First Wave

Season 3 Episode 22

Twice Bless'd

Aired Unknown Feb 07, 2001 on Space



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    • Nostradamus:
      As the Second Wave is nigh
      Four must be chained strong as one.
      Hammer can smite victory
      If honor is granted to Xevallah.
      -Omega Quatrain 5

    • Mabus: (trying to trick Cade into thinking he is Gua) What do you think you know, 117? I'll tell you. You know nothing. Operative Cade Foster, Osmosist 117, infiltration expert. One of our best. Until you started believing your cover.
      Cade: No, I know who I am.
      Mabus: Think about it. Tear the lies away. We gave you an identity. Standard for an osmosist. A seamless past. On mission to gain followers, to become a false Messiah, chosen for Operation Twice-Blessed. You played the part to perfection. But I always knew, somewhere inside that husk, you knew who you were, because you believe in Gua!

    • Foster (seeing Eddie has been lobotomized): Oh, Eddie.
      Eddie: Don't call me crazy!

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