First Years

NBC (ended 2001)


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  • Season 1
    • This Life
      This Life
      Episode 9
    • Habeas Corpse
      Habeas Corpse
      Episode 8
    • When I Grow Up
      When I Grow Up
      Episode 7
    • Lawyerboy
      Episode 6
    • Touched by a Reindeer
      Miles has a run-in with his estranged father, who hires O'Donnell to represent him in a sexual-harassment lawsuit. Warren litigates a case involving a homeowners' association that has filed a grievance against an elderly tenant who acts like Santa Claus.
    • Porn in the U.S.A. (a.k.a. First Day)
      The gang recalls their first day at the firm; Egg gets a little help from his friends as he works to keep a Haitian family from being deported; Warren struggles with the dynamics of his new housemates; and Anna and Miles defend a pair of adult-film starlets in a copyright-infringement case.moreless
    • There's No Place Like Homo
      Warren is about to be honored by a gay rights organization and wants to tell his mother, Evelyn, about his homosexuality. He finds it hard to tell her after she tells him that she's dying, which makes him feel that she used the information against him so he could not tell her the truth. He wonders if he'll ever get the chance to see if Evelyn would accept him for who he is. He finally gets the chance to tell his mother by giving her an invitation to the banquet.

      Anna is assigned a doomed case of a man, Emmanuel McDougal, who wants to evict an elderly widow, Shirley Pilnick, from her home of over 30 years. Anna contemplates using dirty information to use against him so that she can keep her home. Anna makes a very passionate plea to get Mr. McDougal to change his mind, but fails, and decides to use the dirty information against him - which lets Shirley Pilnick keep her home.moreless
    • ... And Then You Die
      Warren struggles to fit in with the rest of his new housemates. He feels that they aren't including him in their plans and thinks they only deal with him when it's work-related.

      Miles and Warren are assigned a nuisance case against Brinner Pharmaceutical on behalf of Seth Kolatch, a young man who developed terminal cancer after treatment with a new drug, Mathroline. Warren doesn't act as assertive on the case as he would like and lets Miles take a leadership role over the case.

      Anna and Riley grit their teeth when they are assigned to subserviently support a senior lawyer as he represents two arrogant teen queens, Cami and Erica, over ownership of a dot-com 'netzine' called
    • The First Thing You Do...
      Riley Kessler, Warren Harrison, Miles Lawton and Egg Ross move into a San Francisco house, sharing the rent while they work as first-year lawyers at Hoberman, Spain, McPherson and O'Donnell. Anna Weller and Miles' past failed romance starts to show signs of starting back up, but their personalities leave them both arguing all over again.

      Riley is given the adoption case of a black woman, Ms. Spears, convicted of second-degree murder and doesn't want her infant daughter, Marissa, to be adopted by a white couple, Alison & Jack Mitchell. In the Judge's chambers the Judge tells both sides to come to a solution on their own or he will be forced to make one. After leaving the chambers Riley goes home to see her interracial parents. When neither side comes to a conclusion, the Judge decides Ms. Spears was not completely informed and will take the baby from the Mitchells and place her in a foster home. In the end, Ms. Spears agrees to let Alison and Jack have her baby.

      Anna, Warren, Miles and Egg help their boss, Sam O'Donnell, by handling his ex-wife's, Frances O'Donnell, latest lawsuit, against Dr. Heineman who left her at the altar. While Miles, Warren and Egg are at dinner Miles suddenly starts to choke and falls onto the floor - which brings Dr. Heineman over and Miles serves him a subpoena. Eventually, Frances drops the case against Dr. Heineman.moreless
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