Five Days

BBC (ended 2010)





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  • As I sat down to watch this gripping drama the voice-over announcer stated, "this is possibly the best drama you will see all year…" and the announcer was right.

    The series followed the repercussions of the mysterious disappearance of Leanne Wellings over five non-consecutive days. The story follows the effect upon her family, including her two young children who found themselves abandoned in a car at the side of a road awaiting her return, the police and the local press. It was well written throughout leaving me guessing until the final scenes as to the truth of Leanne's disappearance. The main characters and the relationships between them were multi-dimensional and not at all stereotypical which you can find in some dramas. With actors such as Edward Woodward, Hugh Bonneville, Janet McTeer and Penelope Wilton the series was destined to be sheer class but the acting by all, including the young children was in my opinion outstanding.