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Five Mile Creek

Seven Network (ended 1985)



User Score: 85

Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • America
      Episode 13
      Con is offered the chance to return to the United States and run coach lines all across New Mexico. He asks Kate to marry him, so they can go to America together; however, she turns him down, then later changes her mind when she sees he is serious this time. Maggie breaks down over Charles' death and losing her best friend, and Sam fears he will be forgotten when Con and Kate settle in America.moreless
    • One Fine Day
      One Fine Day
      Episode 12
      Death visits the Five Mile Creek family in a bank hold-up.
    • A Lot Of Hot Air
    • A Death In The Family
      Bushrangers hold up the stage coach yet again, and Matt and another passenger are shot. Matt survives, but the passenger dies and a familiar character is revealed as the murderer. Meanwhile, Maggie takes charge in building the town's first hopsital, and Kate breaks her engagement to Con.
    • The Great Coach Race
    • Fish Out Of Water
    • A Dog Called Johnson
    • The Gold Cup
    • The Best Of Mates
    • Possum
      Episode 4
      A young girl applies her deadbeat father for a job at the way station and he is hired. She misses out a lot on life to make sure he stays straight, but when she and Sam are rescued from a caved-in old mineshaft, he becomes the father he should be. Meanwhile, the Australian Express have more trouble with the Armstrongs when they close the bridge to their coachline, leading them to take a long detour.moreless
    • Real Cowboys Play Fair
      The people of Five Mile Creek are hit with more disaster as Con is injured when a mysterous bushranger throws dynamite in the coach he's driving, shattering the Charlie Wither's Flyer. They confront the Armstrongs, who maintain their innocence, but later stumble on a surprising twist. Meanwhile, Annie takes up work for Five Mile Creek.moreless
    • The Gauntlet
      The Gauntlet
      Episode 2
      Arriving in the Emu Plains, the town gives the Five Mile Creek family eerie feelings, as they are given the cold shoulder. Possessing the new way station is harder than expected, as they must convince the current owner that they are not working for the Armstrongs, the richest family in town who plans to scare The Australian Express back to New South Wales.moreless
    • Travellers' Tales
      Journeying 500 miles across the continent to the new establishment becomes stressful for the Five Mile Creek family as they run into constant misfortunes along the way.
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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