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  • A failed attempt by Disney to compete with SpongeBob

    I mean, what's so special about a show focusing on teenage fish who go to high school and live teenage lives? Disney Channel cartoons are usually really good (like Phineas and Ferb, Gravity Falls, and Star vs. The Forces of Evil), and they all have originality and creative storylines to them. I see nothing creative about teenage fish in high school. In fact seemed like Disney only put this on the air to finally compete with SpongeBob, one of the most popular and iconic cartoons of all time. So the premise of the show sounds pretty bad, but it gets worse. The animation flows nicely for the most part, except for the live action footage (like the janitor and other pets such as cats) looks hideous and disturbing. At least in shows like SpongeBob and Chowder (seriously You went from those two gems to this?!?!?), the live action footage and gross out humor is used sparingly and it's not too choppy. Some of the live action footage they put into the show is horrendous to look at, but the animation on the fish is much better and not so choppy. Did I forget to mention the three main protagonists (especially Milo) are some of the most annoying characters I've ever laid my eyes on in a cartoon. Just listening to Milo's voice makes me wanna smash my tv and throw it out the window. That leads me to another problem, the voice acting in this show is so annoying and so over the top it hurts my ears. Then there's the humor, and while the show occasionally has it's funny moments and clever moments, I can't stand the gross out humor they put in the show. But if there's one thing I hate more than the gross out humor is all the screaming, yelling, and obnoxious teen humor we get in shows like Shake It Up and Jessie. Literally, this show has humor like some of the teen sitcoms Disney Channel puts out there, and it's unoriginal and UNFUNNY!!! I will give the show credit because I definitely got some laughs here and there from the show, and the animation (minus the ugly footage) isn't terrible overall, plus the show even has some episodes that are fun and thrilling to watch (not a lot though). Overall, this show was a failed attempt by Disney to compete with SpongeBob. It's one of the most annoying and over exaggerated cartoons I have ever sat through. Do yourself and go watch Phineas and Ferb, Gravity Falls, Star vs. The Forces of Evil, and even SpongeBob instead of this ugly and annoying trash.
  • One of my guilty pleasures

    I really like this show. Its actually funny, cute and amazing. This is actually one of those shows that I love, but everyone else hates. Period.
  • Please use as fishbait or fertilizer

    This was one lousy show. It sounded promising as a new cartoon courtesy of Disney Channel but it falls flat in so many ways and times. None of the characters are cool, funny, or interesting in anyway. They are so stereotypical and lame. The setting has got to be the laziest thing DC conceived; being a high school for fish and other aquatic life in a pet store. Seriously how many shows about high school did DC already do and was doing at this time? Disney Channel became utterly saturated and obsessed with shows about teens in high school during that time period. Gosh enough of it already. Not only that the animation style was super lazy and lame being little more than cut outs. I guess DC didn't think this show was that great or had a strong chance which makes me wonder why make this lame thing in the first place. Even more people can complain about this being too much like Sponge Bob another show that has been airing for too long. I don't like Sponge Bob and I feel this show is just a knock off of another stupid show. My gosh that's lazy and lame. Even more this show sends very bad lessons on what real friends are willing to do for you and that you should allow yourself to be bullied and harassed just to have fun and belong. Not a good message. I sort of hope that some naive or foolish viewers follows that so called advice and files a lawsuit against DC for promoting such lousy advice that ended up harming the audience instead. Maybe that will be the wake up call DC needs to have to get them making better shows than this waste of time.
  • Quite decent actually.

    I do not understand why people really hate this show, it's just a teenage version of SpongeBob. I would give it a 10, if it weren't such a ripoff. It has its enjoyable and it's not-so-enjoyable moments.
  • its ok.

    hey, im a very odd person, as u may know from my other laugh at things that are stupid and make fun of them. its rare that i laugh at an actual joke.

    sometimes ill laugh, just like when my little brother got the lego movie and watches it 10 times a day, the only time that i laugh really hard at it now is when the blind grandpa says, "emmet, you didn't let me finish earlier, because i just LOL! anyway this isnt complete crap. its not usually broing. but i never see it on tv anymore. boo. but not as good as impractical jokers.
  • Rip-Off of SpongeBob

    This show is about fishes going on failure adventure!

    Oscar is really gay and sound gay.

    Bea thinks she is hot, NO, she is ugly.

    Milo is the worst character ever he is drunk. WHAT THE F*CK! Fishes can't be drunk.

    Rip-off Alert: This show is a rip-off of SpongeBob SquarePants, One of my favorate shows.

    The Animation is Terrible, The Theme song is annoying as hell.

    Thank God, this show got cancelled in 2014.




  • My Review On Fish Hooks

    This show sucks, because it's a rip-off of SpongeBob!
  • Sponge bob rip off

    I'm happy this is canceled its like spongebob + degrassi + Fanboy + FBCC

    it sucks its horrible Disney none of your cartoons will never beat spongebob.
  • walt disney would throw up in his grave

    also, this is a spongebob ripoff. how dare you rip off the best show on nickelodeon right now. spongebob will last 100 years and this show will last one year.
  • just wow.

    Come on guys,its just a cartoon for kids and people who know how to have a good time. And BTW the ended already
  • Disney trying to compete with Spongebob.

    While this isn't the worst show on Disney, it certainly isn't the best either. This show is about these highschoolers named Milo, Bea and Oscar who attend a school named Freshwater High School and go through typical high school drama. Been there done that. So this is basically another one of those teen sitcoms except it's animated and revolves around fish. The characters were just bland sterotypes with no characteristics or development and were either boring or annoying. Oscar freaks out too much. Milo is a bumbling moron. Bea is your generic drama queen. The jocks are jerks for the sake of being jerks. The teachers are stereotyped too. None of these characters are likeable, they are much more forgettable.

    The storylines are dull and forgettable and usually never make sense, some of them are just rehashes that we've seen happen in other shows.

    The humor was the only good thing about the show. It isn't laugh till you do humor but to be fair it did get a few laughs out of me.

    The artwork is mediocre, and the characters look ugly. The animation though is good and moves smoothly. I don't however like the fact how they mix live action backgrounds with Flash animation though.

    Overall, this show tried to be successful like Spongebob Squarepants but just failed. I was happy when this show was cancelled. It is a Spongebob rip off with hardly any redeems.
  • A bad low for disney

    I couldn't watch this but the theme song was annoying and I was like shut up! shut up! expectantly the la la la part, I cannot stand that annoying theme song so i ignored while it on TV!
  • This belongs on cartoon network

    Seriously, this show is a rip off of Sponge Bob and either belongs on Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network. All this show is about is 3 fishies going to this high school. This show needs to be cancelled.
  • Nope Sorry...

    This show is just Lame. It's Pretty Annoying! And why are they Realistic Things in This Show?! It's looks Awful! I'm sorry but i dont like this show so much.
  • This show is pretty lame.

    From the creator of the god awful almost naked animals, comes a show that is 10x better than crappy teen sitcoms, but at the same time, is very lame. The animation is nothing special, the characters are all generic teenagers, the humour is bland for the most part and the premise is not that original. I only gave this show a chance because I heard that c. h greenblatt (who worked on spongebob, billy and mandy and chowder) was working on this show too. Well, the show turned out to be a huge dissapointment. Don't watch this show. Watch gravity falls, wander over yonder or heck, even phineas and ferb instead.
  • .....

    When this show was announced, I was actually really excited that another cartoon besides Phineas and Ferb was on Disney Channel(considering the shit storm was being dropped on DC at the time). But from watching a couple of episodes, my feelings of it let's look at it.

    The animation isn't great, but really good for other Flash Animation these days. The designs aren't that fun to look at, and sometimes can be a bit nauseating. The voice actors are great(It's really nice to hear Kyle Massey's voice again). But the characters themselves aren't that wonderful. They could be a lot more creative, they basically work like this:

    Geek Friend- Likes friend that's girl secretly

    Friend that's Girl-Likes Geek Friend as a brother

    Dumb Ass Friend-(Usually Geek's brother) gets into "Hi-Jinks"

    The premise of a bunch of Teenage Fish living in a Pet Shop sounds like it could be really fun.


    I really don't like that part in particular because that's almost every single Live Action Show on DC today. and the less of that shit the better.

    Plus the humor can be a tad slow at some points, and don't really have that much of a satisfying punch-line. Plus the stories can have some potential, but don't really add up to anything that good.

    Sometimes the show can have it's moments, but sometimes it doesn't

    Hey, at least it isn't Johnny Test.

  • This show is annoying

    The show is sooo gay take it off already
  • What a stupid show

    Worst show on Disney... must be taken off the air now!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I have nothing else to say but annoying and awkward.

    This show is so strange. It's stereotypical, awkward, and just not really unfunny. Everything about this show is just so subpar, the characters, the plots, the animation (which made my eyes bleed). It's just a bland and boring cartoon, in my own opinion. I don't really have much else to say but forgettable, lame, unfunny, and sucky. I really don't like this cartoon and I'll end it here. That, and I hardly have anything to say about this series

    This series utterly sucks.
  • An Embarassment to Disney

    Disney is a great channel with a lot going for them but this show lacks a storyline, humor, and entertainment. Fish Hooks should be taken off the air now!
  • Dumb and stupid

    I thought Jessie was bad till I watched this crap it's stupid dum and they don't even stare straight
  • What the...

    Basically, this cartoon isn't funny at all, the plot lines are boring and the characters (specially Oscar and the clam) are annoying and even disturbing.
  • When was the last time Disney Channel made a good Cartoon?

    This show just mixes in with Disney's recipe for disaster. This show is not humorous at all.
  • This is...

    the worst show I have ever seen.

    I've never seen anything more crappy in my life-such a rip off of Spongebob. It belongs on Nickelodeon, not Disney. Either Nickeloden or nonexistance. I can't believe Disney would make such a show.
  • Fish Hooks: Bad & Stupid

    Just like the other animated cartoons on Disney Channel, this one is just as stupid and ***ed.
  • Better than "Phineas and Ferb".

    This is just a great show! It doesn't belong on Disney Channel it belongs on Cartoon Network. The show started to decrease with "Doggonit" but it really brought itself back up. It's just randomly funny jokes. Heck, I would even compare this to Regular Show. It's Disney's at it's greatest. It's Disney Channel's best animated series of all time (The only one running besides "Phineas and Ferb" and the upcoming "Gravity Falls") Even though the storylines are stupid, at least there stupidly hilarious! Just watch one episode of this show and you will love it. This show just doesn't get the credit it deserves like:

    Fish Hooks = Gets no credit (But it's great)
    Phineas & Ferb = Gets all credit (But it just repeats every storyline)

    It's the same as Cartoon Network:

    Adventure Time = Gets all credit (Sucks, pretty much)
    Regular Show = Gets no credit (Best cartoon of all time).
  • Are you kidding me?

    Seriously, I thought Phineas and Ferb was a bad show, until I watched this utter crapfest. The story is basically about three fishes going to this high school. While the story does some boring, but most shows know how to spice up their boring premise. That's not the case for the show. The plots themselves are rehashes, and they are not interesting at the least bit, either. As for the characters, they are stereotypical and are as flat as paper. I mean, in Phineas and Ferb, there were at least very basic character development, but they throw that out of the window. Milo tries to act cool, but he isn't at the least bit, and is a complete moron. Oscar is supposed to be a stereotypical nerd or something. Bea is supposed to be the super cool one out of them, but really isn't. Don't even get me started on how stereotypical the bully and the teachers are. The animation itself is OK, but it's nothing new, and doesn't out from other shows. In addition, why is that all the characters have an annoying voice? I'm just asking. The humor itself is unbearable, although it could offer a chuckle or two.

    So while the show has its moments, it will offer nothing new to fans of Disney, or to people in general. If you want to see something with humor, go watch SpongeBob SquarePants. At least that show is worth watching.

    Presentation: 4.5/10 God, will a modern show ever have originality in their plots or stories.

    Animation: 6/10 Decent, but the fact that it doesn't stand out makes the score very lower.

    Voice: 2.5/10 Unbearable. All the voices are downright annoying and stereotypical, and the lip syncs seem off.

    Entertainment: 3/10 While the show does offer a clever joke, the other portion of jokes are very painful to hear.

    Lasting Appeal: 3/10 Does offer moments, but it all goes back to painful humor.

    FINAL SCORE: 3.5/10 Awful
  • one word... stereotypes

    This show sucks. I mean, all the fish on that show are teens in HS but Bea, shellsea, and numerous other fishies act like sterotypical teenagers while milo acts like hes 5 while he supposed to be a lot older than that. Does disney think its funny for some fish dude to act like a toddler? Hmm... anyway the animation is a mixture between real life and cartoon so not a good mix. I think it would be better for everyone if they just took it off disney.
  • This show is my third fave modern cartoon after phineas and ferb and gravity falls

    I really really like this show it's very funny I know most people don't like it but I think it rocks mostly milo is funny and bea is very funny cuz she screamed when she saw a regular picture I laughed so much on that episode and I like how oscar is kinda like me we both like video games we both have bros we have some stuff in common
  • just no

    this the first disney cartoon that i actually hate the characters are bad and so annoying