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  • This Is Torture For Me!

    My friend showed me this show a few years ago and it has got to be the most flat, boring show i've ever seen! It didn't help that i had to watch it all day.
  • So, i'm here to come back to this show, and now that I look at it... It doesn't even COMPARE to T&J. (EDITED)

    First of all, this show REALLY Isn't that good. I KNOW I SAID IT WAS GOOD BEFORE, but things change when you're bsent from for 263 days. But, who's counting? Anyway... this show is bad. I mean, REALLY BAD. It may catch your appeal with certain episodes like Milo Gets a Ninja & Halloween Haul, but overall, it's just overall terrible. Just avoid it at all costs, like Planet Sheen. 4.5/10

    Don't expect me to re-review my other Fish Hooks reviews. I am satisfied and this is probably one of the only three re-writes I have planned.
  • Where's the GAAAAAAAAY seal when you need it?

    'Nuff said...
  • it's ok...

    This show is ALRIGHT, it has funny moments, but isn't as good as Gravity falls. I'm not a fan of the flash animation, it's quite lazy actually, but the drawings aren't terrible which kind of makes up for it. I've seen worse art, it looks like they put in some effort for the art style. Which is better than no effort at all. I like the voice actors, they are all pretty good, and their voices fit the characters perfectly. I wouldn't reccomend this show, but it's NOT horrible, it's kind of cute in a way. But older kids might not like it. Maybe I'm wrong, older kids might watch it, but it seems like around the 10, 11, 12 catergory. This show is fair, if your bored you might watch it. I normally watch it on lazy Sundays.
  • Better than stupid Spongebob

    This is so much better than the stupid Spongebob Dorkpants. This is really a cute show. I agree it's not the best as Phineas and Ferb or Gravity Falls, but it has funny moments.
  • The animation sucks

    I have been going around reviewing different animated shows, and this show probably has the worst animation. The real life objects that mix with the show's animation make it quite unattractive. The characters are also annoying as well, especially Milo. An average show at best and nowhere near Phineas and Ferb or Gravity Falls.
  • Really??? End the show already...

    This show is STUPID and not even funny. Cancel this nonsensical shit & keep the good shows like Good Luck Charlie, Gravity Falls, Jessie, and A.N.T. Farm.
  • Hmmmmm.....?

    I don't know what to make of this show. One of the top things I dislike about it, Is that it's done in flash. Why Flash? Flash just doesn't look right. At least it's not the worst flash i've seen. Another thing is that C.H. Greenblatt is working on this show. He should be working on something better, not this. He wrote most of the better episodes of shows like Spongebob and Grim Adventures,and later worked on Chowder. This show even got Maxwell Atoms as a director. You would at first it would be good with them. It doesn't. It's not appealing to the eye. You can see C.H Greenblatt's style and humor in the show, but the flash doesn't make it stand out. It was a horrible choice to use flash. There are some other problems outside of the flash animation. The first is that it's about fish, kinda like spongebob. Now, i'm not going to go like: "It copies this, It copies that" It just bothers me. The last thing is it's use of stereotypical characters. (The girlfriend,the nerd,the bully) I can assume that disney dubbed it to make it look that way, as well as add songs(For example: Phineas and Ferb). It's not a huge problem, I just like it beacause it's been seen before.
  • It could be worse

    This is the kind of series that I would like for it to come to an end, but also would like just to get better. The series is boring, annoying and... come on... why teenangers? They act like the classic stereotypes of teenagers. Overall, it is a crap
  • Rubbish.

    The episode content in some of the episodes can be entertaining but the "real art" clips are kind of graphic and gross. The show would also be better to me If Milo didn't speak--kind of like the fish in Chicken Little. Another thing is it's not normal at all--but in a bad way. It's also more of a Disney XD type show as it is now. I wish Disney would have made it better in the beginning before taking up a half hour if people's lives with useless noise. Now, I'm not saying Disney channel hasn't had bad shows before...they have. All shows have so many corny lines that it makes me want to drive ice picks into my ears. Nevertheless, this show is a fine example of how the stupidity and immaturity has increased over the years in the younger generations. In my opinion it is just rubbish.
  • WHAT IS THIS!?!?

  • Seriously Disney? :/

    Disney was doing great and then they introduce this new show called "Fish Hooks". This show is not funny at all and lame jokes. Really, you call those things fish? And who would really want to make a show about talking fish? Every episode is just lame. I hope it just ends, I mean seriously I don't think the show is getting much views. I watched this one time when my best friend left the TV on and we decided to watch it, and it was totally lame and we both hated it.
  • Disney? Fish Hooks? Real Cartoon? Actual Humor? No Terrible Animation? No Live-Action? No Stupid Teen Drama Stuff? No Bad Plots? No Bad Voice Actors? I MUST BE DREAMING!!!

    This show i thought in the beginning wouldn't be all that great well i was a total idiot for thinking this. This show is brilliant it is the best thing Disney has released in SO MANY YEARS. The Writing is great they don't rely on one plot the entire show's run like Phineas and Ferb did the characters are very lovable and not ugly and unpresentable the show is not some terrible flash animation no bad voice actors real humor and what's really odd is that DISNEY of all people made this wonderful cartoon. There's no downfall of this show except one thing... Why is it on Disney Channel??? This show should be on Cartoon Network it's like Regular Show which is an absolutely GREAT thing these new cartoons are beginning to act like the shows everybody including me in the 90's grew up with considering this show has many adult innuendos (like Pregnancy, Barmitsfaz, Making fun of Bad Musical artists etc.) i actually give props to the wonderful creator of this show along with the writers and thank you Disney you are finally understanding what the people want. This show is amazing and is very very underrated. Disney keep this show going and make more like this if you do you will be back on your feet at the same roots like in the 90's you proved that with this show and i'm really impressed. I give this show 9.5/10 stars i would have given it 10 if it had the chance to go to Disney Channel but even that i still love this show.
  • Nice, interesting, decent, and funny

    Like the title says, the show's nice, interesting, and decent. Oh, it's also funny at times. Bea can be a lil' full of herself at times. Oscar's the gooball, and Milo's...the ladies man? I also thought about how tonight's episode was. Shelsea (sometimes think about the name) is funny at times. "Gurllllllll".
  • It's alright

    The show has clever moments and fun parts. But, the plots are weak, the show seems more annoying then it needs to be and the message seems really repetitive from all other Disney Channel Shows. If you want to watch a really good Disney show, I suggest Phineas and Ferb
  • Finally! A cartoon on disney that's not "Phineas and Ferb"

    Very appealing show about 3 teenage fish. (Milo, Oscar, and Bea) Milo is a plump fish who is not very intelligent and always gets himself into tough situations, Bea is your average teenage drama queen, and Oscar is your average nerd who loves video games. Other characters include: Clamantha, Shelsea, Esmargot, Jocktopus, Mr. Baldwin, and many more. The humor is great. The animation combined with picture collages for the outside of the tank is something original that I have not seen in a long time and I like it! I love this show and I have not missed a single episode. I highly recommend this show for little kids and teenagers who just love good old fashioned comedy. My overall grade for this show: 10.0 (A+)
  • Why is this Show Still On?

    Fish Hooks, a Disney Channel show about three fish that go to highschool, is weak and uninspired.

    The main characters are one-dimensional and bland. You have Bea, the 'typical teenage girl,' Oscar the nerdy one of the bunch who has a crush on Bea who, of coarse, has no idea. Last is Milo, voiced by Kyle Massey (who seems to be holding on to whatever he can to stay famous,) is the loud, party boy protagonist. While these characters are by no means awful, you never really feel for them because they're simply cardboard cutouts of previous cartoon characters.

    The humour I feel tries way too hard. It's like the writers assume that to be funny, they have to constantly dish out potty humour and make the characters scream 24/7. There isn't much wit to be found, just obnoxious yelling and fart noises. Now, mind you, potty humour and funny screams can be hilarious, but it shouldn't make up all the humour in the show. In Fish Hooks, that's all the humour you get.

    The animation is a pretty basic, familiar style, which is by no means a bad thing. It looks as if it's taken a lot of inspiration from 'Spongebob' with the photo collage animals and backgrounds, and it works fine. Nothing really bad about the animation, in fact, it's fairly decent.

    Fish Hooks has many flaws and I really don't find it worth watching when it comes on. The plot is the nauseatingly basic 'teens in highschool' premise, but with fish. The characters are a mesh of annoying traits from other characters and the animation, while good, definately can't save this show.
  • I'll put a piranha where they live in and leave them for a seconds.

    Then when I'm back, those fishes are gone! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Plot: It's about three fishes, who lives in an aquarium and goes to school every day (what a good pun, no). It's really scrambled up. No back details.

    Characters: The 2 of the main characters are rip-off of Sandy Cheeks, and Spongebob. (Milo and Bea). No one is good at this show. Most of them are annoying.

    Humor: Annoying humor, includes chasing and screaming. (Just like Johnny Test!)

    Art: The animation is fine, but their appearance, sucks.

    Overall: 1.5. Cancel this show. This is one of the horrible ones that are always irritating to the high point of banging your head into a wall.
  • Let's get our fishing poles out, reel these guys in, and turn them into sushi

    If you have seen The Buzz on Maggie, then you have seen Fish Hooks. The show centers around 3 friends named Milo, Oscar, and Bea. All of them try to endure high school and have normal teenage lives. So this is just another teen show that is animated. Sound boring? Well it gets worse. I found all the characters on this show to be very annoying. Milo is a complete idiot. Oscar freaks out too much. Bea is pretty much the same as Oscar, except worse. Also none of these characters have any personality. Bea is your standard drama queen. Milo is like the class clown. Oscar seems to be like a nerd. The bully is stereotypical as well as the teachers. Nobody has any interesting characteristics. As for the stories, they are boring and unoriginal and some of them are just weird. One story is about Bea being all cautious for picture day, and she thinks her picture is horrible and tries to get rid of it, boring to say the least. Another was when Milo was failing a class, so Oscar and Bea help out by, I am not kidding here, putting his life in danger such as throwing him into a tiger cage. How the heck does that even work at all? It's not just stupid, it's really weird as well. The humor was really the only good thing in this show, and to be fair it did get some laughs out of me so at least it makes the show bearable. The artwork is OK, but uninspired and I don't like the fact that they have to add real photos and have their lips move poorly, I really could have done without that. The animation though is nice and flows smoothly. Perhaps my biggest shock to this show is directed by Maxwell Atoms, who did the awesome Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and they got C.H. Greenblatt, a writer of the earlier seasons of Spongebob, Grim Adventures, and Chowder, to be on this as well. Now the humor and writing in this show is similar to C.H.'s, but even then that's not enough to save this show. Maxwell, please cancel this show and go do another show similar to Billy and Mandy or just bring that show back. C.H., please find a better show to work on than this you deserve a better show. This show wouldn't have been so bad if it weren't for the fact that it has been done before, like The Buzz on Maggie. I apologize to all you fans who like it, but for me this show does not appeal to me at all. Even though this show can give a couple of laughs, Fish Hooks offers nothing new and is a show that is best left at the bottom of the sea.
  • Stop replacing spongebob

    This show is too similar to spongebob squarepants.I hate everything about this show including that silly girl named Bea,Every episode is about the same thing all the time.This show has to go!
  • this show is a copy of spongebob

    HASN'T ANYBODY NOTICED HOW ONE OF THE MAIN CHARACTERS LOOKS LIKE A MINOR SPONGEBOB CHARACTER marty the fish he looks like one of the fish from spongebob and btw this show sucks because its from disney
  • This Show Reeks Of Rotten Fish.

    I already knew that I wouldn't be feeling this Disney t.v. project as much as I have some, certain others, based on the negative reviews I read on both here and other sites. And from the descriptions and explanations, it didn't seem like one of the shows that would really appeal to me, so I was never in any rush to see it right away. But I decided to search for when it airs on the schedule grid of the cable box and I caught a couple of episodes (2 segments each, bringing them to a total of four segments) over a couple hours ago, just so I can give me review too (had the volume on mute, but the captions were on). I agree that it's one of my least favorites (if not just my least favorite), Disney or otherwise. Walt Disney Television Animation has done some much better series than this and a few others.

    One of my beefs with this series is the animation. I mean, most flash animated shows have the reputation of being hated on due to the movements of characters not being as fluid as other forms of animation and that a better place for them to be viewed would be online. The characters in the pet shop who don't live in aquariums or tanks, the cat, the mouse and the snake, I don't think I can even quite consider them to be flash animated. Those three appear to be real-life, cut-out, stop-motion animated and they seem cheaper looking that the aquatic characters, the cat is especially ugly. I miss Disney's own, signature, initial animated style and would like to see a show that has that again (but only if everything else about it hold my attention to get me engaged) and I'm getting fed up with the flash animated shows. Another gripe is the sometimes freaky content. One of the episodes/segments I saw was about the dropsies, and I finally saw the ending of that episode of what a reviewer mentioned on Common Sense Media. When Milo gets put into a tank with the really sick fish and the skin/scales of one sickly fish peels off the face and onto a casserole plate, exposing facial, muscular tissue or matter. I know freaky/disturbing stuff in cartoons is nothing new (Ren & Stimpy, for one), but it's just so left-field for Disney and not what one would expect, having known the studio/company for so long, this program would make it the first in which freaky moments occur. I'm not very big on freaky mess like that, so I haven't seen many shows that involve them in the contents. Also, at the end of the segment in which Oscar becomes a goth fish, and he, Milo and Bea land on the backs of some bunnies, the bunny on which Oscar lands turns around and has an ugly/scary face. Capturing that moment may give some nightmares (which luckily I haven't had, as I already seen a pic of that scene on TV Tropes). The humor, I can't comment on in that area, as I'm still not really much of an expert on that, but as an adult, I'm gradually (or hardly) still getting more of that now.

    What else I concur on is that the airwaves are over-saturated with high school-set shows like this one. We got plenty of them and it's been overdone, let something that hasn't been done (or, at least, done in a long while anyway), take over the screens. I want go over what this is about, since others here have already, if y'all who haven't seen any of it would like to know, search for and read their reviews. Not among WDTA's best, sorry. Try again (or better yet harder) Disney (which I doubt they will at this rate). I'm not feeling it at all. Oh, how I yearn for the days of the good/better old Disney Afternoon, Disney's One Saturday Morning and ABC Kids blocks.
  • It's not really that bad. :)

    This show is not really that bad i guess i kinda liked the first season of it but the second season is way better. my favorite Character is Oscar because he's kind of a spaz which is funny and likes to play video games like me. My favorite episode would have to be the valentines special, ' Send me an angel fish" where Oscar finds his true love which was a really cute episode. So overall this show is great and if you don't like it trust me watch the second season it's so much better so give it a try, who knows..... you just might like it too. :)
  • This is great comparated with p&f

  • Why Disney, Why?

    My least favorite show. Terrible. Turn them into Sushi PLEASE
  • People actually LIKE this Piece of S#!*? I thought Disney TV Animation was back. The Worst Show on Disney. Period.


    This is definitely not one of Disney's better shows. And I have several reasons to support that.

    The Animation: The animation is sub-par at best. I thought the characters were supposed to look like fish! But none of them do, save a few characters. Though I do like the use of real pictures in the animation, it is not anything entirely new.

    The Characters: Very bland, stereotypical characters with basically no personality are swimming in Freshwater High. Milo is the one who is the thrill-seeking "cool" guy, like that's new. Oscar is the typical nerd and Neat-freak, and his and Milo's relationship is basically a homage to The Odd Couple, which can bring a few laughs. Bea is the one who wants to be an "Actress-Superstar", and is too over dramatic. And there's a bully, a nerd, and other things you always see in a school. Very original.

    The Humor/Writing: I This show almost never make me laugh. People call Phineas and Ferb unoriginal? Do they watch this show, or that one? If they DID ACTUALLY WATCH they would realize that fish hooks is all rehashed and lame. What really disappoints me is that the writers came from some great shows! Maxwell Atoms (Billy & Mandy Creator) C.H Greenblatt (Former SpongeBob Writer and Creator of Chowder), Mr. Warburton (Codename Kids Next Door creator), etc. These were great shows, save for Chowder, and I thought that with these people, this show would be better! But it is not.

    Overall, of Disney Channel's animated shows, I can safely say my favorite is not Fish Hooks.

    .5/10= Terrible in my book.

    That's all for now!

  • Worse than Phineas and Ferb.


    Worse than Phineas and Ferb. OK where do i begin. The graphics are TERRIBLE. It's a little discusting, and the jokes aren't that good. The only funny characters are Ms. Lips, Milo, (sometimes) Bea and her friends. OK this show is about 3 fish friends who attend a high school called Freshwater High in a pet store. When I saw the promo for this show. I thought it would stink SO ad, but it was a little better than i thought. This show really isn't that good.

  • I love this cartoon and It's WAY more fun to watch than "Phineas and Ferb" in my opinion.

    I love this cartoon and it's about time that Disney Channel actually got an enjoyable cartoon to air for not only the kids but for all ages to enjoy. Okay, sure Fish Hooks involves three teenage high school fishes but it's not like "Phineas and Ferb" where it's just a kids and teens cartoon, "Fish Hooks" is actually a kids cartoon, a cartoon for all ages to enjoy and I like this cartoon WAY more than "Phineas and Ferb". I just don't like that they put some gross stuff in "Fish Hooks" but it's a fun cartoon. The adventures of three fishes are delightful and the creators did a good job making this cartoon. I love all three of the fishes, and I think kids will love all of the characters as well because they are all just fun. The animation for "Fish Hooks" is really good and I love the storylines. This is what I would like call a classic, creative, and fun cartoon to watch and it's one of my favorite Disney Channel shows to watch. Overall, this is a perfect cartoon to watch, give it a chance. 10/10
  • Kinda an underrated show, but I enjoyed it.


    Fish Hooksfollows Milo, Oscar and Bea, three fish friends who attend Freshwater High, a school in their fish tank which is located at a pet store. They have many adventures together and struggle with teen life.

    The show features Kyle Massey as Milo, Justin Roiland as Oscar,

    and Chelsea Staub as Bea. The show is created by childen's book illustrator Noah Z. Jones and developed for television by Alex Hirsch and Bill Reiss.

    This show seems underrated because some people don't like the plot that much. Also, they think that it is a ripoff of SpongeBob. I don't think it is. Both of these shows are taken place in an aquatic settings and they both has fish. My favorite characters are Milo (though sometimes annoying), Oscar, Clamantha, Mr. Baldwin, Jocktopous, and a few others. Most of the episodes have great plot. Only like a couple episodes are bad so far. Overall, Fish Hooks is a great show, but not the best. 8.5/10

  • Sorry, but...It doesn't appeal to me as much as it appeals to others

    It doesn't appeal to me as much as it appeals to others I guess...I don't know why, but it isn't my cup of tea. Honestly, I feel it's lacking in some aspects. I don't really like the voices either, nor the drawings.

    But my opinion is my opinion. You can't say that I'm wrong if it asks our opinion of the show. If you don't like my review, So sad, Too Bad. It's exactly what I think. If you're a kid who says my review is harsh, sorry, but face reality. Not everyone will like the same thing as you.
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