Fish Hooks

Season 1 Episode 1

Bea Stays in the Picture

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 03, 2010 on Disney Channel
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Bea Stays in the Picture
Here's a preview of Disney Channel's newest animated series. On the first day of high school three friends get ready to take thier school picture. Nut. Bea does not like hers and inlists Milo nad Oscar to get it from Clamantha.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Superb start of Fish Hooks

    This was a superb start of Fish Hooks. The parts that made my score lower is a few parts were boring. Other than that, I really enjoyed this episode. The fishes' pictures coming out wrong were very funny (in the beginning). Bea's picture coming out wrong when she was busy doing his hair was very funny and as well as when she freaks out about it. Milo and Oscar looking for Bea's picture was interesting. Clamantha's part in this episode was very funny. Overall, this episode did have its humor but some parts were lacking. 9/10moreless

    AN AWESOME SIRIES PREMIRE. I thought the plot was pretty good. I first i thought that this show was gonna stink, but it might not. The highlights of this episode was Bea freaking out after her picture was taken. Everyone else's picture and it wasn't good. Clamantha about to kiss Oscar. Claamatha's shrime for Oscar. And When Bea found out it was a regular picture. The reason why this peisode wasn't a 10 was because towards the end when Milo's butt was showing. That was just disturbing. Overall 9/10moreless
  • Superb pilot of "Fish Hooks"

    I thought that this was a superb pilot of my favorite animated Disney Channel cartoon "Fish Hooks". The idea of this episode was pretty good and I really enjoyed it. Bea freaking out because she thinks that her yearbook picture is going to be bad and ruin her chance of being a star. Oscar going out with Clamantha in order to distract her was very funny. Milo acting like he is a ninja was very funny. Bea and Milo sneaking inside Clamantha's place thing which is hard to describe. It was hilarious when the password to Clamantha's door was "Oscar". This episode was also pretty adventurous like when Bea and Milo went through those hooks. Milo's underwear showing was very funny as well. Bea acting like she and Oscar were boyfriend and girlfriend but she said it so Oscar can be free from Clamantha was very funny. The only thing that made score a little low was Bea freaking out and the fact that Bea was freaking out over her picture for nothing because her yearbook photo turned out to be good. Overall, a perfect episode of "Fish Hooks" and a perfect pilot to my favorite Disney Channel animated cartoon. 9/10moreless
  • Duh duh duh duh I'm a talking clam....

    So it's picture day! But Bea is worried that the picture may go wrong and that will follow her forever, so she tries her best but in the moment of the flash, she feels she went wrong and demands the photo back. But Clamantha, the student in charge of the yearbook, says she cant give it back, so she and her friends Milo and OScar attempt to break in her locker and get it.

    So to get it, they use one of those dinosaurs that get bigger if soaked. They open it, but its not htere, so they guess it should be on the yearbook room, and after seeing in the locker she has an Oscar shrine, Milo and Bea use him to distract Clamantha. First, they need to get the passowrd, so they call Oscar to ask hi the passcode. He apparently is on a date with her, and the password is "Oscar".

    Milo and Bea get in, and the photos are a hallway away, so Bea, over-determined swims across the hall with Milo and gets to it. They look for it and when they find it, it's a perfeclt normal picture, and Milo convinces her htat it's one of the best pictures. so they go to get Oscar, who is now on the Kissing Rock with Clamantha.

    So Bea makes Clamantha think she is Oscar's girlfirend, so Clamantha backs off, as she doesn't date people involved. So in the end, the yearbook is shown, with BEa having a nice picture.

    Bottom Line - Pretty good first impression. 9/10moreless
  • A good episode! Might be a good series!

    Bea goes crazy over her picture day picture and "has to" find and destroy it, meanwhile, Clamantha obsesses over Oscar. It's pretty humorous, especially with Kyle Massey starring in the series. The only thing I disagree with is that Clamantha is annoying and unattractive. Clamantha is awesome and just one of those characters on TV that you just wanna grab in your hands squeeze so hard because you love them "duh duh duh duh duh duh I'm a teenage clam" I don't like how some of the characters were so harsh towards her. Go Clamantha! Show them who's boss! :)moreless

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