Fist of the North Star

TV Tokyo (ended 2008)



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Fist of the North Star

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Kenshiro is the sole heir of the deadly 2000 year old martial art , Hokuto Shinken. He is on a quest for vengeance after being betrayed by a former friend , Shin , who mutilates Ken's body and steals his girlfriend Julia. Bandits and rival martial artists await him in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

aka Hokuto No Ken in Japan aka Ken le Survivant in France and Quebec aka Ken il Guerriero in Italy

First Opening song: Ai o Torimodose Second Opening song: Tough Boy Closing song: Love Song
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  • This show is fantastic!

    It's about a guy named Kenshiro who kicks ass, good characters, kills the villains, good story line, it's so manly and scientific. he's better than the anime characters that I like. Hell he can kill Goku too. He also reminds me of Bruce Lee: The famous martial artist. And there's other anime that relates to this show. It's called Otokojuku. But that's another topic.
  • Real Old School Greatness. Interesting and Uncompromisingly violent But it can be unintentionally Funny too.

    The plot In FONS is really paper thin by today's complex standards, Kenshiro is an 8 foot long Bad @ss who stands up against Evil and Injustice. So Kenshiro Basically Just goes around Beating Even Bigger Men (some as big as 12 foot long!) than he is. This Show is Extremely Violent, The animation feels Poor by Today's standards but it is Original, True anime fans will Relish the Old school artwork. Kenshiro is The Original Bad @ss of anime. His enemies are 'Already Dead'. The Combat is Gory and you see body Parts Flying everywhere. The Old animations can make it seem extremely funny. Kenshiro just goes "ATATATATATA" or just makes some hand signs and Squish!. Blood Gushes out his enemies, then he says something and POP!, The enemy's Head pops out. Most of his fights are One sided with Kenshiro Disposing of them even without Laying a hand. There's a good chance you'll love FONS, You'll either like it because it is a Classic anime icon or because it Just goes into the category of "so bad-it's good" Type. Either way This Show Rules....moreless
  • How many times have you got into the conversation of how each anime rips off each other?

    The fact is most of what we see in typical fighting animes (DB, Naruto, Bleach) all follow the simple formula set in Hokuto no ken (aka Fist of the North Star).

    The story is set in a post apocalyptic future, where the world has descended into chaos where the strong rule. There is one man who chooses to stand up against the tyranny and that is Kenshiro.

    FOTNS was famed at the time for being ultra violent, in this day and age though the effects and animation are poor. The sound effects and imagery leaves the rest to the imagination and there is plenty of violence.

    The amazing storylines and the quest like nature of the show will draw in plenty of viewers despite the old style animation. The main thing to remember is that if you can get past the poor visuals (that is compared to todays standards) you will certainly be rewarded.moreless
  • Fist of the North Star is a must see!

    I believe there are at least 5 titles every serious anime fan should watch and Fist of the North Star is one of them! Fist of the North Star is great! It may fall down a little with the storyline but the overall action will leave a lasting impression on you - believe me when I tell you - It shocked the pants off me when I watched it as a young teenager. It literally set the trend and I think it continues to do so. Just keep in mind its vintage anime (1980's)and it doesn't look as flashy as the new stuff but what it lacks in appearance it makes up for with blood and gore. I had no idea you could make an exploding brain look so real. The good thing about this anime is that it continues to be reinvented and you'll find there are remakes of it all over the place.moreless
  • The most BA martial artist kicks some @*#%!!!

    This is a very original, old 80s anime. Just because it is old doesn't mean it has bad quality animation, infact it is smooth and fast paced. It is best described as Bruce-Lee staring in Mad max the animated series. This is a VERY gory show. Kenshiro's body was mutilated by his old friend and rival, Shin. However; he goes on a quest to get revenge and clean up the war-torn wasteland called Earth. Kenshiro is master of a martial art that uses pressure points to basically slowly blow you up from the inside out. He meets other very strong martial artist, including his three other brothers. There are memorable fights such as the fight against Rei and Juuda, both narcisstic fighters, they fight to see who is more beutiful in a mound of quicksand! Althought strange the series gets very interesting when the characters pasts become revieled, and of course, when kenshiro blows everyone up in a waterfall of crimson pain!

    Overall, if you have a strong stomach for this kind of thing, i would reccomend it to you!moreless

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