Fish Hooks

Season 1 Episode 26

Legend of the Earth Troll

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 08, 2011 on Disney Channel
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Legend of the Earth Troll
Earth day is coming to freshwater high and when Milo doesn't care about recycling, Oscar dresses up as the "Earth Troll" and convinces Milo to start recycling. Everything goes great till Milo takes it a step too far...

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  • A perfect Earth Day themed episode of "Fish Hooks"

    I thought that this was perfect episode of "Fish Hooks" and it was Earth Day themed which was a great idea. Oscar convinces Milo that he needs to recycle and if he recycles that the Earth Troll would come to see Milo. Oscar said that to get Milo to recycle and it worked. Oscar dresses up as Mr. Earth Troll and Bea dresses up as Mrs. Earth Troll. I thought the 4th wall being Kyle Massey at the beginning of the episode was very funny because Kyle Massey is the voice of Milo. I thought Oscar dressing up as the Earth Troll was very funny. It was also hilarious when Milo didn't care about Mrs. Earth Troll (Bea) and cared more about Mr. Earth Troll (Oscar). It was also funny when Bea would get mad and say "Come on" because Milo told her that he doesn't like Mrs. Earth Troll. I thought Milo going crazy over the recycling thing was very funny. Mr. Earth Troll (Oscar) and Mrs. Earth Troll (Bea) have to tell Milo to stop going crazy over recycling but Milo didn't listen to them. Oscar and Bea revealed that they were both Mr. and Mrs. Earth Troll to Milo until the real Mr. Earth Troll came to Milo at the end of the episode. I thought it was funny that the real Earth Troll came to Milo at the end of the episode. Overall, I love that "Fish Hooks" is going green and it was a perfect Earth Day themed episode. 10/10moreless
  • Milo, you always take it too far...

    So, Oscar convinces Milo to start recycling by dressing up as "The Earth Troll", and soon Milo takes it WAY too far. This episode had many funny moments, such as the breaking of the 4th wall (The Kyle Massey joke, to be precise.), and of course, how Milo recycled all that TOILET PAPER... Well, that is the only exception of bathroom humor I will EVER take, so let's cut to the chase.

    9/10 A- At first I Thought, Poor Fish Hooks, they're being forced to go green, but they made it GOOD. So, I must say that this was a great episode.moreless
  • "I don't celebrate a holiday without a magical dude in it." Don't we all? ;)

    Earth day is coming to freshwater high, and Oscar (who likes cleaning things and helping) is gleefully singing while sorting out the trash; while Milo on the other hand is being extremely wasteful and sloppy. When Oscar tells him that Earth day is coming up Milo shrugs it off due to the holiday not having a magical dude/mascot, so Oscar decides to make one up to motivate him to recycle and when he does he comes to him in the middle of the night and gives him a prize for his hard work (a keychain with a bottle opener).

    After that meeting, Milo decides to continue recycling so that the "Earth Troll" will hang out with him more often so the next day at school he continues his plan and gets the entire school to start recycling; Bea notices this and talks to Oscar upset when she finds out that Oscar performed without her and wants in.

    The two appear to him again (although Milo doesn't like "Mrs. Earth Troll"/Bea) and after that he begins to get more extreme. He was about to turn off all power to the tanks to save energy (by going outside to the electric plug) but, Oscar and Bea arrive revealing that they were the trolls all long and that he should stop. The real Earth Troll then appears giving Milo a keychain with both a bottle opener and a flashlight reminding him that it's good to recycle but to not go crazy. After an E.T. reference the episode ends with the trio cheering with the words recycle in the back.

    In the end this was a good episode and the most musical of the episodes so far containing a total of three songs.

    The thing that stopped the episode from getting a 10 for me was the egotistical reference that Kyle Massey made to himself at the start of the episode.

    Anyways a great earth day episode reminding people to recycle but don't over do it.moreless
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