Five Mile Creek

Seven Network (ended 1985)


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Filmed on location in Australia, Five Mile Creek was adapted from Louis L'Amour's novel, "The Cherokee Trail." Set in the mid-late 1800s, the show has a western feel, with action, adventure, comedy, and heart-warming moments about a group of Americans and Australians, managing to run a coach line business and a way station, while trying to make ends meet.

Maggie Scott and her daughter, Hannah, travel from San Fransisco to Australia to meet up with her husband, Adam, who is out looking for gold. Con Madigan, a charming Texan who is traveling on the same ship, also comes to Australia to start a coach line with Jack Taylor, a man who'll jump at anything before thinking first. Their journeys all lead them to Five Mile Creek, owned by Eddie Wallace and his no-nonsense sister, Kate. Eddie skips town, leaving Kate to run the place by herself with Irishman handyman, Paddy Malone. But with the help of the new coach line, "The Australian Express" and with Maggie's help, Kate manages to keep the way-station in shape. To help with the coach line, Con's American friend, Ben Jones, comes to Australia, and Maggie offers to raise Sam, an ex-juvenile bushranger with the proper care and education.

Later in the series, Hannah goes off to boarding school, and the Five Mile Creek family makes the decision to sell and move to the Emu Plains. Two new characters are introduced in the final season: Annie, played by 17 year old Nicole Kidman; Matt Buckland who is also from America. The end of the series wraps up with Con and Kate getting married.moreless