Fish Hooks

Season 1 Episode 20

The Dark Side of the Fish

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • Great episode but it could have been better


    I thought that this was a great episode of "Fish Hooks". This is honestly not the best "Fish Hooks" episode that I have ever seen but the episode isn't bad at all and it is enjoyable. Not saying I hate this episode, I like this episode but there needed improvement. Anyways, the plot was weak but some of the humor in this episode kept it going fresh. The very beginning of the episode with everyone just writing their poems about bunnies definitely made me laugh very hard. Oscar reading his poem and everyone not liking it because it didn't involve bunnies was funny. Those goth fishes bringing in Oscar to his group so Oscar can do serious poems with them was pretty good. Oscar in his goth make-up was pretty funny also. Those goth fishes honestly don't captivate my attention though. There were a few parts that got a bit boring and started to go weak. I also thought the ending was rehashed a little. The ending was funny at the same time because Oscar said "Hey, maybe bunnies aren't so bad after all" and then bunny gets vicious. So yeah, I mainly recommend this episode to the fans but it depends what you want to see in this show though. Overall, this was a great episode of "Fish Hooks" but it could use some more improvement in my opinion. 8/10

  • Finally! A good episode of FIsh Hooks!

    After that 2 week slump, FH reuitrns with a great epsiode. Here, OScar reads a very serrious poem he made in poetry class, but as it is not about bunnies, everyone boos him. Then a gtoth kid named RAzor comes and telsl him he is intrigued by his way of looking at life and than he starts to hang out with the goths, much to Bea & Milo's dismay. He also is named BubbleThorn now.

    But Razor is concerned about OScar being rtoo happy to be a goth, and he'll see in the initiation. Milo overhears it, and with BEa, tey go to stop it. There, he has to throw into a pit (which leads to the worst thing evah!) sth that symbolizes his previous happiness. B & M go and read him a poem about how they still like him, and he returns to be OScar. Razor thows them to the pit, which leads to the bunny area.

    Overall: Great joke & story wise. As I always say, I wenoj seeing new parts of the shop, so the eindign was great IMO. 9/10.
  • Awesome Episode!

    This episode is centered around Oscar who after giving a serious poem in his poetry class (which consists of bunny lovers) feels that no one understands him; until Razor V. Doom shows up and praises him for his poem and invites him to join his group.

    After Oscar gets his new look, Milo and Bea freak out and ask what's going on when he replies his with fish that understand him now and that his name is BubbleThorn.

    He spends some time hanging out with them only for Razor to see his over-emotional state and cheerfulness and tells him that he's not certain of him hanging out with them anymore and will see what happens at initiation.

    Milo hears the news and tells Bea and when Oscar doesn't have something that reminds him of his happiness and them come in with a nice poem for him opening his eyes to the fact that the most judgemental person in the room is Razor himself and chooses his friends over him.

    This episode is great, not only did it deliver joke wise but it also gave hope to OscarxBea fans since Bea's reaction to Oscar's initiation was very serious and worried. Also it taught a great lesson about not leaving your friends cause you think they don't understand you well enough and leaving to another group of friends cause there may be a good chance your friends do understand you and new people might force you to fit in and care about you less.
  • Good episode.

    I unfortuanetly didnt get to see this one last night on TV but i did see it before it went on TV and this episode is very good.

    Milo, Bea and Oscar are in poetry class and Esmargot gets awarded on having a good story about... bunnies and then Oscar goes up to read his poetry and the class including his best friends are creeped out by the poem and Oscar feels no one feels his pain. Then a group of emos liked his poem and feel him, So Oscar thinks to gain their respect he has to join their group. So oscar becomes emo and Milo and Bea feel they are losing their friend to another croud he cant handle. So Milo and Bea try to get him out of the emo clan.

    My Review:
    This is a very good episode. The writing is good along with the humor in this one. It's humor reminds me of the episode Fish Out of Water and that one was one of my favorite episodes for its humor and storyline. This one has all of that. It also had some nerddom like a really cool 8-bit ringtone or Oscar talking about computers that many mainstream noobs would not understand and that's why i absolutely love this show. Episode rating 8.5/10 good episode again. Fish Hooks never dissapoints.