it would be just like old times with Stan. I explained to him how I pulled the ripcord after what went down at HHS and erased all traces of Larry. Conditions of my probation said I couldn't touch a computer for the rest of my life – couldn't have that, so Larry had to disappear. Stanley said he had something to tell me about that fateful night, but before he could explain he got dragged off by a buxom blonde named Mimi. Heisenberg didn't have a football team so this babe went for guys with high I.Q. I know, I know, a nerd's dream – and Mimi still caused heads to turn. But never mine, I only had eyes for one girl. And when I finally did turn my head, there she was – Marianne – a vision in low cut evening wear. I grabbed a mug of punch and headed straight for my dream only to find her toasting the plastic cups with Herman. Made me wonder why we go back to these things? Herman was pissing me off – for some reason I really clammed up around him. I had to get him away from Marianne but I didn't know how. That's when I got an idea. I called Foster, who was hanging in the Airstream, and told him to boot up my computer. And then I hung up on him – you have no idea how long I'd been waiting to do that! Nice! Hacked into Herman's company's computer and caused a little stir. Herman dumped Marianne like a cold potato. It was time to make my move. Marianne didn't look thrilled to see me, she said I had a lotta explaining to do. She was right. I detailed that fateful day at Heisenberg, how I was hacking into a highly classified government file when suddenly a stack of Feds burst through the door and took me into custody. Marianne wasn't interested in my arrest, she just wanted to know why I never called her. She told me the only reason she came to the reunion was to see me. She said we'd been in love. I knew it was true. But getting caught by the feds changed me – it made me who I am today, a paranoid recluse. But losing touch with Marianne was the greatest regret of my life and I wanted her to know it. Marianne was still single, and ran a computer literacy program for inner city kids in Baltimore. I knew Marianne would never need anyone, she was too cool for that. But I kinda wish she had a nice guy to keep her company. Mary and I took a stroll to the old computer lab where it all went down. I thought I'd impress her by picking the lock – a little trick Foster had taught me in our time on the road. No such luck, I flopped – but Marianne got us in – guess the kinda kids she taught were more like Cade than me. We reminisced about all our old high-jinks with the Binary Bandits, we laughed – it felt good. And then we hugged – that felt really good. Until I saw an alien. I sent Marianne back to the gym and told her there was something I had to do. Mary was confused, guess I was kinda cold but I had business to take care of. Jerry-rigged a listening device and eavesdropped on a convo happening in the catering truck. I thought I'd just seen a Gua-strong arm drag a schoolmate into the back. Through the head phones I heard a voice say they were looking for me. The Gua were at my high school – messing with my life like they had with Foster's – it made me scared, and mad. Foster was worried when I left for the reunion, didn't think I should be goin' this alone. I'd told Cade before I left that it ain't about me. This time I was wrong. For the first time in a long time, it was all about Eddie. And these Gua were goin' to detention.moreless
  • Normal, Illinois
    Normal, Illinois
    Episode 13
    Several teens die from mysterious neurological disorders. - - - "Here the waters are contained / Nature's course is obstructed / And youth imprisoned by devil's lightning / Whose use shall tame the rival's ardor". Crazy Eddie has been recently getting more and more e-mails from visitors to the site. Readers who believe the unbelievable – that the aliens are here to take over our planet. One of our readers, Robbie Harlock, e-mailed us repeatedly about the bizarre death of Carson McAuliffe during a pool party in a small town in Illinois. The e-mail bore similarity to Quatrain 66, Century 7: "Where the waters are contained / Nature's course is obstructed / And youth imprisoned by devil's lightening / Whose use shall tame the rival's ardor." From previous experiences I knew following up e-mails is a risky business, but I also knew our network of believers is growing so the risk was worth it. That's what brought me to the small town called Normal. Met Robbie in the woods along the highway. He I.D.'d me right away from my wanted poster and then cut himself to prove he wasn't Gua. Eddie had already briefed him on our need for secrecy. Robbie had been following the journals since the beginning so he knew the score. He told me I was right on the money, there were definitely aliens here on Earth. A believer. I already felt good about coming to town. Robbie thought Carson's death was suspect even though the coroner's report said nothing out of the ordinary. Robbie told me that, though nobody talks about it, there was definitely lots of freaky stuff going on in town. Carson wasn't the first teen death, Robbie had heard his parents talk about others. Cops showed up, suddenly I didn't feel so good about standing around in the woods – Robbie and I arranged to meet up later. Robbie took the believer thing to the extreme. His girlfriend Laura told him not to go around telling people he believed in aliens – they'd think he was crazy. Harlock called that the "Cade Foster Dilemma" – you tell people how it is and they tell you you're nuts. As nice as it was to have company, I kinda felt for the kid. Didn't want to create another outsider. When I got back to the trailer Eddie verified what Robbie suspected to be true – four kids in Normal had died recently of "natural, but very unusual causes all linked to neurological malfunction." All the kids were among the best and brightest, good grades, good-looking, top athletes – just the kind of kids who used to beat up Eddie as a kid. And there was something else, the kids had procaine in their systems – an ester composed of PABA and diethyl, amino-ethyl – both are water soluble B vitamins that affect nerve functions in the pre-frontal cortex. Eddie said our bodies have plenty of B-complex vitamins but procaine isn't one of them. Procaine was toxic in huge quantities and was generally administered through water absorption. That info and the quatrain got us wondering if we should check out the town's water supply. It also got me drinking bottled water. It was time for me to pay another visit to my new pal Robbie. Seems Robbie had gotten Sandra, Carson's girlfriend, to agree to talk to me. Sandra was the last person to see Carson alive. And Robbie said we had to hurry, we were meeting at Laura's house, and Laura's dad wasn't a fan of little Robbie Harlock. Sandra was understandably upset by what had happened to Carson. She said she wanted to make love to him that day, but needed to stop. Seems whenever the kids got turned on, they got horrible headaches. Thing is, Carson didn't stop this time, and then he just went crazy – electricity coursing all over his body. Sounded to me like Carson's death was triggered by lust. Laura's Dad came back so we got out of there. Don't know why, but Robbie seemed to think Laura's father wouldn't appreciate her hanging out with one of the F.B.I.'s Most Wanted. I told Robbie I was gonna need more help from him. He had to talk to the other kids, get more info. See if they were having similar problems, especially with sex. If Robbie didn't think I was crazy for believing in aliens he sure thought I was nuts for making him look like a dork to his friends. To a teenager, looking uncool was more terrifying than any Gua plot. But I didn't have a choice – I couldn't talk to these kids, Robbie knew them. I hoped he'd come around. Robbie wanted to know why I did it? Why I fought the Gua? I told him I wanted to prove my innocence for one. He didn't get it, wanted me to explain how you can prove something most people just won't see? I didn't have an answer for him. Asked Robbie why he believed any of it? But I never expected the answer I got back. Robbie said he believed in me. And that was enough. I'm gonna take down the Gua plot in Normal. I'm just not the kinda guy who can let a believer down.moreless
  • Night Falls
    Night Falls
    Episode 12
    The aliens try to trick Foster into revealing the location of a lost book of Nostradamus' quatrains. - - - "Three rivers amidst iron wrought / Barren ground shall be sowed once more / The hunter and hunted are one/ When shadows descend on the twice-blessed man". Followed up on an e-mail to this Web site which led me to the iron city of Pittsburgh searching for possible alien activity. I thought Nostradamus' mention of barren ground might have been the Soames medical facility, which had been closed for years – wrong move. Made a mistake this time, a big one. The cops were after me. Got caught at the facility, chased out. Down a fire escape, over a fence, they weren't messing around, took a bullet in the side. Figured the Gua had probably joined the hunt too. I was running out of time. Had to think fast. Taking a hostage was a desperate move, knew it would happen some day and dreaded it. Couldn't take any chances. No way I'd make it on foot. That's how I came to take Lena Hansen hostage in her car, not far from her apartment. Had a near miss when Cori, Lena's nosey neighbor, caught us coming up the stairs. Lena vamped – was convincing. Guess that's what fear'll do to you. It makes us want to survive. Lena was terrified. Truth, so was I. I had to cut her to make sure she wasn't Gua – she didn't heal – that made me feel worse. I was in this now – deep in, doing stuff I never believed I could. Helicopters, news coverage – the F.B.I. had bumped me up to number nine on the "Most Wanted" list. Lena heard the report – looked at me with fear in her eyes. Fear of what the Gua have made me out to be. It made me hate them even more. Lost my cell running from the cops, had to call Eddie on a land line – he hated the risk. Told him about the set-up, that I was in the eye of the storm. Eddie was freaking, couldn't believe a quatrain had led us into a trap. Eddie said I'd have to wait ‘til night fall to leave Lena's, otherwise cops would pick me up. Five hours. Wasn't sure I'd make it this time. Lena, got free of her binding, tried to make a break for it. Got her back in her chair. Promised I'd leave her alone when it was safe for me to go. That's when she started with the questions – Why'd I kill my wife? It meant I'd have to give her the speech. Tell her I didn't do it, how I was framed. And I'm sick and tired of telling people that. After the first hundred or so you feel like you're wasting your breath. My appearance in Pittsburgh was getting plenty of coverage on the major networks. Add jewelry theft and assault to my fabricated list of crimes – apparently I'd had the time to rob a store and beat up the owner on the run from the cops. Lena heard the report and started to wonder. Told her I was a scapegoat. Asked if I could prove my innocence, would she believe me anyway? Lena didn't have an answer. People always believe what they hear on the news – problem is, sometimes even the media doesn't get it right. Felt a little whoozy, was losing a lot of blood. Lena suggested she wrap the wound, said her mom was a nurse. I wanted to trust her, but that's burned me before. Didn't know how to help myself with the bleeding, didn't think I could handle it. Didn't have much choice – bleeding to death in her place would've made it too easy on the aliens. And I ain't about to let them win. Nosey Cori came by to warn Lena about the serial killer loose in the neighborhood. Cori'd seen me earlier, didn't think she'd gotten a good look but I couldn't be sure. Lena got rid of the snoop. I thanked her. Seemed like an act of faith. Lena was being good to me but she wanted some answers. She was being held hostage and wanted to know why. I needed to explain it all one more time but differently. Then it hit me. Told Lena I was doing this for her, for her neighbor, for the misinformed news reporter, even for the cop who shot me. And then I asked her something. Wanted to know what she would do if the building was on fire? Would she bail, would she get the hell out of there or would she wake people up, make sure they knew what was happening? Told her that's what I do. Problem is most people think I'm the one who started the fire. Lena checked out the Paranoid Times on the Web. Said if it wasn't so crazy she could almost believe me. Then she asked me about Hannah. And the Nostradamus book. That's when the cops showed up to search the place. And nothing Lena was going to stay could stop them.moreless
  • Ohio Players
    Ohio Players
    Episode 11
    Cade Foster investigates the possibility of alien experiments on football players. - - - "Here the good river runs north / Young fortunes are reversed in mock battle / Enslavement takes myriad focus / The key to them all is control". The Ohio River runs north on the eastern border of the state. In the Iroquois language Ohio means "good river." Sounded like a good place to start looking for a Gua experiment. Eddie checked for anything unusual in the region and came up with what looked like anything but. The Fairvale Falcons – a high school football team with a winning streak that the pros would love to claim – 11 and 0. It was an amazing turn around for a team that's been in last place for nine years running. And it got me thinking. Could high school football be the mock battle Nostradamus was referring to? If so, the Fairvale Falcons have thrilled the state as they reversed their fortunes. As unlikely as it seemed, it fit. Had to check it out. Every dog may have its day, but I've learned that the alien race known as the Gua would stop at nothing to enslave humanity. I also know that in war, as in football, the best defense is a good offense. Posing as Cal U college recruiter Clyde Howell, I made my way onto the field at Fairvale High and quickly got the attention of the exceedingly proud Coach Jenkins. The coach wouldn't take any credit for the teams wild turn around in skill and wins – he was only interested in giving credit where it was due. Quarterback Quentin Billup – Falcon's superstar, the kid who'd single-handedly gotten the rest of the team up to par. Coach believed Quentin's arm was kissed by the Lord above. I just wanted to be sure it wasn't alien. Quentin was new to Fairvale; this was his first year on the squad. Coach asked me to take a look at another player – Trevor Jenkins – his son. Coach sold Trevor as the heart and soul of the offense and Quentin as the guts. No surprise, Coach Jenkins had the American football dream in mind for his boy. He also knew Quentin was the Falcons ticket to the state title. Thought Trevor might be able to answer some questions, sometimes the underdog wants to talk. Told Trev that I figured there was more to the Falcon's turn-around than just one man. The kid said he wasn't the reason for the lucky streak but neither was Quentin. Sounded like he knew more than he was saying. Trevor told me about another teammate, Lionel, a friend of his who went berserk on the field last week and then fell into a coma -- reason for the melt down – a bee sting. Thing is, Lionel had been stung before by a whole hive and he definitely wasn't allergic. There was something else on Trev's mind, but he wasn't ready to talk. Eddie was in Pennsylvania checking out a Quatrain that came up empty. He cracked the usual jokes when I filled him in on the situation in Ohio – said he had trouble believing "E.T. was playing Q.B." Eddie didn't think amateur ball was worth the Gua's attention. Figured steroids were involved in Lionel's freak-out. I wasn't sure. Eddie agreed to meet me in Fairvale. Steroids and allergies just didn't seem right. It was time for Clyde to do a little medical fact checking. I headed for the hospital. Lionel's chart confirmed what Trevor said, the kid wasn't allergic to bees – but that wasn't my only discovery. Noticed something in the corner of Lionel's eye. A honey-brown tear, thought it might have been an iodine stain but it was more sticky. Pocketed a sample and was getting ready to exit when Quentin showed up. Q.B. said he was checking on Lionel – seemed like a friendly kid, amped, enthusiastic – but then his tone shifted – Quentin wanted to know what I was doing in Lionel's room. He got angry. Intense. Told me his game was up eighty percent this year, that I should ignore his junior year stats. He braced the bed. That's when I saw the monitor. With Quentin in the room, the device set to read Lionel's brainwaves went wild. Near flat-lines suddenly spiked off the screen. Quentin took off and the readings went back to normal. Didn't know what to make of it. Time to get the sample to Eddie. While we were waiting for results on the sample I told Eddie my best hunch was that the Gua were running some kind of mind-control experiment – liking the brains of these kids. Eddie thought it was a possibility – we figured the aliens might be trying to get at us through our heads rather than through brute force. A football team was the perfect proving ground to see if humans could work in synch. Made a plea to Trevor to help me prove what was going on. Told him Lionel's life could depend on it. It worked. Trevor explained that he didn't need to read the game plays anymore, they were automatically in his head – something subconscious was telling him where to run, where to receive a pass – it was all perfectly synchronized. And he knew it wasn't natural. Was Quentin an alien? Time to find out.moreless
  • The Heist
    The Heist
    Episode 10
    Foster and his cronies find themselves as participants in an alien experiment. - - - "The weapon will fall upon cities / Unless theives deliver humanity from woe / The enemy of triumph is intellect / For faculties failure requires sence anew". I spent my early years in a top-notch thief crew, so this Nostradamus quatrain peaked my interest. But touching base with my past quickly collided with my present. Suddenly, I was back in the game, working as a break-and-enter man for a score going down in Silicon Valley. And the people I worked with were no strangers. Harley Daniels, more than an old friend, a statuesque blonde with brains to spare – she finds the scores and makes sure they get set up right. Ritchie Black, a wild boy who happens to be the best alarm-bypass man around – it always felt good to have Ritchie by my side on a job. And then there was Dex – the taskmaster of the unit – took "Crew Chief" as his title. Dex had a special love for giving orders – he kept us on track. Thing is, Dex didn't like me. Welcome to the club. Before I met Hannah these people were my family. On this job, out of necessity, they become my allies, with one difference between us – they were there for the money, I was there for a bigger score – aliens. Had we been hired by the Gua to steal computer weaponry that'll someday be turned against human-kind? The only way to find out was to take it from them. Security was tight. But we were the best there is at what we do – still were. Some things you never forget. Working as a team we were able to get into the first room. Things got ugly fast. I don't know what kind of security system this place was trying to run, but when Dex got skewered by an iron blade from the ceiling, I knew there was nothing normal about this job – we were in for trouble. The vault had sealed shut behind us. Wanted to cut bait, but Harley wasn't having it. Thing about the best, they don't give up easy, especially with a buyer willing to pay millions for the score. With Dex out of the picture, Harley gave herself a speedy promotion. Said we keep going – seemed to get off on bossing me around – guess she still had a score to settle. We were sealed in, not like I had much of a choice. Time to play follow the leader. Next obstacle was a simple key lock – gut told me that wasn't right. No trip wires, no motion sensors – just something even more odd in the room – an arsenal. What does a computer company in Silicon Valley need with a room full of guns? My partners didn't have a clue but Ritchie wasn't taking any chances – he went back to tried-and-true thief basics, lifting a double-barrel as some extra insurance. Door slammed shut behind us. No where to go but through the next. Ritchie wanted to know how I could have given this all up, thought I missed the rush of the ride. Told him I missed a lot of things about my old life – this wasn't one of ‘em. Got into the next room and things got really spooky. Harley and I started getting into it, seems our past was creeping up on us. Harley's true feelings about me and Hannah came into play. Shoulda known better – never scorn a woman on the job. The room ignited in fire, we booked double-time through the next door to find the last person I ever expected to see… Crazy Eddie Nambulous. Times two. I knew it was a hallucination. Had to be. This was no ordinary building. Altered reality was my best guess. Harley and Ritchie looked exactly the same – like Eddie! We were being set-up. The floor plans were suspect, there was no military technology, no score – nothing. Ritchie seemed to be coming around, knew it wasn't right – Harley finally agreed. This gig had gone bad. Time to back track through the towering inferno and get the hell outta there. But once we were through the door again, the flames were gone – the room wasn't even hot. Harley and Ritchie looked like themselves. Now the walls were seeping blood. The guys finally knew nothing was normal here. They got me talking about why I'd come back. I told them I wasn't there for the score. Everyone thought the next guy was to blame for the job going sour. Nobody was happy. Our personal histories started playing out again. Old issues, long resolved – everything was muddled. Ritchie'd let me take the wrap and do his time in the past. Maybe I'd never forgotten that. He pulled a gun on me. Harley and I got back into it. She told me she hated me. I grabbed her neck. Tried to crush her esophagus. That wasn't right. In all the muck it started making sense. Anger, confusion, paranoia, laughter, guilt – the rooms were affecting us. Playing with our emotions. It had Gua written all over it. I'd thought the weapon is what we were hired to steal, but I had it wrong. We were in the weapon. Now I just had to get us all out alive.moreless
  • Lost Souls
    Lost Souls
    Episode 9
    Foster investigates an alien experiment that caused people to be trapped alive in underground tombs. - - - "A maiden cut aloft from humanity / Locked in a coffin of stone / Her resurrection a clue for the man twice-blessed / Till the fate of her soul has been sealed". Our boy Eddie was able to link this quatrain with a wildly bizarre story he picked up in the Paranormal News Group. While building a connector deep within the New York City subway system, a group of workers discovered the extraordinarily well-preserved body of a woman. She had apparently been entombed within a concrete wall that was built over 50 years before. And, believe it or not, that's not the weirdest part. The strangest aspect to the story is that the woman was found alive. Authorities were able to identity the woman as one Francesca Dutton, an accomplished travel writer who was reported missing way back in 1945. Eddie worked his usual magic and managed to work up a false identity for me. I would undertake my investigation as "Jack Dutton" – a Philadelphia cop who also happened to be Francesca Dutton's grandson and only living relative. I drove out to the Maple Ridge Retreat, a psychiatric hospital in upstate New York where Francesca was being held and examined. I almost managed to walk right into her room, but I was stopped by a pair of special agents with the NAMP – the National Agency of Missing Persons. These two were clearly determined to get in my way, and they were damned effective watchdogs. One of the agents introduced himself as Agent Haley Burbitt, the other as Agent Simon. They told me their specialty was missing persons and that they had been placed in charge of the Francesca Dutton investigation. Burbitt was a tough-as-nails kind of cop, but he seemed like one of the good ones. He was like a well-intentioned bull dog. I could see right off that he was a decent guy underneath his hard-ass demeanor. He was sure more open-minded than his partner. Simon made up her mind about me from the second I introduced myself. She obviously didn't trust me, so she was not about to listen to a word I had to say. My first conversation with Francesca was heartbreaking. Needless to say, she was confused, disoriented, and extremely frightened. Her health was miraculously good, but her appearance was pretty ghostly. She had no pigmentation. Purse white. Her eyes had lost all normal color. Instead, they were blood red. She had virtually no memory of how she got into that subway – not a clue that might reveal how she survived, how she was breathing, moving, and behaving in relatively normal manner after 55 years entombed in stone. It seemed crazy to me, but Simon was looking for logical explanations. She had no interest in even considering possibilities outside of the so-called scientific ones. She talked about fissures in the rock which would allow for air and for Francesca's absorption of trace elements that kept her alive. She even brought up the idea that Francesca might have been the unfortunate victim of some freak accident. But none of Simon's theories could explain away one fact: Francesca Dutton looked as if she hadn't aged a day in well over half a century. Like me, Burbitt was more, shall we say, open-minded. He wasn't ruling anything out. He was talking about crystals, strange medical conditions, even voodoo. My initial suspicion was that Francesca Dutton's dark and private hell was linked to the Gua and their experiments. Maybe they wanted to see how humans respond to prolonged isolation. Maybe they wanted to determine a way store our bodies for future use as slaves. Burbitt seemed to lend support to my ideas when he finally decided to share a piece of highly classified information. It seems that when Francesca's body was uncovered, a Gua orb was found along with it. Eddie's first thought was that Francesca was Gua. I wasn't so certain. I hoped that Eddie was just being his reliably paranoid self, because when I looked into Francesca's eyes, I saw a profound sadness that struck me as all too human. Imagine waking up from a nightmare to find that everyone you loved and everything you knew was gone forever. A second trip to the subway revealed that the stone from which Francesca was extricated was close to pure limestone. Pretty unusual for a subway. Though they came at it from different directions, Burbitt and Eddie arrived at similar conclusions based on that finding. In the Buddhist religion and in a lot of ancient cultures, it was apparently believed that encasing a body in limestone would trap its soul, hold it in a kind of perpetual limbo where there could be no reincarnation, no heaven, no hell. It started to sound as if Burbitt might have been right from the very start. Maybe it was voodoo – or something damn close to it. I still wasn't making any bets. During our next conversation, Francesca opened up to me. She told me that there were two more like her, two others who had suffered the same fate and were still buried. With her help, Eddie and I were able to locate another of the bodies. This time it was one J.J. Reed, a native of New Haven who had also been missing for 55 years. Once he was dug up, we found that Reed's circumstances were identical to those of Francesca. He was also entombed in limestone, also inexplicably alive yet unable to remember even the minutest detail of how he got there. But what was the connection between these lost souls? Working through U.S. Customs records, Burbitt and Simon were able to determine that both Francesca Dutton and J.J. Reed had been in India during the same period in 1945. Eddie had missed that little piece of information during his own digging, but hearing that someone else beat him to it got our favorite hacker back on his toes. He continued his own research and was able to connect all three of the missing persons with a guy named Frederick Lansing --- an architect who just happened to design both the subway from which Francesca Dutton was unearthed and the New Haven building in which we found J.J. Reed. We also found out that Lansing and his wife, Olivia, traveled through the Himalayas together with Francesca and J.J. way back in 1945. Based on that bit of information, I felt sure that Lansing would know where his wife Olivia was buried. Burbitt, Simon and I headed out to visit Frederick Lansing at his home. We were all certain that Lansing held the final piece to this puzzle. But I couldn't help worrying. What if the Gua got to him before we did?moreless
  • The Purge
    The Purge
    Episode 8
    An attempt on the life of the minister causes chaos at an assembly of alien dignitaries. - - - There is a potentially dangerous storm brewing deep within the ranks of the Gua forces. Though my concerns grow more dire each day, I, Joshua, must admit to feeling a certain degree of relief – to finally know that I am not alone in my conclusions, that others both here and at home are similarly doubting the validity of our mission here on Earth. Decades ago, during the earliest days of the infiltration, we were a unified force, certain that patience and careful planning were all that would be required to defeat the human race. I used to believe that. But now I find myself riddled with doubt. Now I know enough to question not only the tactics but the very objectives of our leadership. Yet even as I write here, the most powerful and respected of our leaders continue to maintain that Earth and its inhabitants are well within our control, utterly unprepared to defend themselves against a full-scale attack. In order to halt growing ambivalence among the Gua forces, our leaders are apparently preparing to launch the second wave invasion. The Gua minister, our second-in-command, recently arrived here on Earth, presumably to survey our findings, reassess our methods, and determine our next phase of action. Soon after his arrival, his true mission was revealed: The Minister has come in order to conduct what the humans have historically referred to as a "witch hunt." His objective is to further his own agenda by making an example of any alleged human sympathizers. To illustrate his position, he has already ordered the execution of numerous Gua agents, both warriors and researchers, stationed here at the compound. Soon after his arrival, I was placed in charge of the minister's security. Following a failed attempt on his life, I found myself placed at the center of his hunt for suspected traitors. My guess is that he is testing my own loyalty to the cause. Like so many of my fellow Gua, the minister still sees the humans as inferior beings ruled by greed, lust, and self-aggrandizement. As our studies have shown, he's not entirely incorrect in his assessment. We've seen, again and again, that these qualities exist in humans subjects – across all social, economic and geographical boundaries – and that they greatly influence human behavior. But I have learned that there is more here than meets the eye. Unfortunately, The Minister remains blind to the more spiritual (and therefore immeasurable) aspects of our supposed enemies. In recent months, I have come to wonder if our mission was compromised from the moment we first occupied human form. In transplanting our consciousness, we have experienced new sensations, new stimuli. How could we have expected that the human experience would have so profound an effect on our beliefs and, by extension, on our sense of duty? Has the process of combining our DNA ultimately worked against us? In our determination to defeat an alien species, have we unwittingly created a new species, neither fully human nor fully Gua? To move forward, I must believe that a peaceful resolution is possible. Unfortunately, my search for comrades within the Gua forces places me in great jeopardy. Thankfully, I have been able to join forces with Trent, an old friend and top Gua researcher who has been studying the humans for years. Our mutual disdain for the minister's actions – his random executions and, in particular, his recent approval of breeding experiments to be conducted on human children – has brought us together. Trent and I agree that moral propriety must override our sworn duty, that we must be willing to risk everything in order to stop any force we perceive as evil --- even if we have pledged our allegiance to that same force. As the lines that once divided us from the humans continue to blur, the questions I ask myself become increasingly urgent. Can we hope to positively influence the current Gua leadership? Can we stop the impending launch of the second wave invasion? And will we survive long enough to learn the outcome?moreless
  • Prayer for the White Man
    Foster poses as a journalist to investigate proposed casinos on native reserve land. - - - "In the woods of Winchala / Amnis lights the flame of affliction / Elders set the course / To choose wrongly will mean woe". This quatrain led me to the reservation of the Winchala, a small Native American tribe with a rich history. The landscape was calming, but something was definitely wrong. There was a lot of tension about the legalization of gambling on reservation lands. But why would the Gua infiltrate the Winchala reservation? And how could gambling fit into their plan? I arrived posing as a reporter for The Gaming Chronicles. I played a few hands at the black jack table and was able to spark up a conversation with a talkative dealer who filled me in on some of the details. Only one casino has already been built, but there was a proposal in the offing which would call for the construction of ninety more to be scattered across Winchala territories. The community's board of elders was only days away from a vote on whether or not to approve the proposal. One especially respected community elder named Lonetree was determined to shoot down the proposal. According to the dealer, Lonetree doesn't trust the white man. When I visited him at him his home and introduced myself as a reporter, he wasn't too happy to speak with me. Lonetree maintained that the casinos would bring only crime, addiction and spiritual dissatisfaction to his people. Like others I've heard in the past, he believes that gambling is one of the most insidious of vices. He struck me as an angry man, but I appreciated his reverence for spirituality. After our exchange, it was clear to me that gambling was the "flame of affliction" of which Nostradamus speaks. My next interview was with Alex, a slick but very shady character. A Native American with a self-proclaimed respect for tradition, he said he was all for the expansion of gambling. It brings a lot of benefits, he said. Funding for child care, educational programs, lots of new jobs. To him, Lonetree's principles had been informed by fear and superstition. Needless to say, I had Eddie do some digging. He confirmed that Alex had arrived at the Winchala community seven years earlier. As for his life before that – Eddie drew a blank. And if Eddie can't find it, then I knew Alex had to have been awfully careful to cover his tracks. Eddie also filled me in on another interesting bit of info. Seems yours truly made the cover of the latest edition of Bounty Hunters Monthly. At least I found out that, on the open market, I'm worth more alive than I would be dead. So between Alex, the Gua and the inevitable bounty hunters, I wasn't exactly surprised when I was jumped by a couple goons. Thankfully, the fight was cut short by the intervention of, well – a guardian spirit that first appeared as a wolf, then as a Native American woman. She was floating a full foot above the ground, I might add. When I ended up back at Lonetree's place, he explained the legend behind the spirit. Seems she was a Native American woman who had saved an entire village by warning them of an impending cavalry invasion. She sure saved my carcass. As Lonetree was patching up my wounds, I decided the time was right to come clean with him. I told him about how the aliens were laying the groundwork for a full-scale invasion, and about how the Winchala had apparently been chosen to play a part in initial infiltration. He wasn't buying me, until I used the word: Gua. Something told me he'd heard it before. He still wasn't ready to listen to me, but one thing we were able to agree on: Alex is a dirty character. Since Lonetree wasn't willing to join forces, I decided to call an end to the whole Winchala investigation. Eddie helped me find a route out of the reservation, but my trip was cut short by a pesky bounty hunter. That piece of bad luck turned out to be good. Who should come to my rescue but Lone Star. He finally came around, and his timing was perfect. A quick search of Alex's "museum" exposed him for the hypocrite he is. Turns out that Alex had a secret stash – a series of sacred parchments, the ancient teachings of the Winchala people – hidden beneath a totem pole in his museum, no less. Clearly, this guy has been trying to control the fate of the Winchala. And how better to cut off a community from its heritage than to steal the documents around which that community was built? It's like someone lifting our Declaration of Independence. Seemed to me that the Gua might be experimenting, using the Winchala to measure the strength of the human spirit. With Lonetree on my side, I felt certain that we would uncover the truth. Fortunately, we share the belief that our spiritual side is our most powerful weapon. That's the one thing the Gua can't possibly understand. The time had come to confront Alex – and let the chips fall where they may.moreless
  • Red Flag
    Red Flag
    Episode 6
    Foster attempts to uncover an alien plot to infiltrate the military. - - - "The town will not ring its cracked bell / For the hero has gone astray / The crimson banner lures the one and the many / With each victory so will victory undo". Special Forces Colonel John Russell died suddenly of extreme internal temperatures – literally boiled to death. His first lieutenant, Alex Harkin, disappeared immediately after. Suspected of being a "deep cover" spy, Harkin was due to face inquiry before his hasty exit. Twice-decorated for heroism, Harkin was the winner of the Red Flag, an award given to the best of the best in the military. The crimson banner and the hero gone astray are both mentioned in the Nostradamus quatrain. I wanted to know how the Red Flag and the aliens were connected, so Eddie and I cooked up some triple-A credentials and I became Matin Sloane – super-soldier – one of five contenders for this year's competition. Off the bus, I met a military hard-ass named Major Birch, my tour guide in Camp Pain. Birch told us the Red Flag was a rare-opportunity for the best and brightest to realize their maximum potential. Gave us the competition's specs. 72 hours. Two days of intensive training with individual point scores. Competition on the third. Points and the flag determine the winner. No outside communication and no comings and goings meant no Eddie – I was on my own. And then there were the players. Birch read our stats. Jordan Vincent, demolitions and tactical strategy expert. Joel Langley, West Point, Army Delta. Amy Lopez, law degree, marine recon, no special treatment for the ladies – Birch made that clear. Trevor Payne, list of super-specs and fourth generation Red Flag – could be one to watch. And then there was me – Birch thought my credentials were too good to be true. Disliked me immediately – I felt right at home. Langley immediately emerged as the front-runner – cut throat and vicious – Birch liked him right away. At night I went investigating, lifted my cell phone and picked the lock of a door marked "no entry" – an open invitation to an ex-thief. Found some really old files dating back to 1862 – the Civil War – didn't know what to make of them. Found something worse next – an alien transfer machine. And the uniformed husk of Alex Harkin. Called Eddie in the morning. Told him the Gua were definitely here. We figured the aliens had transferred the Harkin consciousness from that husk to another Red Flag-er. Eddie was checking out Birch and his lackey, Sergeant Plimption, as well as the rest of the Red Flag wannabes. Couldn't make the connection yet. Harkin, the Red Flag, the Civil War – the aliens were there but I didn't know why. Eddie wanted me to get out but I couldn't leave yet. I needed to know who the aliens were, and how much they controlled. The aliens were infiltrating the military, but so was I. This year, the race for the Red Flag is a race against the Gua. Time for me to be all I could be.moreless
  • The Channel
    The Channel
    Episode 5
    A young woman communicates directly with the spirit of Nostradamus. - - - Quatrain 4, Century 9: "She will rise from the dead / With words of fortune on her lips". The local newspapers say paramedics revived a waitress in Cranston, Rhode Island, after six minutes with no heart beat. She woke up speaking words of fortune, only those words belonged to an ancient prophet. I know Chloe Wells is reciting the lost quatrains of Nostradamus. The aliens must know it too. I have to find her – before they do. Arrived at Chloe's house to find a media circus led by glitzy news hound Arthur Hewitt, and a crowd holding vigil for their newly appointed savior. Seems that one of the first quatrains Chloe spoke struck a cord with the people of Cranston – a prediction of their mayor's death. Checked out the scene and the cameras caught me – just for a second, but when you're a wanted man every second counts. Nobody wants to be on America's Top Fugitives. Eddie and I had hidden the Nostradamus book as an insurance policy against the Gua. By spouting quatrains, Chloe made herself an instant target. Eddie thought the whole thing sounded like a trap, he'd been over every quatrain and said the ones Chloe spoke weren't in any book. Had a hunch this was something big. I had to talk to Chloe. If she wasn't coming out, then I was going in. A young cop named Barlow was watching Chloe's back, keeping the masses from storming her front door. But when Chloe and her best friend Denise got hungry, Eddie and I intercepted the delivery order and I became your friendly, neighborhood, take-out guy. I hate having to deal with cops. Barlow had me on the alert for a second. Turned out he was just giving me a hard time. I wasn't laughing. Got in the front door and met Denise who was skeptical from the start. Chloe froze when she saw me – called me the twice blessed man. Denise wanted me out. Didn't want anyone honing in on Chloe's new found fame – there was only room for one hitch up to Chloe's star. Chloe held Denise off, felt this was happening to her for a reason. Chloe wanted to know what that was. I told them about the book, about the danger Chloe was in. She was having trouble buying the story, Denise didn't help – figured I was working an angle. Told them about the aliens and Denise flipped – she told Chloe to choose between me and her. When Chloe didn't kick me out, Denise walked. A scorned girl friend wouldn't help me right now. I was running out of time. Seems Barlow and Denise had a thing going, so while I was on the inside with Chloe, Barlow was running my plates for his girlfriend. Good news -- Chloe was beginning to believe me. She asked me my name, asked how she could help me? I told her who I was. I needed her to contact Nostradamus. And then the phone rang –the Gua were outside. Eddie wanted to get me out. But Nostradamus was there, right in Chloe's house, and I needed answers. Nothing was gonna make me leave before I had them.moreless
  • Susperience
    Episode 4
    Cade investigates a psychic research project in a seaside town in Maine after learning of the mysterious death of one of the psychics.
  • The Apostles
    The Apostles
    Episode 3
    Cade poses as a journalist to investigate a disappearance in a Wyoming town. - - - Quatrain 54, Century 7: "Iron horses blaze a vengeful trail / The first of many to follow / Their method must be chartered / Or liberty will fall". 19 million innocent humans killed on the first day of the Gua attack. That fact has rung in my ears and echoed in my heart everyday for the past year. It is a staggering concept. How far will I go to prevent it from happening? What price am I willing to pay? I faced my biggest challenge to date in Crestline, Wyoming. It was not a battle of strength, nor a battle of will. It was a battle of beliefs. But this time I fought other humans. I followed a lead about a town having trouble with some bikers. Seems this gang had been harassing citizens of Crestline by acting out vigilante justice. But for all the murders the Apostles committed, no one could produce any bodies. Imagine my surprise when they revealed themselves to be alien killers; they had read Eddie's journals and taken it upon themselves to flush out aliens and smoke them. They claimed to be Apostles, my Apostles. For the first time I saw how we could really win the war. I saw my months of unending battles pay off. I finally had an army who was willing to fight by my side. I rode proud that first day as leader of a band of men committed to saving the world. But my joy soon turned to fear. These guys were fighting aliens all right but they fought according to their rules. They stormed houses and took prisoners; they shot first and asked questions later. I watched them kill an innocent man. I was at an impasse. Here was a chance to really make a difference. 12 men were willing to go the front line and kill the aliens. But they believed that sacrificing a few innocent people was a small price to pay for the deliverance of millions. As much as I wanted to destroy every Gua on this planet, it was not worth it to me to take the lives of helpless people in the process. What started as a differing of opinion unfortunately ended with the trading of blows. I wanted to explore a quartz crystal mining camp that produced suspicious eight sided crystals. One of their Gua victims had been the owner and it seemed a better strategy to address the reason the Gua were in Crestline than to hunt them down one by one. But the Apostles had no patience for investigations, they wanted action. When they took a local shopkeeper, who had innocently been selling the crystals to tourists, hostage, I finally had to turn on this band of renegades. With the gang members threatening me and the sheriff asking too many questions I needed to make a beeline out of Crestline. It was hard decision to make. But in the end, it is not worth it to me to destroy in battle those whom I am fighting to save.moreless
  • Deepthroat
    Episode 2
    Cade works to expose a U.S. Senator who is thwarting government funded space exploration. - - - Quatrain 42, Century 5: "When the sun bursts forth at night / The life of a starwatcher is lost / But the truth revealed in the heavens / Is carried to a high magistrate". Eddie's friend Vincente Miranda, an astronomer in Ohio, was shot to death shortly after witnessing a meteor burst out of a wormhole just outside our atmosphere. He instantly understood the implications of what this could mean. While he explained his findings to Eddie over the phone, he put the critical photographs and charts in a package to be over-nighted to U.S. Senator Sterling Preston. Lucky for us it wasn't clearly labeled. The Gua who rubbed him out destroyed everything having to do with the discovery, but he didn't think to go through the outgoing mail. The package was sent, delivered and signed for. Of all the places I wanted to go hunt down evidence, the nation's capital was at the bottom of my list. Only the thought of how sweet it will be to blow open this conspiracy and finally clear my name fueled me into this hotbed of the federal government. I tracked Senator Preston down in the Washington Mall; he was just finishing up a run. 5 miles in 30 minutes, pretty good for a man in his mid 50s, even I would be hard pressed to beat it. When I questioned him about the package he claimed ignorance, though I saw a slight flicker of recognition when I mentioned Vincente Miranda's name. What I didn't see, however, was the woman in the bushes snapping our picture like some rabid paparazzo. Samantha Ray, reporter for the Washington Examiner. Had I known she was there I would have been a little more careful following up with the senator. Seems she was one step ahead of me, both in terms of knowing about Preston's involvement with a major cover-up involving the Subcommittee in Space Technology, and in ability to get in to see him. While I was dealing with his snot–nosed aid out in the lobby, she was grilling him on his attempts to shut down all present and future space exploration and research. It wasn't until she questioned him on his involvement with a murderer wanted by the FBI for killing his wife was I invited to join the party. Lucky for me I had Eddie on the inside. Well, inside via the bugs I planted in his office, listening to the conversation. Without his head's up, I'd be writing this from a cozy concrete cell. I broke my vow of no more federal offenses and carjacked Samantha and her associate Vernon. I didn't know what else to do. They had more information on Preston than I did and they had already blown my cover, but more importantly, they represented a major newspaper. If I could prove to them what Eddie and I knew only too well, this could be our big break. But, they were hard-nosed, savvy Washington reporters. Eddie wanted to dump the whole story right in their laps. You know the old adage about leading a horse to water and making her drink, right? This lady was thirsty, but she had to find the well on her own. Samantha did some investigating herself, but I was hard-pressed to convince her of my innocence and Preston's guilt. It wasn't until her top secret inside source called were we able to make any progress. Why is it in Washington they'll believe a disguised voice coming over the phone from an untraceable number, but they won't believe evidence that is clear as day and spelled out right in front of them?moreless
  • Target 117
    Target 117
    Episode 1
    Lucas is sent to Earth to test Cade Foster's warrior potential. - - - Quatrain 99, Century 1: "Heed the call to the island of commerce / Cut be watchful of footsteps that lead unto battle / Look to the light to guide thee / The hacking blade has a double edge" This quatrain had had me and Eddie baffled for some time until Eddie began receiving a series of e-mails at the Paranoid Times from a man named Harold Shanley who claimed to have escaped from an alien experiment. The poor guy sounded out of his mind; seems he became delusional enough to shoot his own kids. His descriptions took me back to my own nightmare. As much pain as I felt at losing Hannah, I'm sure his was 100 times greater. I knew I was the only one who could help him, and I also knew that any information he had could undoubtedly help me too. I had to find him before the Gua did. According to the origins of his sporadic e-mails, Shanley was making his way across the country, the most recent was from an Industrial Trade Zone called Cosgrove Island. I decided to meet him there. Cosgrove Island looked more like the final resting place for tin can tankers and old cargo containers than the bustling port of activity that I was expecting. The place was almost totally deserted, except for Shanley, whom I found cowering inside a cargo container -- and the Gua. That's right. The aliens were there. The whole thing was a set-up. Shanely was for real, poor guy, but he was beyond any hope of salvation. They put him on the island knowing I would come after him. But more importantly, lying in wait for me was the biggest challenge I had yet to face: Lucas, the Gua's ultimate warrior. She was blond and beautiful and it took all my human strength not to give in to her female charms. While I always used to say I enjoyed a woman who went after what she wanted, especially when what she wanted was me, this wasn't what I had in mind. It seems her orders were to test my abilities before making a final recommendation to the head of the Gua on when to launch the second wave. Now I don't need to tell you how thrilled I was to be back in the role of human lab rat for Gua experimentation. I decided there was no reason to sit around and remember old times, I needed to find a way off that island fast. I was trying to think up my escape when who should show up but Eddie. What a pal. Once he figured out he had been tricked by the Gua's computer, he left the sanctuary of the Airstream to come to my rescue. How's that for a role reversal? I'm not entirely sure what he thought he would accomplish when he got here since he showed up with no weapons, no supplies, not even any food. But, all the same it shows his heart was in the right place. And that's why I'll bet on the humans every time: they got heart. But unfortunately, all the heart in the world wasn't going to save us. With no apparent way off the island we were just two sitting ducks waiting for Lucas to take her best shot. If there is one thing I have learned about the Gua, however, it's that they are overconfident. And Lucas was a prime example. In this situation, the underdog always has the advantage. Superwarrior or not, Lucas was going to need more than just her hyped up DNA to beat me and Eddie. With a little human ingenuity and a junkyard full of almost worthless crap Eddie and I needed to come up with a slingshot to take down this extraterrestrial Goliath.moreless