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Fish Hooks
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Fish Hooks follows Milo, Oscar and Bea, three fish friends who attend Freshwater High, a school in their fish tank which is located at a pet store. They have many adventures together and struggle with teen life. The show features Kyle Massey as Milo, Justin Roiland as Oscar, and Chelsea Staub as Bea. The show is created by childen's book illustrator Noah Z. Jones and developed for television by Alex Hirsch and Bill Reiss.


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    • I Like this show

      My Sister Kendall likes this and I do too. I think Disney XD Still airs it.
    • Please use as fishbait or fertilizer

      This was one lousy show. It sounded promising as a new cartoon courtesy of Disney Channel but it falls flat in so many ways and times. None of the characters are cool, funny, or interesting in anyway. They are so stereotypical and lame. The setting has got to be the laziest thing DC conceived; being a high school for fish and other aquatic life in a pet store. Seriously how many shows about high school did DC already do and was doing at this time? Disney Channel became utterly saturated and obsessed with shows about teens in high school during that time period. Gosh enough of it already. Not only that the animation style was super lazy and lame being little more than cut outs. I guess DC didn't think this show was that great or had a strong chance which makes me wonder why make this lame thing in the first place. Even more people can complain about this being too much like Sponge Bob another show that has been airing for too long. I don't like Sponge Bob and I feel this show is just a knock off of another stupid show. My gosh that's lazy and lame. Even more this show sends very bad lessons on what real friends are willing to do for you and that you should allow yourself to be bullied and harassed just to have fun and belong. Not a good message. I sort of hope that some naive or foolish viewers follows that so called advice and files a lawsuit against DC for promoting such lousy advice that ended up harming the audience instead. Maybe that will be the wake up call DC needs to have to get them making better shows than this waste of time.moreless
    • Quite decent actually.

      I do not understand why people really hate this show, it's just a teenage version of SpongeBob. I would give it a 10, if it weren't such a ripoff. It has its enjoyable and it's not-so-enjoyable moments.
    • Fish Fucks

      Ugly and terrible. It was also one of the SpongeBob rip-offs. I hate this show. Disney Channel, you can do better than this. Glad it was cancelled. Abysmal show.
    • its ok.

      hey, im a very odd person, as u may know from my other laugh at things that are stupid and make fun of them. its rare that i laugh at an actual joke.

      sometimes ill laugh, just like when my little brother got the lego movie and watches it 10 times a day, the only time that i laugh really hard at it now is when the blind grandpa says, "emmet, you didn't let me finish earlier, because i just LOL! anyway this isnt complete crap. its not usually broing. but i never see it on tv anymore. boo. but not as good as impractical jokers.moreless

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