First Wave

Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Unknown Nov 29, 2000 on Space

Episode Recap

Quatrain 17, Century 4. "Through the ancient north it shall pass, ship to ship the power of powers. All strength to those who unearth it, joined together will earth itself be consumed."

A Gua intelligence communiquè intercepted by the Raven Nation mentioned an all-powerful weapon the Gua have spent years searching for, and now we were close to finding it. A search of archeological dig sites turned up an excavation of a Viking settlement in Nova Scotia. Crossing the border into Canada was a risk, but one I was willing to take.

The dig was stationed out of a bus graveyard. Yesterday's settlement was today's dump. I had to go in low profile - this time posing as Clyde the tow truck driver who wandered into the wrong place. But that's why I have Eddie and Jordan. Eddie posed as a big-shot archeologist named Dr. Charles Channing. His partner in the dig would be a man who made searching for "The Hammer of Thor" his life's ambition ­ an uptight, hefty guy named Dr. Samuel Spiedel. Jordan was Jane, the trusty archeological student.

Could this hammer be the weapon the Gua were searching for? Seemed unlikely. But somehow the two were linked.

Even Eddie was skeptical. Called the hammer the "golden fleece" or the "holy grail." He said there was a reason these things were still myths ­ and it was because they didn't exist. Guess Eddie figured if a Paranoid hadn't exposed them yet there wasn't anything worth exposing.

Besides the Gua had only been interested in earth since the 1940's, Eddie didn't want to think they'd been around since the Vikings. Jordan told him to chill out, thought Eddie needed to live and learn.

With my team as my eyes and ears, and also to create a diversion, I was able to sneak into the dig's main tent. And what I found made this puzzle all the more confusing ­ an ancient hammer in a silver lock box. Didn't have time to investigate any further. Jordan saw the dig chief Bishop and his heavy henchman Ash reacting to something with alarm and I had to get out of there. But the goons were onto me, and they had guns.

And then I was gone. In one giant flash an otherworldly portal opened up and pulled me through ...


Jordan here. What happened to Cade was a mystery for both Eddie and I right after the chase. We'd lost contact with him, gunfire and static. But I wanted to keep it cool. Sure, my first impulse is to go in with my biggest guns hefted high but something told me that was the wrong way to go ­ this time at least. I started my own investigation, kept up the "Jane" persona.

Until I saw Bishop making contact with Mabus online. Eddie's worst fears were confirmed. And truthfully, so were mine. The "Hammer of Thor" was named by humans, but it turned out to be alien. Over the communicator Mabus foreshadowed it's devastating effects saying that thunder was an appropriate link to the shattering effects of the weapon.

It was definitely the weapon the Gua wanted ­ a power of powers. I figured it was time to call in my people ­ the Raven Nation. We hadn't heard anything from Foster and Eddie was going nuts. I alerted the nearest team but it would take them some time to get to us. Until then, Eddie and I were it. We had to get the weapon and get the hell out of there before Bishop was able to deliver our destruction to his slimy leader.

Eddie was picking up some wild electromagnetic activity of the quantum pocket variety. But that's when Ash and Bishop exposed us. Or thought they had. The Gua knew they didn't have the real Dr. Channing in their midst but they couldn't peg him as Cade's closest ally. And my cover was still a lock.

Eddie was tied up in the tent when Spiedel uncovered what looked to be the real deal ­ the mystical Hammer of Thor. But when we uncovered it and flashed a light on it the whole world seemed to open up ­ a portal of energy, unlike anything we'd ever seen. Cade was inside, and he looked like a ghost.

He called out to me but couldn't see me at all. He was pale, fading. He sounded as if he were in pain. I wanted to plunge right in and grab him out. But I knew if Cade and I were out of play the Gua would have their weapon and it would be game over. Cade wouldn't have wanted it that way and neither did I. I'd have to save him later. We couldn't do anything until the weapon was safely in Raven Nation hands.

Eddie was loose. And he said he had the hammer. But as far as I knew Spiedel had run off with it when the portal opened. That's when it all finally clicked. The Hammer had been split into two parts. Cade thought he's found it earlier but all he'd found was one half. Now Eddie had the other. "_joined together will earth itself be consumed." It fit the Quatrain. The Gua hadn't won yet, they needed to join the two halves of the hammer to make it work.

I needed Eddie to work on the half he had, figure out what made the thing work. It was our only chance at getting Cade back safely and I wanted Foster here for the final fight. Eddie wasn't too pleased, told me he'd need time and quiet to figure out a piece of alien technology and the Gua were crawling all over the place.

Screw the Gua. Now this was between me and them. And you all know how this girl feels about aliens. They were gonna wish they never set foot on my side of the galaxy.
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