Fish Hooks

Season 1 Episode 18

Fishing for Compliments: The Albert Glass Story

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 28, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • Is Albert slowly becoming the breakout character?

    So Bea is happy cause everyone likes her, and then on ALbert's bday, he givers muffin to everyone he likes. Everyoen but Bea gets one. SHe starts to freak out, and stalks Albert, giving him gifts, onvitnig him to places, so he oculd like her. She freak out a little more went she finds out that Milo & Oscar are chis firends. Then she invites ALbert to the annual Swirlys, some sport that takes place on toilets. Albert falls, so BEa goes get him. Milo & OScar fall tgoo. Bea saves the 3, is fed up eith Albert & tells him she doens't care if he doesn't like her....which makes him like her. OVerall: A good episode, but I'm not to fond of Albert, and he is suddenly on every episode. So, yeah, an 8/10 to me.
  • One of the Best Episodes so far...

    Bea is Liked by everybody at the School except for Albert Glass. Bea tries to get the help of her best friends Milo and Oscar to see why he doesn't like her. Meanwhile everybody is trying to get tickets to The Swirlies and Bea gets free tickets from Shellsea. Bea goes over to Albert Glasses house Handcuffs him and brings him to The Swirlies with Milo and Oscar. Albert Glass slips out of his Handcuffs by the help of Milo and slips and falls in the Toilet The Swirlies are using for their game. Bea feeling absolutely terrible that this is all her fault jumps in and goes in the Toilet and tries to swim back out with Albert Glass in her hands. Milo and Oscar then jump in and get flushed back in with Bea and hold on to their hands to get out of The Toilet with them. They fight off every player in The Swirlies and get out of The Toilet safe. Then everybody in the Audience is booing at Bea for ruining the show and Bea is still hated by Albert Glass. Then Bea feels she doesnt care what other people think about her and says she likes herself. Then Albert Glass says he likes her and finds her really desperate to make a friend and he said "That's sooooooo obnoxious". They become friends and the water leaves and they cant breathe and fall in the toilet again.

    My Review:
    I think this was a very very good episode in the series. It was well written and the plot was very original. It also teaches you a lesson basically saying you shouldn't care what people think of you and just like you for who you are. If they keep this good work up on this show it will become an even bigger hit than it already is.

    Rating for this Episode: 10/10 Outstanding. One of the best Episodes in the series So far...