Fish Hooks

Season 1 Episode 6

Happy Birthfish Jocktopus

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 2010 on Disney Channel

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  • Bea and Milo gives Oscar to Jocktopus

    Milo, Oscar and Bea look for a present for Jocktopus. They get him money but wen its to late they learn that he doesn't like money. So, they give hom Oscar. Milo and Bea try to get Oscar back before it's too late. I thought it was a great episode of Fish Hooks. The plot for this episode was not bad, but not it is my favorite. The fish shopping for Jocktopus was cool. Oscar's imagation of the video game was funny. Bea and Milo giving Oscar to Jocktopus was kind of funny. Bea as a man was funny. My score is low because I don't think it's not my favorite storyline and it was lacked in some parts. Overall score 8/10.
  • Milo & Bea give Jocktopus his bday gift - Oscar.

    So the guys are looking for a prsent for Jokctopus, cause fi you dno't give him a birthday gift - you die. Oscar thinks of givign him money, as yu can't be mad with someone who gives you money. So, at the gift giveaway, turns out Jocktopus doens't know what's money, so in a desperate move to save their a*ses, they give OScar away.

    So, while they figure out how to rescue Oscar, he "befriends" Jokctopus (by givning him lists of people to beat up, places were there are no teachers, new phrases, etc.). But when Milo & Bea go to save him, he decides to stay. Minutes later, he realizes that Jokctopus thinks about him as an object, but that's after he told him to beat up Milo & Bea (it wan0t really him, his random list picked them up). He went there , tolod Jocktiopus to beat up himself, and the 3 left.

    Overall: Pretty good episode. It was nice to see more focus on Jocktopus, and I liked him Piranhica uses him. Also, this epísode highlights the 3 main's friendship. 8.5/10.