Fish Hooks

Season 1 Episode 2

Fish Sleepover Party

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 24, 2010 on Disney Channel

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  • This episode is funny


    The plot for this episode was aboutBea decides to have a fun girls-only party, but Milo and Oscar, upset they weren't invited, decide to infiltrate the party (dressed as girls) and spy on everyone. When Bea and the girls realize what Milo and Oscar are up to, they make sure the boys know what it's like to be "one of the girls." I thought it was a funny episode of Fish Hooks. This episode has a bit more humor than the last one: Milo thinkinghis nose looks like a giant sea cucumber,Mr. Baldwin falls asleep in the middle of reading a sentence, Milo and Oscar worrying about Bea's friendship, Bassie's cameo, Milo and Oscar dressed as girls, the girls knowing that it them in disguise, the girls singing,Bea says that they already knew they were in disguises, then Clamantha replies by saying "We did?", and explodes (that part cracked me out), and the last part. No boring parts at all, so I'll give this episode a 10. It is one my favorite episodes of this show.

  • Milo & Oscar crossdress to go to Bea's girl night.

    Soooo, Bea is havign a girls noght with Finberley, Esmargot, Koi, Shellsea & Clamantha. Milo & Bea take it that Bea doens't want to be friends with them anyomre, so Milo gets the idea to dress as girls to show Bea their feminine side. But Bea & SHellsea think that they are spying on them, so they make them go through a bunch of girly stuff via a song. Oscar then confesses like if it was a big secret, and they all said everyhting (they though theyh were spies, M&O says they want to show their girl side) and Bea forgives them, but kicks them out, as it's still girl night.

    Overall: Eh, not the most creative fo all plots, but it was good nonetheless. The osng was fun. 8.3/10.