First Wave

Season 1 Episode 15

The Box

Aired Unknown Dec 16, 1998 on Space



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    • Foster: I'll never really know the forces at work in bringing me back to Hannah's grave, when every instinct told me it was a stupid thing to do. Maybe it was God's way of allowing me revenge. Is a vengeful God a merciful God? I don't know, because in the death of Hannah's killer I feel only a hollow sense of victory. With the death of Hannah's killer the force that's driven me this many months no longer exists; in its place, the harsh reality that I must move, I can't stop, to do so would be suicide.

    • Hannah Foster: He was a thief you know; downtown, 22nd story, he's trying to open a safe, 180lbs. Alarm goes off, cops on the way, he carries the safe down 22 floors. 22 floors, with the safe on his back. That's Cade Foster. Do what you want to me, but you'll never stop him. You'll create your own worst enemy, he'll hunt you down.

    • Detective Ludlow: The AHX 23 23 experiment was difficult to push through in the beginning. The Assembly didn't think it was worthwhile, but you've proved them wrong Foster. Your warrior potentiality was the highest total percentage, and now you've killed more of us than any other human by far.
      Foster: Listen to your own experiments you son of a bitch, millions just like me will rise up, and beat your asses into the ground.
      Detective Ludlow: Most of the other subjects, crumbled like dust.
      Foster: I've been waltzing around the country taking you bastards out left and right.
      Detective Ludlow: Shut up.
      Foster: I turn two of you chumps into bubbling soda water every week!

    • Detective Ludlow: I've waited months for this. Cade Foster, subject one one seven.
      Foster: An alien cop, why doesn't that surprise me?
      Detective Ludlow: I've already alerted a gua team, they'll be here in approximately 30 minutes.
      Foster: Let me guess, they want to dissect my brain, see what makes me tick.
      Detective Ludlow: I want information, if you're generous with your responses I might tell you what happened to your wife. I had the empiricists rig this baby up; it's a pocket size polygraph, real accurate.
      Foster: I'm not giving you squat.
      Detective Ludlow: We'll see.

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