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Saturday 10:00 PM on A&E Premiered Apr 03, 2010 Between Seasons


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  • Impossible Fix

    My Neighbors yard, has a 3 foot hill that needs stone but first it need dirt to fill in the cracks, then it need leveling and before that it needs a new driveway, but before that it needs a drainage system, as the grass is spotted and no grass in some areas, has this ugly tree/bush on one corner of the yard, and a nice tree on the other, with a bad case of trimming on the Rhodies and dead bushes and trust me this yard is beyond help , the only way to help it is replace the whole thing and start over. He is a disabled Veteran so he is unable to do much.
  • PLEASE help this retiring stubborn marine....

    My hubby just turned 65 and retiring from the ambulance service, and I'm looking to downsize our home and upsize our property while it's inexpensive on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee. We have a simple 1500 sq ft ranch style home in the strangest country neighborhood with mansions being built around us. It could be a gold mine for us to fix and sell while the time is right and buy some property with a smaller home and plenty of land for us to play in. Your team would be amazing out here. We can offer $5k to fix the property to help it sell and help him move on to more land. Please look up Morrison, TN, and you will see what I mean. We live in the nursery capital of the
  • Please safe my relationship

    I really wish someone could help my boyfriends yard?... He try so hard to upkeep the front yard with no luck. Everything keeps growing back mean if he's not working he spend all his time outdoors ( only)...
  • 'Fix this yard' uses a well-known format for this type of show: Fix a house's unkempt backyard cosmetically to raise its value. The end result is an awkward show with underwhelming results.


    The idea behind 'Fix this yard' is not a new one; it uses a proven formula already used by several other shows.

    The premise goes like this: In this show, neighbors and/or family members apply for the homeowners whose backyard needs fixing. The show's hosts interview everyone in the neighborhood, including the mailman, about what they think of the unkempt backyard. This is my first negative point: This seems really awkward, as these people, while having the right to their opinion, seem like they're not minding their own business. This sets the tone for the whole episode. -- MEETING THE HOMEOWNERS
    The hosts then go meet with the homeowners. This is where it gets weird: They ask the homeowners to fork over huge amounts of money, in the thousands mark (6000 thousand on average in the shows I've watched).

    The problem is this: These homeowners are not trying to sell their house. Often, it's the neighbors who want to raise the value of their house, or will use the update to help sell their own house. So basically, these homeowners are asked to spend huge amounts of money to please their neighbors, and help raise these neighbors' houses' values.

    To convince the homeowners to invest such a big amount of money (that they probably don't have lying around - more debts), they dangle the big raise in value their property will get from their investment in front of their face like a carrot. --THE NEW YARD
    They fix the yard on a short period of time, sometimes repainting the house or repaving the driveway as well. The end result is often very underwhelming: Some grass, some small plants here and there. Nothing like something you'd see in a landscaping magazine.

    To make the homeowners feel better about their breand-new debts, they give them the new value of their property. It is typically increased in 30% value. While being no expert, this feels overly optimistic, especially in today's market.

    And the catch: While homeowners are asked to spend all that money, the budget sometimes inflates to three times the initial amount. For example, one couple had an estimate of 5000$, but ended up paying 14000$. The yard was very small, and so was the house. It was a lot nicer in the end, but mostly because of the accessories, cleaner patio, and a new porch.

    I cringe just thinking about some of the shows I've watched. It seems like it's all about the neighbors, and I can't help but wonder if the relationship between the homeowners and neighbors will go down the toilet once the show is done (their relationship already appears strained and forced on the show itself). This makes the viewer uneasy throughout.

    Other shows like 'Sell this house' use the formula way more efficiently: A complete cosmetic overhaul of the house's interior, for an incredibly low price, and the results are often amazing. And of course, it's the homeowners' choice to be on the show, not someone else's. In this respect, 'Fix this yard' is more like a junkie's intervention - a more negative, difficult experience. The viewer will also learn very little from watching the show.

    Final score: 4/10.