Fish Hooks

Season 1 Episode 12

Baldwin the Super Fish

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 03, 2010 on Disney Channel

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  • Milo thinks Mr. Baldwin is a superhero

    Milo belives Mr. Baldwin is a super hero and tells Oscar who at first thinks is a crazy idea. But, when things start to add up he helps Milo try to prove it. Bea tags along so she can get a good grade in her Reporter Class. I thought this was a superb episode. This was not really my favorite episode, but it was interesting. Milo and Oscar thinking that Mr. Baldwin is Captain Aquarium was funny. Dr. Frog made his first appearance and he was funny here. It was funny that Mr. Baldwin to save Milo from falling down the tank. The last few minutes of this episode was dragged though. Overall, a super episode of Fish Hooks. 9/10
  • One of my favorite Fish Hooks episode

    I thought that this episode was perfect. I thought the whole plot was genius. It was funny when Milo thinks that Mr. Baldwin is a superhero and then has Oscar believe that Mr. Baldwin really is a superhero and then they tell Bea. They try to find proof that he is a superhero but there are NO evidence. They wouldn't give up because they believe Mr. Baldwin is a superhero just like the comic book superhero Captain Aquarium. It was funny when Oscar pretends to be the bad guy and Milo is in a glass of water pretending to be trapped. It was hilarious when they fell in the shark tank and then the shark says "Who's coming to dinner?" but then they aren't mean sharks, they are actually nice sharks. It was funny that Dr. Frog loved the pictures of Mr. Baldwin being a superhero (which Mr. Baldwin helped Bea out in order for Bea to pass journalism). It was hilarious at the end of this episode when Mr. Baldwin gave Bea a thumbs up and then Bea gives a thumbs up and then Milo and Oscar get in the way have a thumbs up and ruined the moment for Mr. Baldwin. Overall, I loved this episode it's one of my favorite Fish Hooks episode. 10/10
  • Milo thiniks Mr. Baldwin is a superhero...

    So yeah Milo's been reading a lot of comics of some seahorse superhero and then he starts to think that Mr. Baldwin may be the main character from the show. And he ocnvinvces Bea & OScar to help him discover the truth.

    After a while, they get the idea of making it look likeMilo was kidnapped by an evil wizard coughOscarindisguisecough. Bea drags Mr. Baldwin there and he confessess that he isn't the hero, and then they all fall into the shark tank... were's dinner time. so thye all have dinner together.

    OVerall: A common plot with common execution. Did like Bea's reporter plot. 8/10.
  • Uh, Not so good.

    This Episode stinks. Why, you may ask? Well, the plot's been overused, the humor's bland, and it was just plain cruel to almost have Milo,Bea,Oscar, and Baldwin devoured by ravenous fish with sharp fins(In english, that means it was mean to have the names above to almost be eaten by sharks.). HOWEVER, there were some funny parts, like as the REAL eyes joke, but that's mostly the only joke I really got without thinking "Uh,no.". So Yeah, this ep. Stinks.

    5.5/10 F Could've been worse, but it's a mediocre Tv fragment for the present(It's good enough to be called an episode.).