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TV Tokyo (ended 2008)


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    [1]Jan 28, 2008
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    Ok well I'm not a really big fan of this show actually I have not seen an episode but my cousin is crazy about it so I wanted to check it out.

    It has been airing from 1984 to this year so why is the forum with so little topics and not as lively as other forums ?

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    [2]Feb 5, 2008
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    No it premiered in 1984 but it hasn't aired in states for a while at least it's been sporadic. Showtime Beyond showed the dubbed thirty six episodes, then later Encore Action again repeated the same thirty six episodes this was around 2000 and 2004/5.

    It's just one of those that are too violent to get a really long run (unless you've watched it uncut by TvTokyo or Animax).

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