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Fish Hooks
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Fish Hooks follows Milo, Oscar and Bea, three fish friends who attend Freshwater High, a school in their fish tank which is located at a pet store. They have many adventures together and struggle with teen life. The show features Kyle Massey as Milo, Justin Roiland as Oscar, and Chelsea Staub as Bea. The show is created by childen's book illustrator Noah Z. Jones and developed for television by Alex Hirsch and Bill Reiss.

  • Sponge bob rip off

    I'm happy this is canceled its like spongebob + degrassi + Fanboy + FBCC

    it sucks its horrible Disney none of your cartoons will never beat spongebob.
  • walt disney would throw up in his grave

    also, this is a spongebob ripoff. how dare you rip off the best show on nickelodeon right now. spongebob will last 100 years and this show will last one year.
  • just wow.

    Come on guys,its just a cartoon for kids and people who know how to have a good time. And BTW the ended already
  • Disney trying to compete with Spongebob.

    While this isn't the worst show on Disney, it certainly isn't the best either. This show is about these highschoolers named Milo, Bea and Oscar who attend a school named Freshwater High School and go through typical high school drama. Been there done that. So this is basically another one of those teen sitcoms except it's animated and revolves around fish. The characters were just bland sterotypes with no characteristics or development and were either boring or annoying. Oscar freaks out too much. Milo is a bumbling moron. Bea is your generic drama queen. The jocks are jerks for the sake of being jerks. The teachers are stereotyped too. None of these characters are likeable, they are much more forgettable.

    The storylines are dull and forgettable and usually never make sense, some of them are just rehashes that we've seen happen in other shows.

    The humor was the only good thing about the show. It isn't laugh till you do humor but to be fair it did get a few laughs out of me.

    The artwork is mediocre, and the characters look ugly. The animation though is good and moves smoothly. I don't however like the fact how they mix live action backgrounds with Flash animation though.

    Overall, this show tried to be successful like Spongebob Squarepants but just failed. I was happy when this show was cancelled. It is a Spongebob rip off with hardly any redeems.moreless
  • its ok.

    hey, im a very odd person, as u may know from my other laugh at things that are stupid and make fun of them. its rare that i laugh at an actual joke.

    sometimes ill laugh, just like when my little brother got the lego movie and watches it 10 times a day, the only time that i laugh really hard at it now is when the blind grandpa says, "emmet, you didn't let me finish earlier, because i just LOL! anyway this isnt complete crap. its not usually broing. but i never see it on tv anymore. boo. but not as good as impractical jokers.moreless

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