Fist of the North Star

Season 2 Episode 14

I HAVE NO PAST TO LOOK BACK ON! Just My Hatred For Evil That Will Destroy Toki!

Aired Unknown Unknown on TV Tokyo



  • Trivia

    • When Amiba falls he yells "Ken-Oh-sama". Ken-Oh is actually Raoh, Kenshiro's eldest brother, and will be the main antagonist until the end of the series. Ironically this was the last episode that was oficially aired, and a lot of people were left wondering about who this Ken-Oh was.

  • Quotes

    • Kenshiro: Toki, You're going to die. You'd better say your prayers.

    • Amiba: This is Amiba-style Hokuto Shinken. With this perfected style, your Hokuto Shinken doesn't stand a chance!

    • Amiba: I'll show you the Hokuto Shinken I've perfected on my own!
      Kenshiro: You've lived far too long a life.
      Amiba: You fool! Can an ordinary man possibly beat me?! I am a genius! By using my test dummies, I've already discovered many new powerpoints!

    • Amiba:He made a fool of me. Of me, a genius! That's why I turned the name of a messiah into that of a common murderer. Toki is just a murderer and Hokuto Shinken is the Devil's Art! No one will doubt that now.
      Kenshiro: You've defiled Hokuto Shinken as well...
      Rei: The fool...he's made Ken even angrier!

    • Kenshiro:Toki...have you sunk so low?

    • Amiba: Why did this happen to a genius like me!?

  • Notes

    • They are technically more episodes after this, but Manga won't be releasing the rest of the series any time soon

    • Amiba yells "Ken-Oh Sama" when he falls off from the ledge (he's referring to Ken's eldest and most powerful brother).

    • Amiba is another jack-of-all-trades martial artist, similar to the Colonel and Jagi.

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