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Seven Network (ended 1985)

Season 2 & 3 / Still no official release.

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    I find it really strange that the 2nd and 3rd season of Five Mile Creek have never been released on DVD. Back in the 90s the fully three seasons were all released on VHS. Since Disney pulled out the first season out of the vault, I took it for granted they would also release the second and third seasons. It's been years, and it seems like there are no plans to release any more DVDs from Five Mile.

    Unless there's some type of copyright law I'm unaware of, I don't get the deal. Besides the old classics from Walt's day in the 50s, Five Mile Creek is the only creditable series the Disney company ever produced. I think it's odd the series has been overlooked, especially when there's plenty of fans out there who would like to own the complete official collection on DVD. I don't think Disney thinks much of the series on the whole. The first season DVD release didn't have any bonus features, or behind the scenes stuff (which exists, because they use to air it on tv in the 90s). I'll sure any living cast and crew members would have been happy to contribute.

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    I love this show and I think this is one of the best TV series that Disney productions ever produced. I like the place where it was shot which is in Australia. Five Mile Creek is best known for bringing a good adventure story and it has also had the main characters 0 the heroes and villains! It’s more of like a western family oriented TV series which can be compared to Bonanza and Little House on the Prairie. This show has a powerhouse cats and my fave are Louise Claire Clark and Jay Ker. I remember Nicole Kidman was still young here she looks like a boyish type, lol! Eventhough her role is just short, I noticed her potential as a good child actress back then and never imagined that she’ll bloomed into a one great talented actress. I love this show and I still watch this until now from the dvd boxset I purchased at yourdvdcorner . com. Definitely happy with this boxset because I think this show was well-preserved by this vendor. The complete episodes are what I really want and thankfully it’s all there. This is a good show for the whole family. I do certainly hope that Disney can produced a new show such as great as this one.
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