Fish Hooks

Season 1 Episode 21

Dollars and Fish

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 18, 2011 on Disney Channel
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Dollars and Fish
Milo borrows money from a loan shark and gets really popular, and things are going great until the loan shark asks for his money back. Milo has to now pay him back before he suffers the "Big Pinch".

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  • FINALLY!!! A perfect Fish Hooks episode

    The past one or two months of brand new Fish Hooks have been great but not perfect although I hated that Fish Hooks episode "Dropsy" but I am so happy that I can give a Fish Hooks episode a perfect score because it has been a while. Oscar and Bea tell Milo that they just can't give him money and that he has to work for it, but Milo says that working is horrible. There were some funny moments like when the guys were talking about the concert and they didn't notice Albert Glass was with them the whole time. It was funny when Milo said "Anything but the pinch", it was funny when Bea said "At least your students can feed themselves" and then Oscar responds "Actually, they can't" and you see Oscar feeding the students that he is tutoring, and it was hilarious when Milo was scared to use the cash register. Randy Pincherson gave Milo some money but then he told Milo that if he doesn't pay him back the money that Milo gets "the pinch". Milo obviously didn't have the money to pay back Randy Pincherson but then Oscar and Bea saved Milo by paying back Randy Pincherson will all of their job money. Milo tells Bea and Oscar "thank you" but then Bea and Oscar are angry with Milo because they couldn't go to that concert because of him and they told Milo that he was selfish, stubborn, and lazy. Milo felt bad for Oscar and Bea and he had to get a job... so he did. He worked as a cash register which I told you earlier in my review I found funny. Milo earned his money but didn't have enough to pay back Oscar and Bea but then "The Chief" said that Milo could sell that golden car, bike, or something like that, I really don't remember but anyways, Milo comes back to Oscar and Bea, pays them back, and tells them that he worked to earn that money. The three of them went to the concert and while Oscar and Bea were having fun at the concert, Milo was sleeping during the concert. Overall, I had absolutely no problems with this episode so it deserves a perfect score. 10/10moreless
  • I'm Robbie Pincerson!

    Soooo, Milo, Oscar & Bea want to go to a concert of Justin Bieber (it was someone elsebut screw it he was a parody of JB), but Milo can't afford to buy a tcket cause he has no money. He evnetually gets a loan from Robbie PIncerson, a rich Bea-stalker. But he can't pay back, so Oscar & Bea pay for him. but that makes O&B extremely mad cause they can't see Biber now. Milo then decides to get a job, and works in the cash register of the hokey pokey sth. He gets paid but it isn't enough to pay Oscar & Bea, so he just sells the gem-incrusted motorcycle he bought. He gets them tickets & pays them, but he falls asleep in the ocncert (typical).

    OVerall: It was a good episode. The JB expy was very obvious. Also, I hope we see more of Robbie, he was hilarious. 9.5/10.moreless
  • An amazing episode!!!

    The episode starts off with the news that Bradon Bubbler (aka: Justin Bieber) is appearing soon near their... portion of the tanks.. and that everyone is getting tickets to the concert. Oscar and Bea have the money to buy the tickets and go, but Milo doesn't and assumed that they would pay for him. The two tell him that he needs to get a job like the ones they have in order to get money since people aren't just going to give it to them (something which Milo doubts). Later he comes back and appears to be loaded only for Oscar and Bea to find out he took a loan from Randy Picherson (cause he didn't know what a loan was) and needs to pay him back (something that he can't do).

    Later Oscar and Bea pay Randy off and berate Milo for being selfish, stubborn, and lazy while telling him to pay them back. He goes on to help at the "Hokey Poke" working the cashier and earning some money, which although isn't enough the chef points out he could sell the things he brought with Randy's money too and pays Oscar and Bea back while getting concert tickets before finally heading to the concert sleeping.

    This episode was great since it took on a very different plot than what I assumed it to be (which was a battle against the clock for Milo to get cash) and was insted something more interesting and rewarding. I also loved how Oscar and Bea took the roles of Husband and Wife throught the episode and how both were very into it without noticing anything abnormal for a while.moreless
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