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  • Season 12
    • Jeremy McGrath
      Jeremy McGrath
      Episode 17
      Legendary moto champion, Jeremy McGrath gives us a behind the scenes look at his private ranch/ training facility near San Diego, a TORC off road truck race in Michigan and a road trip to the Powder Mountain Motocross in Utah.
    • Preston Strout
      Preston Strout
      Episode 16
      As the owner of the ever-popular summer snowboard camp, High Cascade, Preston Strout must survive another chaotic season of campers, employees and summer camp hijinks, all while trying to maintain an almost-professional snowboard career.
    • Jamie Thomas
      Jamie Thomas
      Episode 15
      The Chief” Jamie Thomas looks back on his career in skateboarding and looks forward to the future as he recovers from an injury.
    • Cam White
      Cam White
      Episode 14
      Professional BMXer Cameron White wraps up summer on the farm in Australia with one last Australian road trip before heading to Las Vegas to start his summer in the USA . In Las Vegas he prepares for a serious summer of travel and competing in the USA.
    • Paul Shier
      Paul Shier
      Episode 13
      Professional skateboarder Paul Shier wears many hats. Pack your bags for Europe and get a glimpse of what makes one of London's native sons tick.
    • Ken Block
      Ken Block
      Episode 12
      Travel to the great Northwest for the Rally America Tour stop in Mt. Hood, Oregon. Next, it's a trip to Park City, Utah to spend some time at home and talk about the history of DC Shoes. And finally, head east to the Motor City to test the new Ford Fiesta Gymkhana at a secret track outside Detroit.moreless
    • Stephen Murray
      Stephen Murray
      Episode 11
      Three years after becoming paralyzed from the neck down in a horrific Dew-Tour accident, BMX pro Stephen Murray's rehab has him closer to possibly walking, and his new company STAY STRONG has him staying positive no matter what life throws his way.
    • Ryan Dungey
      Ryan Dungey
      Episode 10
      Making his Supercross Class debut, Ryan Dungey attempts to be the first rookie to take the title since Jeremy McGrath.
    • Raimana Van Bastolaer
      Tahiti is his home, and he prefers to stay there and be part of its culture. Except for the rare occasion when he needs to leave to Tahiti to fulfill certain obligations like promoting his latest film, Ultimate Wave Tahiti 3d.
    • Kenny Anderson
      Kenny Anderson
      Episode 8
      Kenny Anderson is a busy man being pulled in a thousand different directions. Considering his life at home with his wife and 3 kids and his business converting cars to bio-fuel, Kenny already has his hands full. But add to that his professional skateboarding career, his soon-to-launch Converse signature shoe and filming for the up-coming Chocolate video, and you have a plate that barely any human could handle on their own. We meet Kenny at his home in California and then follow him on an insane filming trip through the Amazon rain forest of Brazil, mixing his passions of skateboarding and environmental causes.moreless
    • Tom Wallisch
      Tom Wallisch
      Episode 7
      At the height of winter, professional skier Tom Wallisch travels to Finland to get shots for his video part and trains at Park City for upcoming competitions.
    • Owen Wright
      Owen Wright
      Episode 6
      Embarking on his rookie year on the ASP professional surfing tour for 2010, Owen Wright prepares mentally and physically for the first event on tour, the Quiksilver Pro, Snapper Rocks Gold Coast Australia and then travels to his favorite place on earth – Indonesia.
    • Ashley Fiolek
      Ashley Fiolek
      Episode 5
      Straight off the high of her 2nd National AMA Women's Motocross Championship Title, professional Motocross rider Ashely Fiolek rebounds from a broken collarbone with high performance training with family and friends at her personal track in Florida, is quickly en route to compete in the FIM Race in the Netherlands, then jets back to New York for her book release.moreless
    • Jeff Weatherall
      Jeff Weatherall
      Episode 4
      Traveling from Oceanside to various locations professional Wakeboarder and New Zealand Native Jeff Weatherall tries to get editorial coverage and segments in up and coming video/DVD releases as well as prepare for the up and coming wakeboard competition season.
    • Chris Del Moro
      Chris Del Moro
      Episode 3
      Ride along with all board surfer, sketchpad artist and full time human Chris Del Moro as he experiences life from the outside looking in during this episode of Firsthand.
    • Chris Cole
      Chris Cole
      Episode 2
      Professional skateboarder Chris Cole won't let up as he continues to redefine what is possible on a skateboard.
    • Donavon Frankenreiter
      From his dream house in Kauai and restaurant in Maui, all the way to El Salvador to visit his own surf camp, Donovan Frankenreiter shows us the good life of an iconic surfer and musician.
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