Fish Hooks

Season 1 Episode 17


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • Milo pretend to be sick

    Milo fakes having a desiese called "dropsy' when he sees Albert Glass having the illness getting attention. However, Milo has to move out to prevent anyone else getting it. OK, this episode was just unwatchable. I actually saw it again a few weeks ago and I thought it was bad for most of the parts. The plot was super lame. Also, it was super gross seeing Albert sick. Only times I laughed were the beginning, "What's a chicken?" "What's a fish?" Oscar that he needed a wig for something, and the song that Coach Salmon sang. Overall, a pretty bad episode of Fish Hooks. 3/10
  • Here's $1000000000 just because you're sick!

    So Albert Glass gets a freaky disease were you flot upside down with neumonia, and gets tons of attnetion, gifts, services, etc, so Milo decides he wnats that stuff too. So he fakes having the dropsy and is put in a similar romm like Albert. So everyone but Oscar buys it, who thoguht that was a little selfiosh The thing is, the dropsy cures after some weeks, and if it doens't it will never cure and the fisdh is sent to a special dropsy fish tank. Albert heals, but Milo still wants the stuff, so he is sent to the sick tank.

    Overall: Good episode. Nice to learn some if the fishes sicknessess. But milo was a lil' selfish. 8.5/10.

    This is a great episode. As you may notice, the "Hi Coach Salmons, Make me a smoothie" quote was hilarious to me. But, let's skip that part and go to the summary.

    So, when Albert Glass gets a disease called the dropsy, Milo gets a Plan and fakes having it. Milo may have been a little selfish here, but that's not why I lowered the score. The score lowering would be because of the eerie (and rushed) ending. Yes, Milo got what he deserved in the end, but it was kind of mean for Oscar to not help him out. But then again...

    So,basically this is a normal every day review, so the end rating is:

    8.5/10 B Hey, this was a good episode, but needs a little ending inprovement.

    See you next time!
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