Fish Hooks - Season 1

Disney Channel (ended 2014)


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Episode Guide

  • 11/18/11
  • Halloween Haul
    Episode 40

    The fish decide to Trick-R-Treat out of the tank to get away from Joctopus.

  • Fish School Musical Part II

    Bea thinks Joctopus will ruin the play

  • 9/23/11

    The school puts on a play.

  • 8/26/11

    Oscardoes his impression of the queen of Fish England only to have Mr. Mussels fall in love with him.

  • Good Times at Pupu Goodtimes

    The school goes to a theme park and the three fish friends split up, each with goals in mind. Bea tries to ride a ride with Steve, Milo go upagainstRandy to see who is more macho and Oscar helps Albert and Jumbo Shrimp win a Limited Edition Fork Saber.

  • Run, Oscar, Run
    Episode 36

    Oscar is being awarded with a perfect attendance award. But, he gets into a situation and tries to make it in time to get the award.

  • 7/8/11
    Oscar learns he needs to find a club to get into a good collage.
  • 7/2/11
    Oscar needs help with his school news because he is bad. So, Bea decides to help. But, Bea totally takes it over.
  • Diary of a Lost Fish

    Bea Diary is stolen by Randy and she must go on a date with him to get it back.

  • Mascotastrophe
    Episode 31
    Milo and Oscar are team mascots and try to keep it a secret. But, when their secret gets out they soon learn what being famous is like.
  • Milo's Big Idea
    Milo's Big Idea
    Episode 30
    Milo comes up with a great idea: fridge hats. But when Randy Pincherson mysteriously starts selling fridge hats and claiming he came up with the idea, Milo and the others must figure out how Randy knew the idea and how to expose him.
  • 6/18/11
    Oscar takes his driving test, but things get wild when his driving instructors turn out to be Mr. Mussels and Coach Salmons.
  • 5/13/11
    Previously on Fish Hooks: Milo and Oscar go with Bea when she gets a role in a T.V. show in Hamsterwood. There Milo falls in Love with Pamela Hamster who in the end is suposed to eat Bea! Now in a suprising new epsiode of fish hooks Pamela Hamster returns when Milo invites her to visit. But, he thinks Pamela won't like him for the fish he is. So, goes to great percautions to keep anything fishy away from her. But, things get worse when Pamela decides to come live with Milo.moreless
  • Parasite Fright
    Parasite Fright
    Episode 27
    After watching a scary mobie Milo thinks everyone at school has been infected with fish Parasites and takes great percations.
  • Legend of the Earth Troll
    Earth day is coming to freshwater high and when Milo doesn't care about recycling, Oscar dresses up as the "Earth Troll" and convinces Milo to start recycling. Everything goes great till Milo takes it a step too far...
  • Peopleing
    Episode 25
    Milo engages in a new dangerous sport called peopleing which could end in death.
  • Two Clams in Love
    Episode 24
    Clamantha believes that Oscar's laptop is another clam named Webster and falls in love with it. Things go great for Oscar until Webster begins to run out of battery.
  • Flying Fish
    Episode 23
    Milo wants to fly around the world; but he needs to tame a bird in the pet shop in order to do so.
  • Fish Floaters
    Episode 22
    The students at Freshwater high are split into boys and girls for a battle of the parade floats. Which side will win?
  • Dollars and Fish
    Dollars and Fish
    Episode 21
    Milo borrows money from a loan shark and gets really popular, and things are going great until the loan shark asks for his money back. Milo has to now pay him back before he suffers the "Big Pinch".
  • 2/11/11
    Oscar feels like no one gets him and goes Goth, changing his name to Bubblethorn. But, is he not good enough to be Goth?
  • Big Fish
    Big Fish
    Episode 19
    Milo decides to join Bea in her Exercise class but, learns he is not very strong. So, he tries to use a special tank to grow strong but he uses it to much.
  • Bea is liked by everyone except Albert Glass. So, she makes it her mission to do anything to get him to like her.
  • Dropsy!
    Episode 17
    Milo fakes having a desiese called "dropsy' when he sees Albert Glass having the illness getting attention. However, Milo has to move out to prevent anyone else getting it.
  • Milo Gets A Ninja
    Episode 16
    Things are getting way to out of hand with Jocktopus bullying everyone and Mio decides to do something. But, when he defeats Jocktopus and becomes a school sheriff he is too Lawful.
  • Hooray for Hamsterwood (1)
    when Bea learns that a famous Hamster actor is the same age as her, she decides to give up acting. But, Milo tries to get her back in the game and she gets her own show! but, something is a little fishy.....
  • 12/17/10
    When Oscar is late for school and knocked out he is transfered to another tank which he thinks is a dream. Meanwhile, Bea and Milo try to find Oscar and one the way run into a lot of Oscar Looking fish.
  • Dances with Wolf Fish
    Milo and Oscar have a big fight and Milo goes off to live somewhere else. He soon finds a pack of Wolf Fish to live with. Meanwhile, Oscar searches for a new roomate and finds teh perfect match: His principal.
  • Baldwin the Super Fish
    Milo belives Mr. Baldwin is a super hero and tells Oscar who at first thinks is a crazy idea. But, when things start to add up he helps Milo try to prove it. Bea tags along so she can get a good grade in her Reporter Class
  • Funny Fish
    Funny Fish
    Episode 11
    Oscar decides he needs to get a sense of humor and asks Bea and Milo to help. But, he is hopless. Or..... is He?
  • Fail Fish
    Episode 10
    Milo learns if he does not pass his exam he will get held back. He doesn't think its a big deal until he learns he may loose his friends forever! So, Oscar and Bea try to help him pass the test.
  • Queen Bea
    Episode 9
    Bea learns she has a good chance at becoming homecoming queen. That is until, she learns her parents are to chaperone. So, she creates a phony dance to trick her parents.
  • Doggonit
    Episode 8
    Milo and Bea gets a Dog from the pet shop and it annoys Oscar. But, he makes it run away.
  • Bea Becomes an Adult Fish
    Bea is tired of being treated like a kid and decide to go to the city and get a job and become an adult. But, she soon finds it is to much work and no fun and starts to miss her old life.
  • Happy Birthfish Jocktopus
    Milo, Oscar and Bea look for a present for Jocktopus. They get him money but wen its to late they learn that he doesn't like money. So, they give hom Oscar. Milo and Bea try to get Oscar back before it's too late.
  • Underwater Boy
    Underwater Boy
    Episode 5

    Milo tries out for the school football team but becomes waterboy. When he learns he is waterboy he quits. But, the team needs a waterboy because their next game is in the dry Gecko's tank.

  • 10/1/10
    Bea is has dates alot these days and dosen't spend time with Oscar and Milo. So, Oscar makes up a fake girlfriend to impress her. But, he goes to far in making everyone believe him. Meanwhile, Clamantha tries to get a kiss from Oscar.
  • Fish Out of Water
    Fish Out of Water
    Episode 3

    Bea plans for her audition for the school play. Meanwhile, Milo develops a suit to take him outside of the fish tank so he can explore the pet store. But, he gets and trouble and needs Oscar and Bea to save him. Will Bea make it to her audition in time?

  • 9/24/10

    Bea decides to take a break from the guys and plans a Girls only sleepover. But, Milo and Oscar can't stand the fact that she isn't inviting them. So, they decide to dress up like girls and crash thier party.

  • 9/3/10
    Here's a preview of Disney Channel's newest animated series. On the first day of high school three friends get ready to take thier school picture. Nut. Bea does not like hers and inlists Milo nad Oscar to get it from Clamantha.