First Wave

Season 1 Episode 6

Speaking in Tongues

Aired Unknown Oct 14, 1998 on Space



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    • Nostradamus:
      The Star-born one will fly into the hearts of many
      With promises of salvation.
      But vanity will destroy his purpose
      And bring vengeance from his own.
      -Quatrain 11 Century 2

    • Zachary: Pray with me now, pray for a return. Oh God, grant your grace upon the savior and shield him from trouble on the journey ahead. For he is the one, come to lead us from the valley of death. For he is, the merciful one, the man stout of heart. For he is, the twice blessed man! (points to a picture of Foster)

    • Foster: So close, yet so far. The chances of proving my innocence dissolved right along with Elton, but I've learned that the aliens are not immune to the most human of flaws: vanity. Maybe these flaws can be exploited in the battle that lies ahead. One thing's for sure, to put too much faith in any leader is to give up one's own power. Leaders are just guideposts; we have to make our own decisions for ourselves. As I continue my journey, I will look not for followers, but believers. It is they who will confront the all mighty, all terrible force, that lives among us.

    • Elton: Can I let you in on a little secret?
      Joshua: I'd rather you not.
      Elton: We underestimated them, Joshua. They look like easy prey but they are driven by something we lack... hope. That's how I reach them, by giving them hope, if you ignore that part of them, it could be the weapon that defeats you.
      Joshua: By morning I expect this compound to be vacated. Report to the center in Atlanta, or the next time you see me, it will be official.

    • Elton: Who I was, an unthinking operative for the Supreme Gu'a. On this planet, I'm God.
      Joshua: You're mad. On this planet or any other.
      Elton: Ah, if I'm mad, there are certain pleasures in being mad, which none but a madman know.
      Joshua: Is there pleasure in death? That's a sentence you bring upon yourself.
      Elton: You know, I could get into death. This world praises dead saviors and persecutes living ones.

    • Foster: Bingo, they're vulnerable. They have egos just like us, Eddie.
      Eddie: Foster, this is our best chance yet to expose one of these guys. You get me evidence that someone's been killed, I'll have FBI agents raining down on them like manna from heaven.

    • Eddie: Let's go back to the Quatrain:
      The fervent one will fly into the hearts of many
      With promises of salvation
      But vanity will destroy his purpose
      And bring vengeance from his own

    • Foster: Thought Elton-land was the happiest place on Earth.
      Cassie: Better warn you, sarcasm doesn't go over big around here.

    • Foster: He ever say how he got here? A spaceship maybe?
      Jenny: Elton came down to deliver us from the aftertime, mock him Cade, and you'll witness his wrath before his salvation.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Jim Jones (Peoples Temple), David Koresh (Branch Davidians), and Marshall Applewhite (Heaven's Gate) were all cult leaders who ultimately caused the death of most, if not all of their followers.

    • The title Speaking in Tongues is a reference to Glossolalia which is the utterance of what appears either as an unknown foreign language (xenoglossia), meaningless syllables, or utterance of an unknown mystical language; the utterances sometimes occur as part of religious worship. Some Christians regard the act of speaking in tongues, as a gift of God through the Holy Spirit. As described in the Book of Acts and 1 Corinthians, it is one of holy Gifts of the Spirit given by God to the faithful on the Day of Pentecost. Other religious faiths also incorporate glossolalia as a component of worship traditions.

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